Vinegar and its many uses

by MC

For hundreds of years people have used simple homemade products with multiple uses in mind. Vinegar is just one of those products. Whether you are in a survival type situation, preparing for it’s possible arrival or just a financially frugal family, it’s always wise to have a working experience of what it can do for you.

Time is not always a luxury many of us have, so keeping simplicity in the equation is important not only now but when you think about bugging out, bugging in or in times of economic trials.

We have made Vinegar from apple peels, homemade wine (yes wine to vinegar – more on that later*) and rotting fruit. During harvest season when I prepare my canned applesauce, pie filling and the like, the peelings are kept in another bucket, marked and frozen for a less hectic time in the schedule.

hen they can either go thru the wine making process or be cloth covered in a crock or wide lidded glass jar and allowed to vinegar (or sour) on it’s own. There are tons of books and of course the Internet to give specific details on the how to’s.

As stated in the begining it’s a product with multiple uses. Here are just a few we consider important at our house:

Cleaning uses

Note all these categories are only as limited as your imagination! Counter tops (and can be used in conjunction with Baking Soda for stubborn stains). Bath tubs, sinks and a little in the laundry, and mixed with hot water to wash down walls.

Medical uses

Berries, fruits and herbs can all be added to vinegar to produce even more varied items for your medicinal cupboard. Greatly appreciated for both it’s internal and external categories. Here is a short list of it’s benefits:

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Body Odor
  • Morning Sickness Fever reducer
  • Sore throat
  • coughs
  • colds flu headaches hives insect bites burns poison ivy
  • cold sores
  • hair problems (as well as a great shampoo rinse)
  • fatigue
  • leg cramps
  • shingles
  • sprains
  • and many more.

As you can see it’s uses are varied. How it works for you will differ from someone else and as always – Consult you Doctor before use with or in place of any and all medications. Many, many books have been written on this topic so my writing here is to hopefully energize you to do your own experimenting, cooking and research. You’ll have loads of fun once you begin to envision how helpful it can be for your family.

Moving on to our last two categories – Barter and Gifts. I want to impress upon you the fact that in days gone by gift giving came from your own “backyard”, and not so much from the local General Store in town. Those days could return and if they do, a working knowledge will be invaluable (Gee – isn’t this why Rourke was asking about our skills – he he).

*So whether you have wine or wine vinegar you can use it for trading or gift giving. Great for people who’ve decided to drop those extra pounds from the holidays and are now eating salads with Vinaigrettes, as well as a jar of vinegar and a jar of honey for helping out a family member who’s down with a cold or the flu. The possibilities are unlimited.

Have fun with it~!

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