The Coming Civil Unrest


The Coming Civil Unrest

by Grayfox 114


Recently, MSO News correspondent Valerie posted a link regarding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and their preparations for expected “civil unrest” during the coming presidential elections.  The article indicated that DHS was looking for equipment to outfit approximately 150 officers. While this article is a little shocking, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that closely follows the news, at least alternative news. As this was not “new news” to me, I posted on her site telling her this, and mentioning a post I sent a month or so ago regarding information I had on “expected civil uprisings” this summer. I then received a post from Rourke inviting me to do a post, and this is it.


Any article on civil unrest has to start with the Department of Homeland Security. This organization was created in 2002, following the 9-11 disaster, and was envisioned as a stand alone domestic anti terrorism unit, dedicated to the protection of American citizens on American soil against terrorist attacks. Since inception, DHS has taken over the management and operation of 22 different federal agencies, including the Border Patrol (ICE), FEMA, Federal Protection Service, Department of Agriculture and many other agencies. With each acquisition, DHS has become more powerful and omnipotent, until today it is an organization without peer in the government. Below is the DHS mission statement, taken directly from their website:


The Department’s mission is to ensure a homeland that is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards. Our efforts are supported by an ever-expanding set of partners. Every day, the more than 240,000 men and women of the Department contribute their skills and experiences to this important mission. Our duties are wide-ranging, but our goal is clear: a safer, more secure America.

Footnotes from the site show there are five stated objectives, but glaringly absent is any mention of enforcement activities against American Citizens. DHS would have us believe its primary goal is the creation and maintenance of a “safe” America, an obviously false statement, as listed among DHS duties is securing the borders of the United States and enforcing immigration laws???  This obviously is not happening, so it would appear that DHS will pick and choose what they want to do. With a quarter million people working there, it would seem that DHS would be looking for things to do. New meaning is given to the timeworn phrase “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”

It is no secret that DHS has placed an order for 4-5 million rounds of 40 caliber hollow point ammunition. Hollow point ammunition is designed for killing! It is banned for use in warfare, but is used almost exclusively by law enforcement officers in the U.S. The sole purpose of hollow point ammunition is a quick energy “dump” and maximum damage to a “target,” leading to the quick incapacitation/death of a person that is shot. I’m sure it is coincidence that DHS is using the same caliber weapon as the majority of the law enforcement agencies in this nation, but the purchase of hollow point ammo and the quantity is baffling if not terrifying. And DHS refuses to give a reason for ordering the hollow point ammunition!


What’s more puzzling is the request for protective equipment for “150” officers? This amount of equipment could easily be obtained from any federal installation or large police department, so why the bid process for 150 sets of equipment? It could be purchased off the shelf with petty cash……Do the other members of the 240,000 person force have theirs….? Something is wrong with this picture. Maybe the 150 are to be liaison officers or teachers/leaders?  The recent DHS purchase of 1400 pounds of explosives, very high grade ammonium nitrate, under the guise of using it to train explosive sniffing dogs??  Talk about transparency, or lack of!  Equally baffling is the DHS purchase of sheet explosives.  This is most commonly used for door breaching, but it can also be used as a “detonator” for ammonium nitrate, which is extremely difficult to detonate without a booster.  A glaring point in these purchases or attempted purchases: An agency with the connections and resources that the “new” DHS surely has would not have to requisition or request bids on the listed items. It would surely have virtually unlimited access to any needed items. If not, then the DHS is not nearly as ready to protect Americans as they would have us believe. So why would DHS allow the public to become aware of these requests? It is almost as if they wanted us to be aware of what is happening….why?


It should by now be obvious that DHS and other assorted alphabet agencies of the U.S. government are anticipating if not eagerly awaiting a reason to put their power and training to use, and it would appear that it will be against American citizens, in American cities. It would appear that DHS would like to use local and state law enforcement assets, and publicly available testimonials and leaked government documents support the contention that the DHS is planning on using the U.S. military to assist them in handling civil unrest, Posse Comitatus be damned! Hopefully, American troops, if called on to act against American citizens, will refuse their orders.


