When the days of civil war and destruction arrive

 When the days of civil war and destruction arrive

by RH


The other day I watched “The Coming American Civil War” video by The Patriot Nurse. Like most of the articles and videos presented on Rourke’s website, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was a wakeup call for me. It got me to thinking about what I would or could be able to do in such a disastrous and potentially deadly situation. So, I started a self evaluation and jotted down my thoughts as presented below.


When the days of a civil war or some other major catastrophe arrive, I must have.

a mindset that I will be trying to survive through very dangerous times, not a movie script where the good guys always win. I may well lose someone that I love very much, or I myself may not survive. I need to do a thorough and honest analysis of my strengths and weaknesses to determine where I am most likely to fail. Sometimes that is difficult for me to do because I tend to think that I will always have more superior resources than those that intend to do me harm. I need to do my best to improve on my shortfalls to give me and my loved ones the best chance of survival.


A calamity may last a few days, but may also go on for weeks, months, and even years before things are back to what I would consider normal. Or, there may never be a return to the life style to which I have become accustomed.


Below are some of the questions that I asked myself in order to try to evaluate my ability to do what ever is necessary to protect my loved ones as well as myself? Then I gave a numeral rating of my chances to accomplish each task.  (10 being the best chance down to 0 no chance)


Can I: 

Steal from someone else to provide for my loved ones?        8 

Lie to my loved ones to subdue their fears?      9 

Adapt to any situations that may arise?          2 

Keep a positive mind set no matter what?      4 

Act and react when outside my comfort zone?          3     

Accept a leadership role and make decisions for others?       7 

Accept decisions from other leaders, even if I don’t totally agree with them?          5 

Overcome fear?           3 

Survive in a hostile environment?       2 

Always keep my spiritual faith in God?         10    

 Kill another human being to protect loved ones?      6 

Repair broken items of necessity?      3 

Live completely off the grid?       2 

Live below the radar? 6 

Provide for the less fortunate at my loved ones expense?      2       

Convince other people how bad things may get?       4           

Remain vigilant and steadfast for years if necessary?            3 

Survive on my own, if it becomes necessary?            2 

Kill an animal for food?          10 

Handle a critical medical emergency?            1 

Be prepared for whatever catastrophe happens first?             3


After grading my self, I went back over my questions and re-scored some of my answers; all to lower numbers.


I realize that there are other questions that did not come to mind, and I know that I really don’t know how I would react in most situations, but at least this is a starting point from which I intend to amend and reevaluate each question periodically. 


I would like to add that I’m 64 years old, married, and have a son with a traumatic brain injury which puts a spin on some, if not all of my answers. We live in small city, but trying to move to a more rural setting that’s near to another son (and family) who has been in the military for over 25 years. I’m hoping to pool our resources; plus my military son would be a great help with our disabled son, military strategy, and along with his family, provide many creative minds to help come up with needed solutions.


As for my wife and my self, we need to spend a great deal of time preparing ourselves to become stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


A few things that I have recently become involved with to expand my horizons are:


Obtained my ham radio license 

Become involve with my local Emergency Management Association 

Have been trained in UMCOR (United Methodist Committee On Relief) and have been deployed to a neighboring town to help with clean up after a tornado did major damage. 

My wife and I have been involved in our local FNRA (Friends of the NRA) which raises funds for youth to participate in gun safety courses and school shooting clubs. 

Have become certified to be a gun safety instructor. 

Have learned to reload ammo 

Joined a shooting range for practicing 

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  1. RH-exc. article-so well articulated also. THank you.You
    bring to the forefront several questions that I HONESTLY need to evaluate myself .
    You and your wife sound like you have made incredible
    strides toward learning and preparing for whatever comes.
    I hope you can be near your other son also-several adults make these issues a tad easier.
    Thanks for your inspiration. Arlene

  2. Menthane C. As a woman it seems to me that many of us females are doing a lot of preparation -smile. I guess it all depends on who you know and how they work as a team. My spouse does the defense preps. I do everything else. Arlene

  3. RH. Excellent thought provoking article. Don’t grade yourself so low. You are doing more than many others and your way ahead by identifying shortcomings. I am going to share your list with our local group and see what other questions we should work on. What amazes me is the number of males who seem to do most of the planning and worrying. Although my spouse priortizes preps differently than I, she still has a strong dedication to the family unit.

  4. R.H. here are some of the resources I am planning on useing once I have a place to put them, I feel that if every one of us has at least 2 out of the 3 of them we can survive longer then most other’s.

    Plus they are great jumping off point’s for those questions you forgot to ask yourself, so here are those 3 websites:


    http://www.globalsources.com/heda-solar.co Pitched roof mounting systems


    the first 2 are for both on & off grid living, while the other will allow you to provide your own generator & all Vehicles with FUEL ! for any BUG OUT REASON.

    I also have other website address’s for other types of renewable energy application, as well as other types of some what useful information !

    Signed, THE SOLAR DRUID !

  5. I do worry about the future. Things are different now. There is a cliff in front of us and our government isn’t paying attention but we are moving at full speed i.e. printing money, borrowing money and spending money. I don’t know if it will be a civil war a total economic collapse, rioting in every big city or what. But it’s in the air, it’s like the smell you get before the big storm or the way the ocean looks before the hurricane comes on shore. I don’t think we were ever supposed to know that DHS was buying enough ammo to fight a war. I don’t think FEMA is doing the job they were supposed to do but the size of FEMA grwos every year to do what? I don’t think the U.S. could survive a real civil war. The world is not a safe place and the enemies of freedom and liberty are still out there and they wouldn’t sit back and watch us tear our country apart and not jump in the fray. If something serious does happen I have little confidence in our government right now. In fact I can’t even tell if they are on our side or working against us.

  6. RH:
    If you haven’t read my …On Combat article, go back and read it, or read it again. I believe it will go a long way toward ramping up many of your low numbers. The first thing that you must get right, is your head.
    I quess if you have to ask “who’s side is the government on”, it is already too late and you have your answer! As vigilent as I have been, I am still somewhat stunned to discover that “We the people” are the enemy.
    Regards, D.

  7. Thanks for all the kind words and words of encouragement from all of you. I was looking for feedback and suggestions, and appreciate all that have replied so far and hoping to get more.

    Druid: Thanks for the websites.

    D: I think I’ve read your article, but will go back and read it again and probably again.

    Sorry for the delay in replying, but have been away from my PC for a couple days. Jack (RH are my wife’s initials)

    P.S. I will update my self-eval scores later if Rourke chooses to publish them.

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