Vinegar and Preparedness

For hundreds of years people have used simple homemade products with multiple uses in mind.  Vinegar is just one of those products.

Whether you are in a survival type situation, preparing for its possible arrival or just a financially frugal family, it’s always wise to have a working experiential knowledge of how to make it as well as a working experience of what it can do for you.

Time is not a luxury many of us have, so keeping simplicity in the equation is important not only now but when you think about bugging out, bugging in or in times of economic trials.

We have made Vinegar from apple peels, homemade wine (Yes, wine to vinegar- more on that later) and rotting fruit.

During harvest season when I prepare my canned applesauce, pie filling and the like, the peelings are kept in another bucket, marked and sometimes even frozen for a less hectic time in the schedule.  Then they can either go thru the wine making process or be cloth-covered in a crock and allowed to vinegar on its own.

As stated in the beginning it’s a product with multiple uses.  Here are just a few we consider important at our house.

Cleaning Uses – Medical Uses – Barter and Gifts. These are the categories we’ll address here.

Cleaning Uses – Combined with a number of different other products you can achieve good results depending on the items you mix.  Take a clogged drain in a sink and you can dump baking soda down it and then pour Vinegar to help unclog it, follow this with boiling water.

Clean counter tops, chrome, plastic, windows, mirrors AND mineral deposits.  You only need to do some minor research either on the web or with a good book to find tons of uses.

Medicinal Uses – Berries, Fruits and Herbs, soda and salts can all be added to vinegar to produce even more varied items for your medicinal cupboard and food pantry.  Greatly appreciated for its internal and external categories – here is a short list of its benefits.

Athlete’s foot              Body Odor       Arthritis           Morning Sickness        Gout    Sour Stomach

Fever reducer             Rectal Itch       Sore Throat     Cough, Cold, Flu          Hives   Headaches

Insect Bites                  Burns               Poison Ivy        Swimmer’s Ear           Sprains Toothaches

Cold Sores                   Fatigue                        Shingles           Hair problems             Leg Cramps

Kidney problems          and much more…..

As you can see its uses are varied How it works for you will differ from someone else and as always – Consult your Doctor or HealthCare Professional before use with or in place of any and all medications.

Barter and Gifts – Many books have been written on this topic so my writing here is merely to energize you to do your own experimenting, cooking and research. You’ll have loads of fun once you begin to envision how helpful it can be for your family.

Moving on to our last category of Bartering and Gifts, I want to impress upon you the fact that in days-gone-by gift giving came from your own backyard and not so much the local General Store in town.

Those days could return and if they do – a working knowledge of vinegar and its properties will be extremely valuable.  (Gee, wonder why Rourke is asking about our skills-he he  As in if the SHTF.)

So whether you have Wine or wine turned to vinegar you can use it for trading or gift giving.  Great for people who’ve decided to drop those extra pounds from the holidays and are now eating salads and vinaigrettes, as well as a jar of vinegar and a jar of honey for helping a family member who’s down with a cold or flu.  The possibilities are only as unlimited as your imagination.

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5 thoughts on “Vinegar and Preparedness”

  1. Apple cider works great on getting rid of “hot spots” on dogs. It clears them up really fast and the hair starts growing back almost immediately.

  2. Heya Rourke – this is totally un-relation to the article but I have been thinking this for a few weeks now and I just gotta ask: I am only 30 years old and I am wearing contacts right now. I have been using an optical device for 20 years now. I’m pretty sure though that my vision is 20/20 right now but I have to squint to see the post I am currently typing as well as the type in the stories you are posting – I dont remember this being an issue a few months back – have you gone with a smaller type? Can you pretty please check with other readers to see if they are squinting also? It’s killing me!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! – Jennifer

    • Hi Jennifer –

      If you read the post by clicking the individual post title rather than reading on the main page – in the upper right-hand corner you can select a larger font size.

      Hope that helps –


  3. I was very excited to read this article and in fact even made a client wait before I met them so that I could! But then I was very disappointed. I know how beneficial vinegar can be and how useful it is…but what I was really hoping for what how to MAKE vinegar. The author even suggested they make it and that it is a good idea. Maybe a follow-up article on how to make vinegar because I really do not want to have to store 1,000+gallons.


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