The above is a compilation of my personal musings, using information gleaned from articles available to the general populace and from articles printed by persons purportedly in possession of leaked documents and information compiled by various government agencies. My thoughts are tempered with a dash of paranoia and a bit of “conspiracy theory” regarding any and all large federal enforcement agencies operating today, particularly agencies that are without oversight, have a virtually unlimited budget and power base, and those which agencies which seem to set policy as they go along.(DHS, USFS-Department of Agriculture)  What follows are things that I have actual personal knowledge of as a result of my law enforcement career: things that I was privy to that are not “hidden,” but which are not as a rule available to the general public.


Some years back, the department I worked for added long rifles to the equipment in each patrol car. These were the Mini 14 rifles, and mirrored the equipment in the cars of our “state police.” These rifles served admirably and without problems, but within a few short years, our department was contacted by the Department of the Army, and was loaned/given about 20 full auto M-16 rifles, along with an incredible amount of ammunition to be used for practice. There were no obvious strings attached. These rifles were set aside pending training and installation in the patrol cars, but this never came to pass. They remained available in the department armory. Later, a federal grant was obtained, and semi auto AR15’s were purchased and issued individually to every member of the department. The Minis went into storage and the M16’s were returned to the military. At the same time, our state police handed in their Minis and AR’s were acquired for each patrol car. Their Minis were returned to the “state,” and ostensibly stored.


While I have no issue with law enforcement having AR’s, the stated need and the timing was somewhat suspicious as was the fact that the guns were purchased with federal grants, and there are strings attached! Department heads stated that the acquisition of the AR’s simplified logistics.


About two months ago, I was talking with a friend who is still in law enforcement. He is a range master, one of many statewide, for our state police. He is also a fringe prepper. For some years he and I have discussed my reasons for being a prepper, my take on current politics and what I feel is being perpetrated under our noses. We are constantly bickering and I am viewed as a fringe “lunatic” but that doesn’t stop us from being friends. The fact that he is a history major doesn’t help, because he believes everything he was taught, by the book, as opposed to what I try to tell him and what is becoming increasingly clear. It is obvious that he realizes that not all he learned was the whole truth, or even the truth, and it bothers him.


On this particular day, he was somewhat distressed, and shared with me that he as a range master had received a memo from his office, handed down from state headquarters. The memo instructed all state range masters to increase the AR 15 rifle training cycle for patrol officers from every three months to every month. Range masters were to insure that troops were proficient with the issued AR15’s, to the point of encouraging them to shoot on their own to get and remain proficient. The part of the memo that had my friend upset was the stated reason for the increased training: Expected civil unrest in the state “in the near future,” and the possibility that the state police would be used to assist DHS in handling this civil unrest. It was stated that proficiency with the AR would be beneficial if this came to pass.


The gist of our discussion revolved around what my friend could and would do to avoid being a part of an “army” against American citizens. He wanted no part of it. One of the major concerns he voiced dealt with younger and newer officers on the force. It was his opinion, and he is a 25+ year veteran, that the younger officers on the force would do whatever they were asked to do, and would actually look forward to the “excitement.”  He felt that these younger officers were not in the least interested in the politics behind decisions made to deploy and use them, and he felt they would willingly act against their fellow citizens.


 This was also my perception of the officers at my former department. There were several young officers on patrol and the SWAT team was composed of the younger members of the department, led by a “company man.” They were ready and willing to do whatever they were asked to do without questioning the right or wrong of the mission, and this was spooky! Older members of the department found it extremely difficult to secure a position on the team, even if they were capable of passing the physical portion of the entry test, and it soon became apparent that “thinking” men were not what was wanted on the team. “Don’t question what you are asked to do, just do it!”


