The First-Responder

The First-Responder

by D.S.


sheepdog (1)The First Responder is just that, he/she is the one who makes the conscience choice to race into harm’s way to give aid, comfort and protection of the innocent with complete reckless abandonment for their own safety.  The Law-Makers of our states’ and our nation’s capital have all stated how they are determined to ensure that each First-Responder has the means, materials, and the training to give aid, support, and safety to those who  are in need.  We are told that this task is so important, that we must give portions of our paychecks in the form of taxes to ensure these requirements are met.

For multiple generations, our government has spent trillions of dollars paying the salaries of brave men and women, purchased equipment and training to prepare these people to be finest First Responders possible.  These same politicians whom we have elected to hold a temporary office are now actively pursuing the elimination of the capacity of our First Responders.  Why are we being told we will all be safer, more secure and better protected if we confiscate their protective equipment?

Mr. President, Senators, Congress, and Civic Leaders, I am my family’s First Responder!  I am the First Responder to the members of my church, to my children’s soccer team, to my neighbors, to the strangers in the convenience store, and to the family whose vehicle has broken down on the side of the road at night in the cold.  I have volunteered for this responsibility.

As a Veteran with more than three tours, a former weapons instructor, an avid hunter, a licensed CCW Permit holder, and someone who has more than forty years of experience with firearms and no accidents, why would you wish to ensure my capacity to respond to any threat will be inadequate?  Why do you wish to ensure that the criminals I face, will not only out number me, but also outgun me?

If you, or anyone, would take the time to research the published records of the FBI and the CDC, it has been repeatedly proven that Gun-Control is an abstract failure on all counts.  It has been proven that only Lawful Citizens hold to laws.  It has been proven that no Gun-Control Laws, new or existing would have prevented the school/mass shootings in the recent years.  And it has been proven that without adequate equipment, a First Responder cannot perform he/her responsibilities as required to ensure the safety and protection of those in crisis.

As a First Responder, I am asking you to simply allow me, and the millions of citizens similar to me, to have the equipment and means to protect and aid the innocent.  I do this not only free of charge to any government, I am also willing to purchase my own personal equipment, pay for my own training sessions, and to pay the taxes for such which go along with the responsibility to have the capacity to aid others.

I am the First Responder!

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5 thoughts on “The First-Responder”

  1. Good arguement, good points. But don’t ever forget that the most important reason for us to not have our 2nd amendment rights be infringed is because it is unconstitutional and more then that it is not within the federal or states power to do so. It is one of our inalienable rights “a right according to natural law, a right that cannot be taken away, denied, or transferred”. The constitution limits the power of the government and nothing in it gives them the power to infringe upon our inalienable 2nd amendment rights. Everyone should be keeping track of how your congressmen vote. Republican or Democrat do not vote for them even if it means voting in another jerk-ass. We cannot survive if we continue to vote in the lesser of two evils. Make them pay for this vote to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. Work for their opponent, contribute, speak up, make them understand this will never be forgiven. Never forget who stabbed us in the back.

  2. Fantastic article, I’ll be emailing that to my elected officials the next time I annoy them with my radical beliefs.

  3. D.S., excellent commentary and all true. There was a time when all the questions you asked never needed to be asked. There was a time when all the actions you describe and live by were as natural as air. There was a time when your code of ethics was not just applauded but expected. As far as Fedgov (and some of our states) goes, those times have passed. Unless your willing to use your skills to molest the elderly and the handicapped as a TSA agent, your knowledge and abilities are more a worry to Fedgov than something they take comfort in. The nanny state frowns upon any show of independence or strength….. heaven forbid…. it might spread, and that would upset their apple cart. On the road to serfdom, they want no heroes, but you and I both know, there will be heroes…. there are always heroes…


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