Guest Post: When bad people attack…..

When Bad People Attack

At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man

will almost certainly exterminate, and replace the savage races throughout the world.

                                                                  Charles Darwin



Sadly what Darwin didn’t predict was that what comes around, goes around.


The path we are on isn’t a pretty one.  Take your pick of whatever scenario you see for the ‘end of the world’ . . . most of them have at least some measure of validity.  ( I’m partial to zombies myself )  The fact is that whatever our fate – the only person you will be able to count on is yourself – and that’s a problem.


The vast majority of the people ‘prepping’ are decent, kind, law abiding people.  They are thoughtful, possess above average intelligence and are usually gifted with a variety of skills.  In short – they are ‘good people’.  Oh yes, some of us might be what you call a little quirky? ( you know who you are )   but all in all most are people you could easily find yourself calling a friend.


Sadly, in any given scenario, from economic collapse to natural disaster, to . . . zombie attack.  It will come down to good people having to fend off the bad.  That puts you gentle reader – no matter how well prepared, or armed, at a distinct disadvantage against a determined mob or even a small band of desperate, unscrupulous attackers.


In defense of our families, in defense of our food and water supplies, we have all determined that we will “do what is needed”, but in reality – that isn’t enough.  Of course you have weapons and have trained to use them, of course you know there will be people looking to steal what you have so carefully stored, but do you really understand the nature of the enemy that will arrive at your door?


The hordes that will wander in the first few days after the collapse, will consist of the desperate, but not yet the savage.  It will take time to weed out the weak and the ones who didn’t prepare, but once they are gone – the only ones left will be the ones savage enough to prevail . . . and you. In order for you to survive now – you must lose your humanity and become brutal and ruthless enough to TRULY do whatever is needed, without hesitation.  The nature of the survivors at this point will be about as polar opposite as can be.  The roving gangs of people wanting to take what is yours will consist exclusively of soulless murderers and those with no qualms about torture, mayhem and sadistic acts of depravity simply for their own sake.


At this point – you are saying “but what is the point of survival if we can’t embrace our humanity?”  and the short answer to that – is that there will BE no survival.  The gangs and the thugs and the savages, when they come to the door of your bunker – won’t play by the rules – and you can’t either.  Unless you are willing to throw that book out the window – you have no chance.  Good men will always hesitate when faced with killing an opponent – at the end of the world, that hesitation will result in your own death, and the deaths of those who depend on you.


How do each of us know that we have that kind of savagery inside us?  It’s a reckoning that you will have to dig deep to resolve, but one you need to face now.  If it is something you feel is beyond you – there is really no need to prep.  The sad reality is that many of us won’t survive in the face of overwhelming numbers of sadistic, brutal gangs, but embracing, discussing and preparing yourself for that little discussed aspect of prepping may give you yet one more advantage to your ultimate survival.


Asher Blackthorne


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  1. Unfortunately Asher is correct. If the day ever comes and our social structure totally collapses where we lose our
    police and military the evil elements in our society will kill off, and at some point, put into slavery usable remaining
    people. Our civilized society cannot, and would not relailiate to the level that they would be able to beat off, or win
    battles with the “so-called” zombie hoards.

  2. Thanks Rourke. This is my biggest concern-that I might not have enough warrior energy to pull the trigger.I am also concerned about being duped into thinking a “good guy by all appearances ” may become the bad guy-or is the enemy.
    I AM GOINg to rely on prayer, my 6th sense and my motherly instinct to protect.
    I am practicing but this is extremely difficult. Any ideas are most helpful .. I tend to be a very compassionate person.
    I did Chaplain and psychotherapy work for years as well as farming . May God help us all. Arlene

  3. I totally agree with your statement. I have seen first hand what man is capable of and it is not pretty. The Vail of civilization is so thin and when you are starving to death it becomes even thinner. The things people have done to each other in the face of death is frightening. Very good observation you have here. Not a subject most people like talking about but a very necessary conversation that we all need to have with ourselves.

  4. While I agree that most people will hesitate before taking another human life, I must take exception with the statement that, “all good men will hesitate when faced with killing an opponent.” Killing and combat both require mental preparation, and once it has been accepted mentally that killing to defend oneself, one’s family, friend or other known innocent may be necessary and is moral, ethical & legal then one will not hesitate if they have been trained.