The state officer I was talking with did not know where the “memo” had actually originated, other than headquarters, and while he was willing to discuss it with me, he was reluctant to show me the actual document. I have no reason to doubt the authenticity or veracity of his statements.


What was troubling in the extreme to both he and I was the fact that the increased training was going to be expensive, both in terms of manpower and the cost of ammunition used. This at a time when the state is literally out of money, and is restricting or curtailing any and all unnecessary expenditures, other than entitlement programs.  Due to the current fiscal crisis in California, it is more than a little unusual for a checkbook to be opened like this.


As this article is being written, I have a son who is a member of a SERT team at a state prison. I won’t divulge the prison or the actual number of persons on the team, suffice to say there are over 25, and there are 18 teams statewide, a total of 435 qualified members. While most people, and frequently other law enforcement personnel, tend to look at “guards” as “wannabe cops,” make no mistake about the personnel on the SERT teams: They are hot! Their level of training rivals or exceeds that of any pure law enforcement agency anywhere. They are well trained, motivated, dedicated, and most of all, they are well armed. And recently, they have been told that their use is not limited to escapes and insurrections within the walls of the state’s prisons.


When my son originally entered the teams, they were equipped with 9mm pistols and standard AR15 rifles, serviceable but old, and while their training with these weapons was adequate, it was not unlimited. Within the last year or so, the 9mm’s were replaced by Glock model 35, 40 caliber pistols, and the AR’s were handed in and replaced by semi auto A4’s, with all the bells and whistles: Rails, single point slings, tactical lights, lasers, A Cogs, etc. The new issue guns have barrel lengths ranging form 10 ½” to 18”. What’s more, the teams were given literally thousands of rounds of ammunition to break in and familiarize with the new guns. Nothing wrong with being proficient…….By the way, the ammo for the 40’s was 180 grain hollow point, no surprise, and the AR’s are loaded with 55 grain soft points! There are also Remington 870 12 gauge shotguns. These are rarely deployed, and the same is true for their Ruger Model 77 308 cal Sniper weapons.


While the training for the SERT teams does include learning to deal with problems within the walls of prisons, this is an extremely limited portion of their training. The majority of their training time, well over 90%, is spent in learning the art of urban combat: building searches & clearing, tactical assaults on buses and other vehicles, felony stops on vehicles of all types, crowd control and combat in urban and rural terrain. Team members usually wear black garb, but they have available woodland and desert camo in both traditional and multi cam patterns. And the vests and other tactical gear they use is state of the art:  Molle gear for both plate carriers and vests, vests that carry pistols and several magazines for the pistol and AR, and custom designed equipment from a custom tactical gear manufacturer. And lest I forget, they have the latest in night vision gear.



The team members have been told by their superiors that their training will allow them to assist other law enforcement agencies if needed, mutual aid, but all of them realize that this is a flimsy and transparent mission statement. Off the record, they have been told that it is very probable the teams will be employed to assist other agencies, state and federal, during times of civil unrest within the state. I have been told that to a man, the team members are willing to provide any type of service that will benefit American citizens, and to a man they will resign their positions if they are asked or told to do anything that is unlawful or which goes against the Constitution. The most often cited activities which they will refuse to participate in?  Firearms seizures from citizens, rounding up and incarcerating either designated individuals or groups that are arbitrarily deemed to be threats, and the seizing of supplies and property from individuals. 


The above information is current as of August 11, 2012. On July 26 of this year, DHS Director Napolitano was asked about drones being used to gather information. She replied that there was a funded project, she believed in California, using drones to give DHS personnel “situational awareness” as related to public safety issues. A week earlier, DHS officials had failed to appear before a congressional oversight committee to discuss how privacy rights could be guaranteed. Again, DHS seems to makes its own rules and laws, and it would appear it is responsible to no one.


