Why I prep for surviving a disaster….

By Annette M Palmer


Some preppers plan for disasters and unexpected events that upset our daily way of life.  Disasters we prepare for might include: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, flash flooding, tsunamis and acts of terrorism. In the Midwest folks dealt with an outbreak of deadly tornadoes; several which hit my rural area in less than an hour apart which resulted in deaths and injuries.  

This event was unexpected and many of us were off the grid, lost communication, food was damaged or destroyed.  Water was unavailable and cars were scattered around trees, upside down or impaled onto objects.  Knowing how to live off the land was the most important part of surviving this disaster. Help from neighbors who had minimal damage and prepared for the unexpected made this event easier to survive both mentally and physically.   

What if the tornadoes had been worse?  What would these rural, country folks do if more roads were closed off for several days instead of hours? What if everyone was off the grid in my county? Those who lost their homes had no food, water or shelter and no way out of the damaged area. If not for those quick thinking preppers who could get to the victims, suffering would have been worse.  This is why I am prepper if my community can’t assist me for any reason then I have to be ready to assist myself and my family.

As a coordinator for the local Lions and assisting these victims, I was told how helpless they felt until rescue workers cut through trees and moved debris out of roadways to get through to them.  One of the victims, I call Mrs. A.B. said she was fortunate to live within running distance of a farmer who had a cellar within a cellar.  It was prepped with food, water and a first aid kit and being prepared like this saved her family. It was a family of preppers who are credited for making that possible. Prepping for disasters is one of the most important reasons I prep.

Ask yourself questions when prepping: What are the main considerations in this type of emergency?  Do I have an alternate place to stay?  Do I have enough food and water safe to eat for, at least, 3 days?  Do I have food and water stored safely to eat and drink for several weeks, in case help can’t get through the area? Can I use a first aid kit to give medical aid until help arrives?

If the bread winner of your family is hurt or killed in a disaster do you have enough food to feed the family until he or she can return to work or another adult can take over as bread winner? 

Preppers are called ‘crazies’ but it’s not so crazy to plan ahead for the worse. Sure most of this article is about questions that need answers, but that is where you start as an individual and fill in the answers with solutions.  It is time to get non-preppers thinking and preparing for their own families, because when “it” hits the fan you may not have enough to spare for others who are in need. 

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