Survival’s Greatest Meaning

by Paul Moore

I know if your like me your into survival. You can read it, watch it,  and take a class if you want on how to stay alive. I know that for myself I watch video’s and then try what I have watched. Sometimes with success and mostly not. I give it effort. Now reading really does me well because I can remember very well. One thing I have found lacking  most, say over 90%  of it all is what is the main reason why we do this survival stuff in the first place. Prepping  with this or that gun. Putting away food stuff’s, etc . All this is fine and it is good. So  I took some time for myself to look deep and I believe  me I saw the light. What people have told me is to look around and see those who are in your life. It is clear to me and I want to share this insight with you all. I know many of you know these thing’s, but here it goes.         

America – this great and mighty county. My heart is thankful to be here with my family and  friends. I want to survive whatever would come my way just to be with them only for a bit longer. Does this make me crazy? I think not. Yes the time is what is really important. C’mon, this is really what survival is about. Being ready for what is to come. I know that with time you can have the item’s needed to help you through the hard times. Survival is something that I feel is built into us. The great people of our past went through some hard times and their spirit of survival was great. The ways of which they did this was through many trial’s and error’s. We as a people have advanced to where we are today.Yet it seems we fall back to the way’s of our forefathers. I believe because of this reason it worked! I know that prepping has been hard and taken much time and money to be ready as much as a person can be ready. So I say this: Survival is about cheating death. The event happens that will change us all as a people will come. Being ready no matter how much or how little.  It’s not about what ammo or #10 can of what we have. It’s about having moments saved to share the idea’s of truth and of wisdom and knowledge to those around us for our ancestors of old and young. Ideas given to our family or friends or to people we meet – this is what survival is all about.To have the spark of hope. Hope of truth. Hope of wisdom. Hope of knowledge to be fanned to other’s to spread like a flame for year’s to come. This is what survival mean’s to me.

I hope it means the same to you.                    


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