 Regarding drones being used in California: This has been going on for several years. As a deputy, working nights, I witnessed what had to be drones on numerous occasions. These craft were frequently seen over and around the small town, very rural, where I was assigned to work. They were never seen in daylight, usually no earlier than 8:30PM, and exhibited characteristics unlike any craft I have seen before or since. These craft would come soundlessly across the sky, usually at very low altitudes, less than 150 feet, and very slowly, possibly 15 mph. They always approached the town from the Southwest, always, and I can’t say why. There were lights on them, usually four, red and green in color, at separate locations on the craft: “wing tips (?), front and rear. These lights provided a rough approximation of the size of the craft, no larger than 20 feet wing tip to tip, and less than that in length, leading us to believe they were unmanned. These craft could hover, again totally soundlessly, and on two occasions were seen to descend and possibly land in wooded areas near the town, and no, I did not attempt to approach the area where this happened. These craft were seen by, in addition to me, officers of the state police, other deputies in the department I worked for, and deputies from neighboring counties, along with countless citizens. On one occasion, the state police officers attempted to “light up” the craft with their spotlights, the light was “absorbed” without a shape being seen. The officers then turned on their overhead lights, and began a pursuit. They found that the craft was capable of speeds in excess of 120mph, and quickly at that. These craft are still being seen in and around the town where I formerly worked, and there has never been a mention of them in any sort of news document. On one occasion, I took the liberty of calling Naval Air Station/Fallon, Nevada, and talking to the duty officer. He was unaware and disbelieving of any craft such as what I described.


Again, the information in the last portion of this article is based on personal experiences and knowledge, and while it is not indicative of a coming event, it does appear to bolster the case that something is afoot. We, the People, are being kept in the dark about what is going on, and most certainly about what is being planned, and I for one think there is a plan. DHS and the people that work there are not trying to prevent a crisis, quite the opposite. DHS is getting ready to “handle it.” It is often said that information is power, and in this instance, it can be used to make preparations for what I and many others believe is just down the road. I have little faith in the political process providing relief in the event something does come to pass, as the political process spawned DHS and has allowed it to grow unchecked from a domestic anti terror organization into a policy setting organization that now has law enforcement powers, legal support and an agenda that is definitely not in the best interests of the American citizen.


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  1. About a month ago in the downtown Oklahoma City area there was a drone that was flying in circles in the middle of the afternoon. (A friend of my husbands who is also starting to wake up saw it). This was told to my husband by several people that we tend to believe. This isn’t something that is normally seen in this city so it was of note when it happened.

  2. Well would like to response more in depth to the article but I am on my lunch break so time is short. So I will address the hollow point bullet issue and it being banned in international warefare. This statement is only partly true. The Hagues Covention did ban the use of hollow point bullets in warfare, but the United States never signedt thr treaty. The U.S. has choosen to honor the restictions on a voluntary bases instead. Furthermore, the U.S. military is currently using what they like to call an open tip round (MK318 MOD-0), not a hollow point. I know a simple play on words.

    Author made this statement:
    “It is no secret that DHS has placed an order for 4-5 million rounds of 40 caliber hollow point ammunition. Hollow point ammunition is designed for killing!”

    I found this statement odd. I for one have never held or used any ammuntion that could not kill someone if you shot them with it. Maybe I am just being petty!

    Now moving on:

    The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 was passed to prevent U.S. military personnel from acting as law enforcement agents on U.S. soil. This does not prevent the National Guard though from acting in a Law Enforcement role. Now section 8 of the U.S. Constitution does allow for the use of the military in the suppress of Insurrections. The Posse Comitatus Act does refer to the Constitutional use of the military as not being prevented by the passing of the Act. So how can the military be used than, throught declaration of an insurrection by Congress only, the President can not declare it on his own no matter how much he would like to.

    Well back to work hope to continue this later!

