Guest Post: What is the best type of food storage?

by Adam Torkildson

Importance of storing food properly

Almost everyone prefers good, tasty and hygienic food. In today’s world, hygiene is a major point of consideration. Food storage in a proper manner is one of the best ways of keeping the food hygienic over an extended period. If food is not stored suitably, it loses its nutritive value. In fact, improper ways of food storage can lead to food poisoning and hence, are detrimental to health.

The different ways of storing food

There are different ways of storing food and it depends wholly upon your personal choice. One of the biggest concerns is to find suitable containers in which food can be stored for a prolonged period. Also one must locate the proper food storage areas in the house/work region to keep the food safely stored. Some of most preferred methods are as follows:

  1. To retain the essence of your food, proper temperature is a must. While storing food upon shelves, you must maintain the temperature at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Undeniably, cold and moist free areas prevent the food from getting contaminated and keep it fresh and pleasant for a long time.
  2. Food packaging also matters a lot. Food covered with brand new packing stays fresh for a long duration.

Freeze Dried Food-The Best Option

Freeze dried food is the best method for keeping food fresh and hygienic. If you buy in bulk and need to preserve your food, freeze dried food is the best method to do so. There is an assortment of freeze dried foods like freeze dried fruits and freeze dried vegetables that one can purchase. The method is extremely effective and is better than freezing in the regular way as it keeps food stored for a long time.

Intake of nutritious food keeps you healthy, and proper food storage is helpful in retaining the nutritional value of your edibles. Hence, it is essential to take food storage into serious consideration.

Adam Torkildson is a part owner at, suppliers of 100% freeze dried food storage for survivalist and preparedness experts.

[A note from Rourke: Freeze dried food certainly has its place and is an excellent food storage option. The important thing is to store extra food NOW -not later. Whether it is canned, freeze dried, boxed, or whatever – don’t put off storing food because you only want to store one kind. If an emergency happens – you will only have what you have.]

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10 thoughts on “Guest Post: What is the best type of food storage?”

  1. It is often (for me at least) a struggle to balance the cost of packaging my own bulk food purchases for storage with the more expensive option of purchasing pre-packaged bulk foods designed for long term storage. The reality is that we need a combination of both. Sometimes we need to put a value on our time and if family and job commitments preclude sealing up your food purchases in mylar bags, then pre-packaged foods are the way to go.

    As you say, the important thing is to do something. When the time comes, the cost of the initial purchase will be insignificant. Good nutrition, variety, and full belly will override the dollars and cents that went in to the cost of your stored food items.

    — Gaye

  2. I try to package my own food. That way I am getting the types of food that I want along with other food items that I can mix with those staples to better fit my regular diet. I also store quite a few spices to enhance the food that I have stored when the time comes to use it. I also rotate out and use stuff and then replace it with newer stuff. Great post. Gives food for thought.(No pun intended)

    • Badvoodoodaddy –

      I am just getting into mylar packaging my own stuff. Spices are very very important and useful. I have tons of spices and herbs stored away.

      Thanks – Rourke

  3. Agreed, Regardless of the price, it will cost more later and that is a fact. I use the Survival Triangle approuch, there are three sides to a triangle and so my storage for food is based on three. 1/3 each dedicated for a) Commercial stored canned goods, b) Home canned goods and C) Dehydrated/Freeze Dried. Water is stored the same a) bulk containers, b) 7 gal Aqua-Tainer’s and c) grab and go cased water bottles

  4. @ Rourke: Thank you, you can apply this concept to your prepping essentially the survival triangle or triad. The idea of three sided concept exist in many things around us examples of (God, Jesus and Holy Spirit), emergency services (Fire/Police/Paramedics), Cooking trinity (Bell pepper/onion/carrot), family (mom/dad/children) coffee (coffee/cream/suger) you get the point. In prepping the survival triangle is (Food/H2O, Protection and shelter)

    I apply the triad in my container garden: the larget portion of my is (food), the 2nd portion is growing spices and lastly the 3rd is growing herbs for medicinal purposes.

    Just sharing friends

  5. My husband and I are running out of room in our garage cabinets. Our problem is space. We don’t want to stack food for all to see in the garage so we use the cabinets in thier. However, this will no longer be an option for food items when summer really gets here. Our garage will get over 100 degrees so we are looking to get tupperware bins to put the food in and put it in the crawl space under the house where it will stay cool. I was worried about grabbing our food items if SHTF so I got an extra fridge (don’t worry, it was free and not pretty) to put in the garage so we can keep some food cool in the summer and it will be easy to grab if we don’t have time to get back under the house. Does anyone know if storing canned food or other items can work in the fridge?

    • Jennifer –

      Canned food will last pretty much forever – as far as not killing you. Coloring will change, nutrient value will be reduced – and taste can change with age. Keeping refrigerated will certainly extend its life. If you practice decent rotation refrigeration should not be necessary – even if you store in elevated temperatures (as long as you do not keep the product for more than 6 months).

      I have the very same problem. One of my solutions is to convert a coat closet downstairs into a food storage closet. Honestly – the closet sat all year round hardly being used except in the winter time.



  6. With all the natural disasters around the world, making sure your family is prepared is top priority. Adding freeze dried food storage makes being prepared easy!


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