Why I Prepare……..by C Palmer

 Why I Prepare 

by Clint Palmer


Humans are at the top of the food chain which gives us a position of power to do as we see fit. Government is much like humans, it functions on its position of power and can be strong and smart but a self-serving government can become slow, fragile, and ignorant. People aren’t guaranteed a long, healthy or successful life; our lives are based on the decisions we make.  We are born and through our growth, we make choices, take paths that will direct our lives. Our government works the same way; the directions it takes can affect all the lives of tomorrow. We preppers prepare for various reasons, these reasons may be small or vast, we can’t predict when chaos will hit, but we can prep for it. No matter the outcome, we want to be prepared for the worst and ready to defend it all for the sake of our families.  Prepping gives us hope that in the event of a nuclear holocaust, an economic collapse or a biological attack was to occur we might stand a second chance at life. For those who do not prep they will regret not being prepared for unfortunate events that may occur.  My eyes were shut to the fact that something uncontrollable and unexpected could happen to theUnited States.


Therefore I prep for a nuclear holocaust because, new nations and terrorist groups are trying to come to power everyday and they will enforce there will any way they can; whether it is for the “greater good” or in a true time of defense. Another major war might end life and freedom as we know it. It will be a new beginning for those of us who survive it; the only thing that comes after war is a headcount of fallen men and women, a feeling of victory for one side and a place in our history books. The enduring of more war is hard for many of us peace lovers to grasp. There will always be conflict between leaders and a common ground for peace will never be seen; therefore there will always be war. It’s only through finding a common and equal place between countries that humanity stands a chance at a future.


Our future is in the hands of our government, with having many corrupt men and women playing politics; some of us are expecting a collapse of the financial system; looters will raid stores leaving nothing for people to eat or drink and those under pressure and in fear will hurt or kill to survive. Our new elections are coming up and the potential for some politicians not returning to office is a possibility, but if some return to office, many of us feel that America may not stand an existing chance.  Our freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to protest and freedom to bare arms are all being infringed upon.  Anything can happen and whether its people returning to their position of power or new politicians, bad blood is bad news.


It is up to us to be the change, not for one president or any other politician to come in and be the one who changes it all for us. We can’t point the blame at a specific group or individual, because we all play a part when we vote. If we stop voting by party and vote for the ones who are the voices of the people, who care about our life and those who hold life itself dear, we won’t have to worry about a nuclear holocaust. We won’t have to hear the sound of bombs falling over theU.S.We have countries up in arms against each other and holding weapons of mass destruction that they can launch at any given time. We can hope our government can intercept a nuclear missile but that won’t do the trick; we need to be prepared for the worst.


My concern is the fact that at the time of a nuclear attack an interception may prevent one or maybe even a few missiles from hitting their target, but prevailing winds will carry harmful radioactive debris throughout the air. Not to mention the many missiles we couldn’t prevent from other countries that launched multiple missiles in retaliation through their defense systems being alerted.


A chain reaction is another thing to keep in mind when the nuclear bombs hit, aside from land forming into craters. The blast and blinding light from the explosions and nuclear heat waves cooking everything for miles in all directions, fault lines may break causing massive tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt, radiation will breakdown and mutate cellular activity and any chance of plant life, humans or animals to grow or reproduce will be unsuccessful.


Survive that and you’ll get the chance to live in radioactive suits for however long your supplies hold out. Very few, if any will see the aftermath of the sun blocked out and the beginning of a new ice age. I do not have proof that a nuclear holocaust, economic collapse or a biological attack is coming but, if in the event that it happens I chose to be one of the many preppers who can say I was ready for the end.


Essentials Needed:

  • Food – Preferably dehydrated and water. Enough to last many months or a few years if possible.
  • Shelter – An underground bunker or type of bunker is idea. Enough room for loved ones, food/water and waste.
  • The right gear – radioactive and biological suits, a decontamination room (built into your bunker) backup gear and tools for problems needing fixing.
  • First Aid – Stock up on medical supplies and radiation pills in case there are those who have been injured from the nuclear attack, a mishap or if fallen ill.
  • Weapons – Guns and plenty of ammo to defend your family and your supplies.




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  1. Great job! These are good reasons to prep, Clint, I know it’s hard to believe these kinds of events can happen in America. However, we have to face the fact that it can happen and the bottom line is that we must prepare.

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