    There are 2 books written by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, On Killing and On Combat that I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone who owns a firearm for protection. They are REQUIRED reading for Marines, which should be recommendation enough. Parts of Grossman’s “Bullet Proof Mind” seminar are on youtube, if you can find a copy on DVD it is well worth it. I first heard about Grossman and On Combat while attending a class entitled, “Mental Preparation for Armed Confrontation” in 1998.

    Having said that, the best way to win any fight is to avoid it, but if you must fight then there are no rules except one….WIN! In the words of General George Patton, Inflict the most amount of damage on the enemy in the least amount of time.” Which, I believe he may have improved on Confederate Nathan Bedford Forest’s statement, “You’ve got to be the firstest with the mostest.”

  5. It may help to develop the “Sheepdog” mentality, that is, to frequently remind yourself of your responsibility for the protection of your loved ones. I often tell myself that for 30 years I offered my life in defense of 300 million people that I never met. (Career military man: Airborne & Mechanized Infantry + Armored Cavalry) Consequently, I will go the extra mile for those close to me. Just as a mother bison will square off with a whole pack of wolves to protect her calf, you need to develop the attitude that all lethal actions are in consideration when defending your family and friends. For me, I picture the brutal assault of truck driver Reginald Denny during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. I then put myself in his seat, with my Colt Gold Cup .45 auto in one hand and my Smith & Wesson Govenor .410 in the other. Needless to say, there is a different ending to my daydream. You need to be callous enough to disregard age of gender. A group of teenagers can be just as savage as adults. Most men are quick to pull over to assist a “damsel in distress”, especially if she is young, attractive or scantly clad.

  6. “The vast majority of the people ‘prepping’ are decent, kind, law abiding people. They are thoughtful, possess above average intelligence and are usually gifted with a variety of skills. In short – they are ‘good people’. ”

    Yes and if they dont get in the correct mindset very soon and begin training they will be prepping for nothing. I have been fortunate in my career choices in that they have all been ones that deal in violence and that so far I have survived (not always won) every encounter. When training with people in set up senarios all to often the prepper will strike or counter strike once with a move they believe or learned that will supposedly disable the attacker. They do the same thing with firearms, they shoot once at the steel, hit it and then stand there loooking at it even though it didnt fall. This is not enough in truely violent encounters. When you commit, you go all the way. That steel should be shot even when falling, that counter move should be followed up by another combination say you throw an elbow then follow it with a backfist then a knee then a shove. Down is Down folks.
    In order to win you must be a combination of the following or all of the above:
    More aggresive, faster, stronger, better trained, better skilled and just plain ole meaner or willing to SURVIVE.
    What will cause you to die is hesitation, out of shape, overweight, unskilled, untried skills and fear.
    The ways to overcome this are training and that doesnt mean watchin youtube videos it means going to a gym, training with your survival group, working out even when you are alone, getting professional training and making good choices in diet and hobbies that relate to survival like MMA, martial arts, medival fighting, shooting competiton for stress and maybe doing a career move towards one with the propensity of violence so you are famlilar with it and look at it as just a way of life.

  7. Sorry, have to disagree with this one.

    I for one will certainly not “lose my humanity” to protect my family, myself, and my property. That implies I have lost all reason and am working on pure instinct. Not going to happen.

    I have spent a number of occaisions in combat situations (yes, I have killed other humans at the direction of my government – a circumstance I neither regret nor hold as the highlight of my life) and did so without becoming “brutal” or “ruthless”. I did so based on my training, my intellect, and my devotion to my team members. I had a better plan, better position, better training, better weapons, better commo, better support, and a superior team effort than my opponents. I never hesitated to do my duty, even though I was a rational human and not an unthinking beast. Hesitation is due to fear, uncertainty, lack of knowledge of your position and surrounding conditions, and lack of training in how to respond to unforeseen and unplanned occurances. If the circumstances arise again I will fall back on those same advantages which saw me through my previous adventures to overcome my opponents whether they are roving bands of mindless savages or disciplined troops.

    Any group which wishes to test my resolve to protect me and mine will find a tried and tested response – a well rehearsed plan of movement and attack, well positioned mutually supporting defenses in depth, accurate and devastating infliction of damage, and a coordinated team effort to suppress and destroy any opponent no matter what their mind set happens to be.

