Survival Muscles

Survival Muscles

By “Raptor Medic”


It’s going to happen! All civilizations fail whether it’s from disease, famine, Government collapse, Natural Disasters, Aliens or Zombies. If history has taught us anything it’s that life is unpredictable, and for that reason it always pays to be ready for the worst. Most preppers know the basics of survival (food, water, security). I want to talk about the one thing that most people forget to think about, there own body. Your most important tool when surviving is your body, your mind and being the right type of physically fit. Surviving any catastrophic event requires and extreme amount of physical exertion. The fact is that no matter how prepared you are, just maintaining proper security and trying to live off the land to conserve your existing food and water supplies will take all day. When you’re in survival mode there is no sitting around a camp fire singing songs and playing games. It’s not like going camping for the weekend. Everyday you are required to improve your food supplies and living environment, the lives of your family and friends depend on it.


So I want to talk about the different body types and how some of them can give you a false since of security, I will use myself as an example. I spent 6 years in that US Army as a Combat Medic, I deployed two times once toIraqand once toAfghanistan. I joined the Army as a very lean 6’1″ 150 lb male. I could run forever, my track coaches said I was “built to run” but put a 30lb pack on my back and the running was over. Being that lean made soldiering very difficult and in some cases almost impossible. When we learned hand to had combat I was tossed around like a rag doll, and was unable to physically stand my ground against larger fighters. So I started lifting weights and doing a good amount of cardio by my first deployment toAfghanistan I was 180lbs still lean and mean. I wasn’t quit as fast as I used to be but I was still faster then most of the men in my unit. The leg strength that I developed over my first 3 years in the army was my biggest asset overseas in the mountains ofAfghanistan. It was nothing for me to throw a wounded soldier over my shoulder and run him out of harms way whether is was 10 feet or 1/2 a mile. Training and working in that mile high altitude strengthened my lungs and heart to where my body didn’t have to work as hard, and therefore I used less energy and could work for longer periods of time with less food with out tiring.


While overseas I sustained a lower back injury that took me months to get over. I had herniated 2 discs (L3-L5). In those months after my deployment my physical therapy consisted of muscle relaxers and lots of stretching. I was unable to continue my physical fitness regiment for a long time. When I obtained full range of motion again I started hitting the gym again but because of some of the new friends I had made I started lifting for bulk size. I wanted to look like the guys from the movie 300 I wanted to look like a Greek god. So all I did was lifted really heavy weights, pound protein shakes and cut cardio out of my life completely. I got big, really big, 210 lb’s of muscle kind of big. But my new muscles weren’t functional. I could lift my wife over my head and press her against the ceiling but what good would that do me. We would go hiking in the local Mountain range and my wife and brother would be ahead of me the whole way waiting for me to catch up I would tell my self “I’m 25 years old this shouldn’t be happening to me”, “I’m strong why is this so hard”. The fact of the matter was my muscles were built to lift weights in a gym and nothing else. So I said to my self I’m going to adopt the army way of training. “TRAIN AS YOU FIGHT!!” my Drill Sergeants would always say. The idea is that if your goal is to be able to run up a mountain with full tactical gear to kill insurgents inAfghanistan, then to train for this you should run up a mountain in full tactical gear.


So you’re all thinking how this applies to surviving. How can I train my body to best gather food and hunt and fill water containers and secure my property? Your right you really can’t. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hit the gym lose those extra pounds and gain functional full body strength. If we look back at the different stages my body went through its pretty obvious which body type was the most useful. It was the 180 lb version of me which I am currently trying to get back to.  I was strong, fast; I had great endurance and stamina. I was in the best shape of my life. Now with my multiple injuries I will never be able to be in that shape again, I will never be as fast or tough as I was at 21. But that’s ok. As long as I strive to be the best I can be now, at this moment, then I will be ready.


So what I want to leave you with is encouragement. I believe the end to our civilized world is not far off, and at all cost I will be ready. I encourage you all to do the same. We are all in this thing together, let’s be ready.

