What animal are you?

What animal are you?

In my opinion, there are many types of strategies or mindsets, to survive the end of law and order, these are my observations on what I have heard and seen people doing  and discussing what they will or would do when SHTF.

The Bear

Loners in remote area’s who prepare and store for times of need, they have the means to defend what they store, but are often hunted because they threaten the safety of those around them and have lots of “fat” for those who need food, Bears would include those who store and prepare through storage, but don’t farm. Those that prepare to go underground physically or figuratively and ride out a catastrophe. They will start scavenging from those who have prepared when times get tough.

The Wolf  or wild dogs

The wolf starts hunting alone and then progresses to hunting in packs when times are tough, they scavenge and eat anything, take down prey larger then themselves when working as a team, they make their way, preying on others weakness. They don’t really prepare for “Winter”, they are opportunistic and prey on the weaker, until a lack of weaker ones drives them together to form a pack. They do not go “underground” but rather roam large areas of territory. Raiders are often wolves.

The Squirrel

Stores food and hibernates till the “Winter” is over , many preppers are Squirrels hiding caches everywhere for ”Winter”, not worrying about if one or two get discovered and raided as they have many well hidden caches. They do not bother defending their caches.  They do farm by planting acorns and other seeds, often inadvertently, when forgetting where a cache is.

The Leopard

Stays out of sight, hunts and stores what it kills for a rainy day.

Leopards , any hunter in Africa will tell you, are very elusive , they are very well hidden and they take prey many times their size but are also opportunistic, and will take the weakest in a heard, they then kill and store the kill in a tree, out of the reach of other bigger predators, like lions.

Leopards stay safe by obscurity.

The Rat

Lives in the city off of what is left behind, they don’t prepare and will be the first to jump off a sinking ship, they have no organization but will self organize when things get bad for them and for a colony. Rats stay in the city as long as its safe.


The Ant

Works together and farms, scavenging and trading with other ants, re-establishing their own society and colonizing other areas for food and resources, fighting those who oppose them as a team, doing this all from underground they have common goals and work together towards them. Ants are very successful at surviving and will scavenge pretty much anything and recycle it; some ants also farm and grow mushrooms as food.


In my opinion finding the right strategy for YOU is more important than finding the “right” strategy, each person will need to pick what they believe will work best for him/her in the situation they find themselves in.


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8 thoughts on “What animal are you?”

  1. Not so sure about the animal metaphors but I do agree that each individual needs to plan what will work best for themselves. I have a friend who continually badgers me to join his bugout crew and leave for a site that they have planned ahead for. Due to certain circumstances, I intend to dig in at home with a few friends and neighbors. I also keep a plan B for the possibility that things get really bad. While my friends safe spot requires hours of driving, mine is fairly local and offers natural barriers for some protection. Plan C is an old abandoned army post that has been vacant for decades. None of these is perfect but offer the best probability, in my area, for survival. Now, start thinking of a few of the best ways for you, your family and some close friends who you trust to keep safe in a SHTF situation. Never know when you might need to move fast.

  2. Very good thought provoking article, makes you think and self analyze your self and your motives.
    I think some people may even be a little of both types. This is a fantastic site, Glad Rourke has this open posting

  3. I like the animal imagery. With a little Native American ancestry, I am familiar with totems and the ability they have to provide focus and creativity when properly used. In reality, it doesn’t matter what one uses (a book, teddy bear, lucky coin are some examples) to provide vision and direction and purpose as long as it works for you.

    Our family likes dogs (with one odd cat lover who at least has some dogs), so we use canids as our point of reference. All alone, one of us is a fox – small, quick, wary of the bigger animals, but still a predator. A couple of us become coyotes – bigger, able to take on more serious prey, but still not the biggest kid on the block. Finally, all together we become a pack of wolves – using team work, combined strengths, and knowledge of the territory to keep the lone bears and lions at bay. I for one would much rather face 600 pounds of grizzly bear than the equivalent weight of wolves. Neither one would be a welcome experience, but the wolves would certainly make me more nervous. Maybe it’s silly to some, but it works for us.

  4. I am most definitely a wolf. I do like the animal metaphor. This post has made me really think about my behaviour before a WROL situation and after one. I know for sure that my behaviour will change pretty drastically in a short period of time. Great post and very thought provoking.

  5. Personally, a Bear, trying real hard to become a sheepdog (no good ant-analogy comes to mind). Maybe a Gargoyle – “serve and protect, when possible, but still a solitary monster predator at heart” .

  6. Just a minor correction; a squirrel doesn’t hibernate and are quite active during the winter. However the metaphor is still a good one since the squirrel does indeed gather and cache food for the SHTF times.


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