  3. Very informative and interesting, Grayfox 114. Thanks for displaying the “intestinal fortitude” required to spread the word. We are definitely living in scary times. I think that most folks are ignoring the signs, as the potential for such a traumatic crisis seems too much to believe. After a lengthy career in the Army, my assessment is that the military is too small to execute effective Martial Law. The end strength of the overall force has been reduced dramatically since the mid 1990s. Thousands of troops are stationed overseas as well. In order to effectively control the entire population, the force would have to be augmented. I disagree that “political process” can offer no relief. Most folks probably don’t remember it, but I recall quite vividly that Candidate Obama made multiple references to a “Civilian Defense Force” while running for President. This stuck out in my mind, as it supported a theory I have about liberals hating and distrusting the military. Truth be known, most service members vote Republican because of the stronger focus on defense related matters (pay raises, new equipment, benefits, etc). The huge expansion of DHS under this administration fits Barry’s campaign promise. Unlike the military, where the top leaders were already in place, DHS officials could be picked according to their political beliefs and the likelihood of them ignoring the Constitution and enforcing Socialist control over the people. The contracts to purchase 1.2 billion rounds of ammunition since April lend credibility to fears that something very bad is coming. The next step to complete such a plan would logically be confiscation of civilian firearms. It would be naive to ignore the recent cases of rouge shooters as merely coincidence. My theory is based on economic collapse, hyperinflation and the social chaos / rioting when the government is forced to greatly reduce or cut off entitlement programs. Although I am hopeful that a Republican sweep in the elections could reverse deficit spending and avert a national debt inspired catastrophe, I am fearful that Obama and his Socialist minions (Reid, Napolitano, Holder, Pelosi) won’t let go of power. My prediction and primary motivation for becoming a “Prepper”, is that the tragedy/disaster/crisis will start before January 2013. GOD SAVE THE REPUBLIC!

  4. Very well written article Grayfox. It was very interesting to hear the views and opinions of someone in Law Enforcement.

    The DHS sure does seem to be gathering more and more power to it’s self. Where I work I see various entities of DHS at work all day long. I’ve told more then a few people that “some day” the war on terror will be over, some day. When that day comes does anyone think the DHS will just dissolve and give up the power it has gathered? I think not, they will just find a new enemy. I hope that enemy is not you and I.

  5. Good article Grayfox 114.
    Irish-7 brings up a great point that has been worrying me: “It would be naive to ignore the recent cases of rouge shooters as merely coincidence.”
    Maybe it’s just all in my mind, maybe it’s conspiracy theory, but the timing and recurrance of these shootings seem well orchestrated or maybe just greatly coincidental.

  6. From a letter put out by Congressman Westmoreland (R) GA. concerning the DHS ammuniton contract. Since this letter the contact has been increased to 750 million round not 1.2 billion, some on the internet have add together the original 450 million and the increase to 750 million to get to the 1.2 billion. We do have people on the right who are just as bad as the left about spreading false information!

    “If you take the number of agencies that will be using this ammunition – CBP, Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), ICE, the U.S. Secret Service, Transportation Security Administration, the DHS police force, and all the guards that protect the various buildings these agencies are housed in, and spread that out over 5 years, you start to see that 450 million rounds really isn’t that large of an order. Especially considering it is used for training purposes like firing range and live fire exercises, on-the-job use (though that is very limited), and to shore up their supplies. In fact, there are 65,000 – 70,000 law enforcement personnel at DHS who would be covered under this IDIQ ammunition contract. If DHS were to purchase all 450 million rounds over 5 years, then that would equate to only about 1,384 rounds of ammo per year per law enforcement personnel (or about 155 rounds per month (about 10 magazines worth of ammo per month) or 3-4 rounds per day) assuming the lower estimate of only 65,000 law enforcement personnel at DHS. Considering those agents go through training exercises several times per year, that is not a lot of ammunition.”

