Why I Prepare………by Sally

 by Sally Decker


                The lifestyle choice to prep was not one I accepted willingly, I came kicking and screaming into this life.   It began when I watched the mess that Katrina had left behind.  People with no food or water, waiting for the government to come save them from their own lack of preparation, even those with food and water were helpless with their preps underwater or looted.  I knew I didn’t want that to be me or my family.  Even though I never wanted to have a year of food and water stored in my little house, I do have that and more.  I never wanted guns and ammo hidden around, but I do have that too.  I never wanted to be this person, but life has created a level of fear in us to protect ourselves and family from those who aren’t prepared.


What am I doing all the prepping for, I ask myself often.  I am prepping for the “what ifs” in this world.  What if I lose my job or my husband loses his?  What if another hurricane hits my state and I don’t have power like after Isabel came through.  It has never been about the downfall of the country or nuclear war for me, it is for the little bumps in the road of life that I prep.  Yes, it would be great for life to continue along and never have a bump, but we all know that is just not how this works.


As the seasons change we see a tornado destroy lives and some of us feel sorrow for those affected, but others of us wonder if the basement is a good storm cellar and should we get it reinforced just in case the house were to collapse.  Prepping is a mind-set and lifestyle choice.  We go much deeper than the people on NatGeo, but we can learn from them.  I honestly would have never started saving seeds if I hadn’t seen how important that could be, not just for a SHTF event, but in a way to cut food costs.   What we watch on TV is just the surface of this lifestyle.  We can learn from each other, even if we don’t all have the same reasons for prepping.


I happily read all I can to learn about better ways to prep.  I take bits and pieces from all the websites and blogs, and integrate it into my new lifestyle.  I don’t fully embrace some prepping things I see, but I am still learning how to be a prepper.    I am new at this and I am enjoying seeing that there are so many other people just like me out there and willing to teach their skills.  I came into this lifestyle kicking and screaming, but I am now feeling secure in my preparations for the bumps in the road.


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  1. If it wasn’t for my wife Sally D. wanting to prep we wouldn’t be where we are today. Prepping for any occasion should be as important as water and air. We hope everyone sees this and realize they should also prep. I love my wife Sally and she made me a better person today.

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