Tales from the Homestead – fine sippin’ liquor

by Steve in AZ

Damn, but I hate being sick – and getting’ long it the tooth ain’t helpin’.  During a recent extended visit to the V.A. hospital (heavy emphasis on EXTENDED – like 8 nights worth), I realized how many things I take for granted…


Like getting up in the morning and collecting eggs, walking the fence-line with my dog and hot cuppa’ joe (that’s coffee for you younger folks), yelling at the AM radio talk shows when some bonehead calls in with some half-baked idea – not that I have too many full-baked-fresh-outta’-the-oven-ideas myself….


What were we talking about?  Oh yeah, fine sippin’ liquor.  Good to have when folks come callin’, or stop off to lend a hand.


Well, I had gone to the Doc, who told me my blood count was “a little high”, and that I had to go see another Doc.  Well, what the heck – I had made the 4-hour drive to the V.A. and might as well save myself another trip – so I went right down the hall.  This turned into  a 6 hour and 4 Doc visit before they told me that they were gonna’ keep me for observation.


Now, lets face it – we all get sick or laid up from time to time, and than can put a serious damper on things.  Particularly when you have critters that depend on daily or twice daily care!  If you are seriously down for the count – like I was, it pays to have friends or neighbors that you can rely on.  But, do they know your routine?  Where the animal feed is kept – and how much to give?  What rabbits are expecting – and need a nesting box?  Or where the sippin’ liquor is kept?  (If your friends are like mine – then the answer is YES.)


So, as I was slipping into some of them high quality hospital PJ’s (the kind that feel like they were made of starched sandpaper), I called a friend, told him where I was and what was going on, and before I had to ask – he had offered to stop buy twice a day and check on things.


Now this may not sound like much – but this is nothing more than a loose MAG.  Think about it…  How many of your neighbors would you trust with the hide-a-key to your home, or allow them a working knowledge of your ranch?  Trust me – YOUN’T CANT DO IT ALONE ALL THE TIME!  Believe me – I live alone and just learned this the hard way.  You are going to have to rely on others sooner or later.


You can’t stand guard all night, then do your morning chores, gather fire wood, prepare meals for yourself, take care of all you basic domestic needs, check the garden and the fruit trees, walk your fence line, then be ready for guard again that night.  Get real, folks!  It just gonna’ have to take some teamwork!  Start planning now on who and how you will work with. Here is an example of what I’m doing for the next several weeks.


I have a new project – DOCUMENTATION!  (Big word for a red-neck hill-billy, eh?)  If we ever get to SHTF situation, I am no longer going to assume that I will have the time or ability to walk people through my day-to-day routines.  I bought several 3-ring binders, and am in the process of putting together a written set of instructions – complete with digital pictures, for my family and friends that might come to stay with me.  It’s not the obvious that gets overlooked I’m worried about; it’s all the little things that will add up later.



In closing – just one more thought to add…  Fine sippin’ liquor should be a part of every prepper’s stocks.  When left out in sight, it can sometimes make all the difference.  In this case, when my friend brought his wife with him to check on things at my place, she was none too happy (as she thinks me a bad influence on her hubby).  But, Tom being a wise old man, worked quickly through the chores, and then brought his wife up to the deck that has THE MOST AMAZING SUNSET VIEW.  Yeah, I’m bragging here – but I built the house in accordance with how I wanted the deck!


So, as they proceeded to enjoy a drink or 4 on me, and as they laid in the lounges, and as they watched the sun set against the hills, she decided that maybe coming over to my place wasn’t so bad after all.


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  1. Fantastic article Steve! Although I don’t sip fine liquor these days, You make me feel like I was right there sittin’ on your deck. How right you are about having instruction manuals. I will start mine this week! Hope all is well with you now.

  2. FANTASTIC post. I hadn’t given much thought to the needs of my critters should I get hobbled. Luckily I have a couple of trustworthy neighbors that I’d gladly share my sipping stash with. Thanks for a great post.

  3. Goes to show the importance of teamwork and having good relationships with friends and neighbors. It also shows that most people can be “Persuaded” with a little something extra. Most good friends already know where the booze is and also the key to the house. Great post Steve.

  4. Amen for TEAMWORK! Excellent article and much food for thought including the “fine sippin liquor” Steve. I have been preaching the village concept for some time now, whiich was a major factor in my moving out of Baltimore City to rural Georgia, this city gurl (hahaha) has to learn somme country living, me and my kids. My country farmer ancestors have raise up in me. You indeed need to know whose around you and ain’t just giving lip service in committing to help each other in times of need.

    A little corn liquor does a body good after a hard day’s work especially when shared with friends. Excellent article.

  5. Great post. Hope you are doing better and your counts are down.
    Although we normally think we can do it all ourselves, you are right, in an TEOTWAWTI situation or in any small “emergency” like you had, we can’t do it all ourselves. Right now is the right time to be able to pick and choose who we want to entrust with the personal information about our lives and property.
    Writing up a how to book is really important. We have several at our farm. One is for the house- how to work everything from the dishwasher to the washing machine to turning off the well in case a pipe bursts. Another notebook is for the animals and garden. Another notebook is titled day to day chores. That’s the most important when we are away from home.

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