Guest Post: Why I Prep

If someone were to ask me if I was prepared for when the SHTF, I would say no, I’m nowhere near prepared for that at least in my eyes. Others may disagree with me, but that’s just an opinion. Being prepared is more than just have food water ammo etc. it’s a frame of mind, a life style.


I prepare because it’s been in grained in me at a very early age, it comes as natural to me as breathing air. Being raised on a farm teaches you a lot of preparedness skills, along with being a farmer you also have a sense of community with your neighbors. There are times when you rely upon each other for survival.


There were times when produce was bartered amongst neighbors. We produced corn and hay more than enough to feed our livestock (200-350 head sheep). We sold locally to other farmers and when necessary we bartered for milk, beef, pork, eggs…and yes, even labor.


We hunted individually and together on each-others land always sharing the kill. It was an unwritten rule if you kill a deer on your neighbors land you always brought a hind quarter or shoulder. Packaged and ready for the freezer or share in any of the game.  Most times during the warmer months BBQ’s with neighbors were frequent that’s when the game came out.


We would take care of the sick and elderly as well, always checking in on them. Making sure they had what they needed. I was the neighborly thing to do…We didn’t have to like each other, most cases we didn’t, but when your neighbor has taken ill and his fence needs mending or his livestock needs tending to, it was what was done.


My Family didn’t prepare for coming disaster, we didn’t prepare for civil unrest, (at least not when we moved to the farm in 69) we prepared for everyday life, you never know what life will throw at you when you least expect it…


My advice to all that are preparing, keep in mind the everyday things that can happen, be prepared in your mind as well, it doesn’t hurt to make friends or at least develop some sort of a relationship with your neighbors, you don’t have to like each other but you should at least know each other, you never know if you may have to rely on that person for your life or theirs on you. Use your own judgment on this, be careful there are some neighbors you just don’t want to know…but wouldn’t hurt to know about…..


P. Tabakaru


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