Why I Prep….. by Clint


 Why I Prep….

by Clint Palmer


Governments and terrorist groups throughout the world thrive for more knowledge, new weapons and advanced technology. Although advancements in these various fields can be good, in the wrong hands they can be bad. With weapons of mass destruction at our fingertips the chances are low as they are high for mistakes or deliberate attacks. But weapons of mass destruction can come in the form biologically engineered micro-organisms. A potential biological attack is what I prep for.


Have you ever been sick or suddenly fell ill? Of course you have, why? Because, life begins with an organism also known as a cell and every living thing on Earth is a form of an organism. We have billions of types of organisms and we have various names they’re referred as. Such names are bacteria, germs, fungus, bugs, flu, virus, etc… I am sure you’ve herd one of the many terms used. As previously stated there are billions of types of organisms and they can be engineered into antibodies and in turn helps us to find ways to cure disease that comes in multiple forms. But, cells can also be engineered into harmful forms of bacteria which can be airborne or transported to one another by touch or threw fluids. With organisms around us all the time and everywhere we go it is hard to avoid getting sick or falling deathly ill. Keeping clean helps but doesn’t always do the trick because; new and stronger forms of organisms are being engineered to withstand the good antibodies we develop. It’s harder and harder to keep our immune systems strong and healthy so at times we rely on antibiotics or herbs to help bust our immune systems so that they can fight off bad germs but even then it’s hard.


There are many organisms that have been engineered from preexisting germs or created from scratch. Most of these engineered cells that have the ability to kill in the most horrific ways are secured and stored in safe buildings like science labs, hospitals or at the many Disease Control and Prevention Centers. But, what if they weren’t safe and had poorly been contained or poorly guarded? What if they were placed under the guidance of the wrong people or companies? What if a flaw in the system had them shipped where they don’t belong and these harmful bacteria’s was exposed to people or animals? What if a terrorist group hijacked a plan, truck, van, train or semi that was hauling harmful bacteria’s?


These are questions we have to ask our selves, situations we must think about. When the first group of settlers came toAmericaand war broke out between the Native Americans and the pioneers; we wiped out an indigenous population threw an act of tourism or ‘military strategy’. We wrongly gave the natives blankets as gifts of “piece offerings” but, those blankets had been deliberately exposed to smallpox which killed nearly if not more than 70 million of the Native Americans. It’s said the holocaust of the Native American people was far greater than that of Hitler’s holocaust which killed the many lives of over 6 million Jews. Hitler shows the evil and hate you can have against others and history shows that not only will people do what it takes to win or rule it can be done by simply introducing something as small as a virus.


Here are some many but not all reported incidents of outbreaks between 412BC-2009AD:


·         1580AD – The first recording influenza pandemic begins in Europe and spreads to Asia andAfrica.

·         Influenza pandemic starts again from 1700-1782, 1831-1834, and 1847-1848.

·         The “Fowl Plague” of 1878 is now known as the HPA1 avian influenza virus.

·         The “Russian Flu” of 1889-1890 spreads through Europe reachingNorth America.

·         1918-1919 the “Spanish Flu” circles the globe caused by an H1N1 virus, one of the worst pandemics to date killing more than half a million U.S citizens worldwide, deaths range from 20-100million.

·         In1957-1958 the “Asian Flu” starts the 2nd pandemic of the 20th century caused by an H2N2 virus killing millions worldwide including 70,000 Americans.

·         In 1968-1969 the “Hong Kong Flu” was the last pandemic caused by an H3N2 virus killing 34,000Americans.

·         In 1907 the Russian pandemic occurs.

·         May 1997 the first person known to catch H5N1 bird flu dies inHong Kong.

·         November – December 1997 18 humans with H5N1 bird flu inHong Kongdie. 1.4 million Chickens are destroyed.

·         November 1, 2005 122 humans infected with the H5N1 virus 62 die throughoutVietnam,Thailand,IndonesiaandCambodia.

·         January 16, 2006Turkeykills 764,000 fowl in attempt to control virus’ spread.

·         March, 2009 Baxter International “accidentally” mixes live avian flu viruses into vaccine materials, and then shipped to18 countries. A concern of a human-to-human pandemic circulates across the net.

·         April, 2009 suspected human-to-human transmissions of bird flu reported in Egypt. WHO denies human-to-human transmissions.

·         April, 2009 human-to-human transmissions confirmed.

·         April 27th 2009 swine flu was confirmed in U.S schools impacting,California,Texas,New York,Kansas and other states.

·         April 28th 2009 WHO raises pandemic threat level to “Phase 4”, WHO recommends against air travel restrictions. Some nations (includingChina) ban importations of pork fromMexico,U.S.

·         April 29th 2009 First U.S death from swine flu reported outbreak confirmed spreading toIsrael,Spain andNew Zealand.






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  1. That tired old story about the settlers or the military giving the Indians blankets infested with smallpox is pure BS. First small pox is transmitted by air between individuals not by items held or used by someone infected. Second at that time even the most educated had no clue how diseases were spread and wouldn’t have known to even use a blanket to spread a disease. Third smallpox was so feared that if anyone had an inkling that smallpox was present they would get the hell out of there and not be carrying blankets to Indians and lastly and probably most importantly for those who believe this myth is that more immigrant died from smallpox then Indians. Smallpox was a fearsome and deadly disease. In the 17th and 18th century more then half of the children born died from these kinds of diseases. literally millions and millions of immigrants of European descent died from smallpox. The difference between the immigrants and the Indians was simply that most/many adult immigrants were survivors of smallpox and thus were immune. So when a smallpox epidemic hit the adults lived and were able to at least tend to those who were ill. Indian populations were all susceptable to smallpox and it killed adults and children indiscriminantly and thus the impact was greater.

    One last point; this story has been investigated and proven to have no basis in truth. The one and only case of a smallpox epidemic that “looked” like it could have been intentionally spread to the Indians was proved to in fact have been an attempt by well intentioned whites to help the Indians but who inadvertently brought smallpox with them. Understand that means they had smallpox and didn’t know it not that they carried trade blankets infected with it. Another confounding factor was that Indians would often camp outside of forts and trading posts for months at a time to trade and this exposed them to anyone who might have an illness in the immigrant population.

  2. To: Gone With the Wind,

    Feel free to site your sources. I’m interested where you got your info. As for this article I think it had great points. Clearly his point was to show how viruses and diseases can spread with or without intention. Whether his facts may not be 100% correct to you or anyone else. His article shows us that we should be prepared for anything.

  3. It is downright scary how diseases can spread and even worse that they are being chemically engineered to use as warfare. The spread of disease during acts of war or terrorism is a possibility, especially with the bio-engineered ones. Your article is thought provoking and anyone who thinks it didn’t happen in the past or couldn’t happen in the future needs to think again. Not everyone plays nice, especially when they are trying to eliminate a problem.

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