    Link below for the full letter:

  7. Irish & Greyfox both are hitting the nail on the head.

    As an ole 30yr+ LEO, (sort-of retired), alot of the rounds are for qualification…however, agencys I have worked with DO NOT qualify with duty ammo. We did use up old duty ammo, but the will not provide the rounds needed for a qual round. Just food for thought on that one…STILL..alot of bullets to launch.

    I totally agree on the ref to young guys blindly obeying whatever order that may be handed down…but there are those who DO take the Oath of Office serious. Thank God for that.

    The area I live in now…several bases have drones based there and I’m sure these are flying in or about. One thing I have seen is a increased amount in military a/c flying in formation and NOE. Low enough that they fight turbulance frm the mountains and ridges they pass over. As an old pilot…I hate to fight turbulance…so is this just a “practice” flight, (oil burner), or are we getting ready for specialized deployments. Also a lot of military veh being transported by commercial vehicles. Not that is unusual, but just another dot to add to the equation.

    Yeap…let no doubts in your mind cover what is going on now in our country…there IS something rotten in Denmark. Its been coming for 4 years now…and with an unlimited budget….

    To my brothers in LE former and present…to the Vets…keep your head on a swi vel and powder dry…We may be the only one left that will support the Constitution as it was ment to be. AND I include all those true Partiots who now live in our country. I guess its time to go out and buy another roll of tin foil for my hat collections.


  8. Civil unrest is a very useful resource in assessing the state of the country or world. More civil unrest means a worse world (less jobs, less money, less food, all = growing civil unrest). It’s one of the things I look for when reading national and international news.

  9. if anybody has ever read william w johnstons series out of the ashes you will know what im talking about its almost terrifing how close he has coming to whats happening right now

  10. GrayFox – good, informative post. Mirrors a lot of the intell I have been getting. Youngest son is still in the Army, rotated back from the rockpile to participate in a civil affairs joint exercise. They train to enter an urban area, pacify it with extreme prejudice (kill them all and let God sort them out), and then administer allocated resources to the surviving population. They are training with gas, explosives, directed radiation (sound, light, heat, etc), and TOT artillery and air support – especially FAE and cluster munitions (he says it’s close and intense). Luckily, he’s a Captain and tends to stay in his Bradley rather than play point man on patrol.

    3rdMan – doesn’t the Constitution say something along the lines of “The Congress shall have Power……… To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water” (Article 1, Section 8) and “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States” (Article II, Section 2)? Carl von Clausewitz defined war as “an act of force to compel our enemy to do our will”. Would not the intentional killing of individuals in Sudan, Libya, and Pakistan generally be considered an “act of force” and would these actions not be considered attempts to convince others to conform to our political view? Would not “acts of force” which are not necessary for the immediate defense of our lands and forces taken without Congressional declaration be a violation of the letter and intent of the Constitution?

    The Defense of Marriage Act was enacted by Congress in 1996 through due process and in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Constitution. The Executive Branch unilaterally decided in 2011 that it would direct the DOJ not defend the Act in any court proceedings based on the stated opinion that the law was un-constitutional. Although Section 3 of the Act has been ruled un-constitutional by several lower courts, the SCOTUS has not ruled on any portion of the Act. Hence, it remains the law of the land (excepting Section 3 which is awaiting SCOTUS review). Even so, the Executive Branch has decided it has the power to choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore. According to the US Constitution, the President “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” (Article II, Section 3). There is no mention of any Executive power to pick and choose which laws are to be enforced.

    I do believe our current POTUS has thoroughly trashed the letter and intent of the Constitution and he would perceive the use of military personnel on US soil for suppression and general law enforcement activities as standard operating procedures. The PCA would, in my opinion, be a simple speed bump in the road if he saw the necessity to employ trained troops to enforce his directives. Hope not, but I wouldn’t bet anything of significant value that I’m wrong.

    I think I might pick up another Glock .40 at this weekend’s gun show. Depending on how things shake out, there might be a lot of spare mags and ammo laying around.

