Thoughts of Survival in Fun Places

I recently had the opportunity to take my family on a trip out of state, but I’m on only here to tell you a little about that and more about my thoughts and what I saw.

Ever since I took an interest in prepping, I check my surroundings. This trip was no different.  This trip took us to the place better known as Disney World. Prepping and survival may not be on everyone’s mind that enters the gates of its four parks, but it ran through mine.

So the planning began in February for a trip in November. That gave my wife and me time to save money and figure out all the ins and outs of this adventure. Originally I wanted to drive. To me if I drive, I have control. I can carry items in my truck that I would not be able to on a plane (firearms, ammo, knives, spare water, food, gear, etc.). Well after a long discussion, rising gas prices, and the thought of our children loosing time at the parks, we chose to fly.

We arrived in Florida and at room for the week. Quickly we unloaded luggage and decided where we would go first. While riding to our first park the thoughts began. So sit back, keep your arms and legs inside the cart, and enjoy the ride!

As we visited each park (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios) the amount of people was unreal. For us we had been saving for this trip and for others it may be a small dent in their bank accounts, but at know time to us did it seem the economy was struggling. So I began to think, what if there was an attack on America? What other place could you take out a larger amount of people than one of the most visited places in the world?

Stay with me, I know at times it seems I ramble.

Looking around at the different parks, I took numerous pictures. Pictures of people, rides, family, etc., amazed at what was put in to create such a place. The detail, craftsmanship and time to make it all memorable. Of course, there are rides for all ages, underground, above ground, and high on mountain tops. When I look at these different rides I think how people could use them in a survival scenario. For instance a lot of the rides had large amounts of water running through them, water that could be used for drinking if properly sterilized.


(Water runs throughout it’s a Small World)

There were rides that took you through caves and rides that took to high places. Places to hide or places to take watch that you could see for miles.


(If you haven’t been here, this is Expedition Everest. You ride up in the mountain)


In each of the parks there were multiple locations to eat. I can only imagine the amount of food and beverages it takes to accommodate the amount of people that visit the parks year round.  Food for thought?


(One of many restaurants with indoor aquariums)

One of the parks that really got me thinking was the Animal Kingdom. We were told by park personnel that the Animal Kingdom was the largest park of all. It would hold the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and still have room for parking in it. Built on 500 acres, it is home to a large amount of animals and plant life from different continents. As you can see in the picture below of the park, I think one or many could make it for a while if you take into consideration the amount of water, food, plants, wildlife and shelter. This would be my park of choice.


Well as I wrap up, some of you may think I’m crazy for thinking these things on a family trip to the happiest place ever. But I don’t think I am. Some of you may think that the number of people may be overwhelming to accomplish any form of survival. I can agree with that, but think of the amount of people that would leave as well. I for one would stay for a while and take care of my family and myself. Below you will find some pictures that I took. Think about what you would do if these options were in front of you.




 West McBride 2012



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5 thoughts on “Thoughts of Survival in Fun Places”

  1. I believe in running situational awareness scenarios, but really? Sorry, but the whole Orlando/Disney World area is one that I would avoid like the plague. For a number of reasons. D.

  2. First thought, I have no idea if people have gotten sick into the water on any of the water rides.

    Second, while I can be pretty sure the water is run through filters, like any swimming pool, when the power goes out, so does the cleaning action.

    Third: There are a lot of underground tunnels, logistics places, control centers, and cameras – so if the power hasn’t failed, the workers would see you there.

    So, find some place with the same resources, area to create similar shelter, hiding places, etc. and work that into your real plan.

    I was in Disneyland in LA when the power problem up north shut down everything is So. California to. (On the Pirates of the Carribean ride). People seemingly came out of every nook and crannie and evacuated people from the boats in under 30 minutes.

    Another time, on the Haunted house ride, there was some sort of local power outage as we were going down in the ‘elevator’ illusion of the room getting taller. In less than 20 seconds emergency lighting was on. In less than 5 minutes, doors were opened and we were led outside.

    The point is this. There are more people there than the people you see, and they know how to get from place to place using a network you aren’t seeing.

  3. I love it! I can see through your eyes exactly what you’re talking about. Next time I go to my local SoCal Disney I will look at the various ‘shelters’ in a completely different way.
    Expensive, yes. Terrorist target? Pretty good one unfortunately. But after the dust settles, this place would have metric tons of foodstuffs in the rubble and some of the best earthquake-proof man-made structures. Heck, if I could find the security office I’d even equip myself with whatever they’ve got.

  4. I have to say it is interesting that you thought of Disney as a preppers paradise while on a family trip. Not sure I would have done this, but as some others said if you found an area that had similar attributes and more out of the way than Disney well than you might have a perfect place or as close to perfect as you could have.


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