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6 thoughts on “Survival Muscles”

  1. Try spending even an hour or two pulling weeds from a garden or harvesting, your lower back will feel it for sure. The sad thing is this type of activity isn’t even strenuous. And, the worst part is this is the type of activity that will cause a person to get hurt and be out of commission for weeks on end!

  2. Raptor Medic- Thanks. Exc post. You are an inspiration for me to lose some weight and get in better shape.We work hard on our farm but we eat too much !!! I have been doing extensive research to have good medical
    products stocked. Do you have any ideas re prepping for medical supplies? Thanks. Arlene

  3. One of the most important capabilities in a TEOTWAWKI situation is walking. In many scenarios, folks may be forced to leave their homes for safer grounds. EMP can disable vehicles. You will then have to use “shoe leather express”. People pack their “Bug Out Bags” with essentials required for survival. How many of them throw the bag on their back to see how far they can carry it? As mentioned in a previous post, this is an activity that my family has talked about, but has yet to put into action. I was an Airborne Infantryman during my initial tour of the Army, so this exercise is nothing new to me. But, I am not in the same physical condition as I was 30 years ago. Experience in “Force Marching” won’t help if you are too broke to do it. Anyway, if you want to gear your physical training program toward preparing for a crisis or disaster situation, my suggestion is to grab your Bug Out Bag and go for a walk. Start with a short distance, like a mile. Then, increase the length of your jaunt and add the speed of your pace as your stamina increases. Make sure you drink plenty of water, even when it is cold outside! Dehydration can be fatal. Raptor Medic summarized it best in saying ‘TRAIN AS YOU FIGHT”.

  4. Arlene- personally i wouldn’t worry about the quality of the medical products every much. Whats more important is your own medical knowledge. I can save lives all day along with some duck tape, t shirt, a belt, a stick and a pen because i have been trained to. My medical supplies are very advanced compared to the normal prepper. Almost everything is military issue because of two things. 1) I am very familiar with them. 2) The military doesn’t skimp on quality when it comes to medical supplies. here is a small list of some items that will serve you well.

    C.A.T/SOF T Tourniquet- They are a little expensive but they have been proven to work excellent. The CAT is cheaper quality and the windlass will some times break after being used a few time.

    Israeli trauma dressing/ Emergency trauma Dressing- they can be used as a normal dressing or as a compression dressing.

    Quick clot Combat Gauze -this is the only quick clot product i would recommend for the medically inexperienced prepper. It is not thermogenic. Thermogenic meaning it produces heat to burn the wound and stop the bleeding. This quick clot product uses a hemostatic agent to stop the bleeding which does causes almost no tissue damage. sells just about everything you need. but you will be paying a little extra for the excellent quality. (I dont work for them this is not a plug)

    I could go on for days listing the medical supplies to use. And to be honest it really wont do anyone any good to have these items if they dont know how to use them. In a SHTF senerio its not going to do you any good to stop the bleeding if you dont know how to properly close the wound and take care of it after the emergency is over. Your patient will slowly and painfully die from infection.

    So please everyone do your best to learn as much about trauma medicine and advanced but simple things like wound care. You can never know to much about medicine.

    Rourke has some great medical manuals in his database. Read them print them out and stick them in a binder if you have to. That way you will have them if you need them if the grid is down.

    Good Luck
    Stay Frosty

  5. Raptor Medic, THANKS for your advice and web site referral which I will check out.I am reading all I can. In the past I have worked on our volunteer ambulance- first aid training etc.I am currently reading Doom and Bloom . I will check out the medical texts in Mds files. as you suggested. Take care . Arlene

  6. Excellent advice. I do believe, however, that we are in for some extremely difficult times and not “the end of the civilized world.” That will only happen when civilized people cease to exist or, at the very least, allow those who are uncivilized to run the show. At this time, many Americans feel that the barbarians are taking over completely but just look at all of the grass roots movements that have sprung up to fight back against the chaos and potential tyranny. Like the man said, get in shape for anything that may come and always prepare for the worst. Never believe, however, that the worst is inevitable. Americans were given the greatest country to have ever risen on this earth and we should not give up on her easily.


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