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 Survival and Mental Preparations

by Arlene


 As an organic farmer and beekeeper of many years, I strongly suggest that anyone prepping without this type of experience (gardening, alternative cooking, alternative heating ,survival skills, ham radio, first aid) – would benefit from visiting and befriending folks who have this experience.

Learn now while you can – not when you are under pressure to survive. Many farmers  will appreciate  your help while you are learning. You might barter goods, money or services. Another point that I haven’t seen discussed in-depth is making sure that you have what it takes mentally and emotionally and spiritually to survive and THRIVE during crises. Learn relaxation techniques along with practicing shooting and canning. Realize that you will not have access to medications (unless you can store them now), communication with those that may be part of your support system (friends, family, Pastors, Rabbis, Police, doctors, etc). Our physical states will be altered when we need to go without common everyday crutches such as caffeine, junk food, texting, telephones, mail.

I suggest going on a  primitive camping trip  and/or a long silent retreat at a center you respect (church, yoga, etc). People who are currently on medication for depression , pain, etc. need to find alternatives  such as vitamins and herbal supplements  to sustain themselves while they adjust to a new normal.  The more skills and training you have will benefit you and others.  

I have been a psychotherapist and Chaplain in my life time and I also have seen tremendous endurance and resiliency in some people  and intense breakdowns for others. Find a way to be prepared for your physical, emotional and spiritual needs as soon as you can NOW. Later you will be glad you did.

May God bless us all.



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