    Rest assured, your most dangerous opponent after the SHTF will not be roving packs of hungry unprepared city dwellers it will be well disciplined and coordinated groups who have the wherewithal to challenge you for your right to exist. You must be properly prepared to deal with both, but the latter will provide the greatest challenge to your continued life and liberty.

    Sorry for the rant, Rourke, but this one hit a nerve.

    Good hunting!

  8. I think this is one of the most important topics ever discussed on this blog. I agree with the writer 100%. I have said this before and ill say it again you will never know how you’re going to react in a fight for your life until you have to. But you absolutely need to mentally prepare yourself for the horrors of war. I say war becuase that’s what this is going to be trying to surviving after the SHTF. Weak minded men and women will not survive what is coming. If a 6 year old boy raises his AK47 and points it at you what are you going to do? Have you prepared your mind enough to pull the trigger? Pulling that trigger will end that innocent life but will save your life and the lives of your family and friends. And don’t think that this will never happen, because it already has and i am alive today becuase of it, At home loving my wife and living my life. Don’t think it isn’t hard to live with becuase it is. I think about it almost everyday but I see my family and can kiss my wife too. “War is Hell” try and get use to it.
    Stay Frosty

  9. When you are in the life or death scenario, you cannot, MUST NOT, give in to the desire to back down. You will be the target, at that moment or in the soon to follow future.

    If you think, even for an instant, that if you let the ‘bad guys’ go, just because you got the drop on them once and that they won’t come back, you could be not only wrong, but DEAD wrong.

    Another point, if you are trying to do it ALL, on your own, without some type of backup, you will be a short note in history in short order. Make sure you know your neighbors, how they will react if you are in a confrontation, and what you will do to back them up if they are in a ‘situation’. If the bad actors see that there is widespread resistance to their actions, they will not be likely to just give up. They will fight, and you need to be ready to end it quickly. Not just you, but you and everyone you know needs to acknowledge that it may come down to this more often than anyone dreams of in their worst nightmares.

    Hopefully, it doesn’t happen to anyone we know. But, better to plan for the worst, and prepare for it mentally now, rather than to break down, hesitate, delay, hope it works out, then see your friends or family pay the price for failure to respond.

  10. I’m sorry Asher, but I have to agree with Harry. To lose one’s humanity and become a ruthless creature running on pure instinct will allmost certinly spell doom. If you can’t keep a calm mind and level head, mistakes will be made.

    You are right on some points Asher, Yes there will be sadistic evil people out to take what and who they want. Yes we will have to do some things we may not be able to imagine. But, you can never lose yourself nor your humanity.

    Survival is a basic instinct that every living creature in this universe has. We as humans have experienced it first hand all throughout history. But even with our basic need to survive we banded together and created something more. We created that wounderful thing called Humanity. We can never lose that or we may revert back to our former barbaric, unintelligent selves. If we were to lose our humanity we would be no better than the street rat searching for food to survive.

    Keeping your humanity does not mean you can’t kill anyone who is trying to harm you, your family, or your group. In fact you will probably do things as bad or worse than the ones attacking you. (if you didn’t how do you expect to survive any fights) That does not mean losing yourself in the violence and then yourself becoming evil. You MUST keep a calm, clear, and level head if you plan to keep your humanity.

    Always have a plan for defense, know your surroundings, and never doubt your enemy. You hear this all the time “KNOW YOUR ENEMY” but do you truly understand what it means? You must be able to think like the enemy, put yourself in their position. If you were the enemy how would you try to attack your “base of defense”? How would the enemy try to harm you? Where can the enemy hide that’s close by to spy on you and your group? These are just a few things you must keep in mind.

    Never underestimate what must be done, but never let what you are doing control you. Remember we are Homo sapiens, we are the most advanced creatures on this planet. We are capable of being the heros of Humanity or the warlords of evil. You must always stay true to yourself and what you believe in.

    Always be prepared for the worst but expect the best. Keep your hands steady and your aim true. Your mind ready, active, but clear. Most of all keep your heart true and never lose your hope and humanity.


  11. Excellent post. Thank you. I am a woman and a physician. Those who know that I’m a “prepper” often ask if I could really shoot someone to protect what is mine. My answer to that is “if is not the question, it is how fast are they going down.” I deal with life and death on a daily basis and believe in the sanctity of life but would not hesitate one second to protect what is mine.

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