The NIC Global Trends 2030 Report – Another Good Reason to Prep

nic-smThe NIC Global Trends 2030 Report: 

Another Good Reason to Prep


There are many reasons that people find themselves prepping these days.  Anyone who has ever seen the TV reality series “Doomsday Preppers” knows that the reasoning behind people’s motives can be somewhat extreme, with fear of asteroids or massive volcanic eruptions.  Others see signs of disaster looming in more conventional fears such as an economic collapse, food shortages, or plagues.  No matter what the cause is, the effect has been a collective group of preppers and survivalists growing in number every day.

It is sometimes difficult to explain to friends and family why you are doing what you do.  Many people find that they don’t have time or energy to even consider what makes preppers prepare, let alone actually going out and doing it.  The media has pegged survivalists and preppers as paranoid anti-social personalities who have an anti-government ideology.  We’re portrayed as dangerous, and shows like “Doomsday Preppers” sometimes gives the reasonable majority a bad name by exploiting those who are at the extreme end.  This is why we need to be vigilant to find reliable sources to back up our motives.  This is exactly why I decided to write this article, to give credible ammunition to preppers everywhere.  First let’s take a look at a bit of history that is somewhat related to the topic of this article.

In 1967 Dial Press published a book called “The Report from the Iron Mountain”.  The book was claimed to be a leaked document from a think-tank of scholars who brainstormed future global and national scenarios, and the possible consequences related to them.  The book was highly controversial, because it made claim that “world peace” would not be beneficial to the U.S. Government.   It alluded to the fact that war was a necessary part of the future, and it would have to be manufactured if it did not occur naturally.  The book was later revealed to be a hoax, but there are still those who believe that even if the report itself was fabricated, the ideas within have a ring of truth to them.  So what if there was an actual think-tank that considered future outcomes based on proposed scenarios?  What if scholars put their heads together to create a potential timeline of world events?  In fact, there is such an organization, and it DOES involve experts from all over the world.

The National Intelligence Council has published a report entitled “Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds”.  The report is divided into three chapters;  MegaTrends, Game-Changers, and Alternative Worlds.  At 3370 pages long, the report is not a quick study by any means, but it is a very interesting look at what may lie ahead for our world.  Being that the National Intelligence Council gathered experts from all over the globe to gain their insight, it appears that one could approach the contents with a certain sense of confidence in the projections within.  We are not necessarily looking at a doomsday message within the pages of the report, but it does have its fair share of troubling visions.

For example, the questions raised and discussed in the chapter Game-Changers are as follows:

  • The Crisis-Prone Global Economy.  Will divergences among players with different economic interests and global volatility result in a worldwide economic breakdown or collapse?  Or will the development of multiple growth centers lead to increased resilience in the global economic order?
  • The Governance Gap.  Will current governments and international institutions be able to adapt fast enough to harness change instead of being overwhelmed by it?
  • The Potential for Increased Conflict.  Will rapid changes and shifts in power lead to more intrastate and interstate conflict?
  • Wider Scope of Regional Instability.  Will regional spillover especially in the Middle East and South Asia, cause global instability?

These are quoted directly from the report, but there are also other questions that are proposed.  It’s not hard to realize that these issues are taking place today.  The Arab Spring uprisings, severe droughts causing food shortages, and military conflicts in Southeast Asia create current instability throughout the world right now.  The future outlook could be even worse according to some theories provided within.  One projection is that China becomes the world’s largest and most powerful economy.  Could this lead to the economic collapse of our country?  If the NIC’s theory that climate change will only cause more severe droughts and food shortages, but global food demands will raise by 30 to 50 percent is correct, we can see how the math adds up.

The report is free, and can be viewed on the NIC website, or by searching  “NIC Global Trends”.  It can also be downloaded using a Kindle App on any smart device.  I strongly recommend perusing if not reading the report because the next time someone mocks your survivalist life-style; you’ll be able to reel off at least a dozen expert backed theories that support what you do.


Kris McClure

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  1. Thanks for the info Kris, There’s little doubt our sensibilities are being tested. I can’t help feeling a bit bewildered when I read postings about government conspiracy theories and red flag events…. oh, our government is guilty of many things, competence in secrecy is not among them. I find it somewhat suicidal of our government to push the image to us of Arabs fighting their rulers as a fight for freedom and self rule and not the truth of Islamic fundamentalists yearning for power and control. Those who don’t care, will be made to care, we will all be made to care eventually. I hear some suggest it might be time to circle the wagons, that time has long passed and those we’ve put in charge of reducing tensions and sailing us out of the squall are only negotiating our surrender…. how thoughtful of them.

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