  11. Harry you make some valid points and only time will tell. My point was that there is legal Constitutional use of the military on U.S. soil that some seem to overlook. The military is very aware of their authority under section 8. I have no doubt they will carry out any orders they believe lawful under section 8 of the Constitution.

  12. 3rdMan – I do believe we concur. I wonder if my new uniforms and insignia are going to look out of place with my old (and long expired) ID and my old (but recently updated) facilities clearance credentials. If push comes to shove, I won’t hesitate to try to blend into a crowd of troops until I can find an opportunity to di di mau into the sunset. Hiding in plain sight should be on the next survival conference’s schedule.

  13. Here is how much ammunition the U.S. Military keeps on hand. Maybe this will help.

    From military report dated March 18, 2005

    “For instance, in 2002, the Operational Support Command (OSC),
    which since has been renamed the Joint Munitions Command (JMC), reported the number of
    small arms (5.56mm, 7.62mm and .50 caliber) on hand as over 692 million rounds. Although
    this data was dated July 2002, it still provides a reasonably accurate status of these munitions
    going into OIF eight months later. In an update to the Assistant Secretary of the Army on 27
    April 2004, the small caliber inventory was about 694 million rounds.”

    The military is currently purchasing 1.55 billion small arms rounds a year with 1.1 billion a year allocated to training and the rest to war reserves according to the report.

  14. I haven’t seen any updated statistics for OIF or any other recent confrontation, but way back in the old days (Viet Nam) the military did a joint operations study and determined that (on average) over 3,000 rounds of small arms ammunition was expended for every confirmed kill (VC and NVA, water buffalos don’t count). That is the single reason the M-16 was modified to restrict auto fire to a 3 round burst – no more rock and roll for the troops, quick step only.

  15. “Washington military research group, said that, based on the GAO’s figures, US forces had expended around six billion bullets between 2002 and 2005.

  16. I know a little about training ammunition allotments as I managed my unit’s ammo for several years. In the Army, everything is based on what they call STRAC. I cannot say what that stands for. But, this book gives the authorizations for each type of Army unit for a training year (OCT thru SEP). We used an automated version on an Excel spreadsheet. For instance, an Armored Cavalry Brigade Reconnaissance Troop was allowed roughly 19,000 rounds of A557 (Cal.50 4 ball, 1 tracer) and about 16,000 rounds of A555 (Cal.50 ball) per year. Units project what they need for the upcoming training year in January. When approved, they are allowed to order their ammo and project where they will be firing at (so the Ammunition Supply Point is correctly stocked). Combat is a different story, as authorizations are increased.

  17. Great post.
    Proverty is the parent of revolution ( from the Greeks). We will have “civil unrest” as a result of the collapsing economy. How bad it will be is another question. My view is that there will “wildfires” of violence sweeping over areas before order can be restored. When a wild fire sweeps over you a “fire blanket” is what you need to save your life. This is my aguement for bugging in.
    The danger signs the poster writes about indicates that DHS is prepping for a lot more than an urnruly/hungry mob. Given the current administration’s practice of ingonoring laws and bypassing congress will any of us be surprised if a Jan. 2013 headline read “You didn’t win that election”!

  18. Wow…after reading the Civil Unrest article and seeing the Homeland Security Vehicles is there any question as to why the common folk like myself are aguirreing ammo and guns at an excellerated pace. The problem is …we don’t have a leader that we trust to direct these collection efforts and advise the common guy on what to do. I suppose it will take some civilian deaths for someone to step forward in that role. But in the mean time, I will continue to exercise, aquire more ammo and food, stay off the grid and prepare myself for whatever happens. I’m 64 years old and I’m beginning to think I’ve seen the best of times for our nation. Is this america??? Where a man my age and a law abiding citizen is afraid? I don’t mind telling you fellows…I’m more than a little concerned and scared. Not for myself…but for my son and grandson, and my country. Rusty

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