Shoestring Preps with Chronic Heath Problem


Shoestring Prepping with Chronic Health Problems

by Robin


Today’s environment isn’t TEOTWAWKI, yet it may be a personal SHTF for many people. I live on an extremely limited income with chronic health problems. It is very challenging. This article was written on a old laptop rebuilt with Ubuntu when the manufacturer and Microsoft kept pointing fingers at each other. Just this fact meant knowing skills and availability of other options let me access a computer again without spending limited $$$.


Knowing your options, how to access them, and how to allocate resources and use them wisely is a survival skill that can be applied and honed beyond what may be called a classical survival skill. Learning the mindset and how to think is a skill. Having resources that are paper based are necessary if it takes time to access a computer or circumstances mean abandoning electronic media for a short or long term period. When faced with chronic health problems your time and energy must be budgeted as wisely as your cash flow.


Maximizing your living space to make life simpler now can make life as the externals worsen easier to cope with in that day. Budgeting time in fifteen minute increments to do your work as Flylady, at teaches is a strategy.


Building a support system is crucial and it is for more than the sharing of preps. Looking at long term survival as opposed to short term there is much safety in connections with others of like minded people. Advantages are social, psychological, spiritual, physical, and material in nature. It will be easier to survive solo short term than long term unless you prepare yourself thoughtfully for long term solo and have the necessary aptitudes. If living in an isolated area already or for a bug out consider more than material preps and what you need as a flexible mental, spiritual, emotional mindset. The prerequisite skill sets and resources while in the personal SHTF are just as important to know and practice as when TEOTWAWKI happens.


Finding yourself without a income, unable to work, or dependent upon external resources knowing how to maximize what you have and having the mental strength to work what you need for current survival in your circumstances even if the world is a test. Knowing what you eat in a week, slowly build food storage system. This is useful if you have health problems and cannot get out or drive for an extended period of time. Keep track of what you eat during that period and replace it. You’ve just learned what is easiest and first chosen for food stuffs during a trial period. Replace when possible it will be there when it is needed again.


Determine your philosophy and post it. Keeping it in the front of your mind is important. The mental flexibility and preparation is paramount. With the proper materials and skills if you lose your ability to think clearly in the short and long term the probability of your encountering and more than surviving beyond circumstances beyond your control lessens. What brings you joy, security, perspective now and what strengthens those intangibles?


Learn what material preparations are prudent and you are capable of handing yourself. Get to know what type of support system you can build around yourself and what you can offer others so you are a resource not a burden. It takes time to develop a system that works for you. Consider your space, time, effort, health, resources and what you have most of and how to leverage that into obtaining or learning what you need for short and long term challenges. Whether workplace, getting home, a day, weekend, a week or longer periods of isolation your needs will change.


Start where you are and determine where you want to be. Life is an opportunity to learn.


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  1. Your article really “hit home” for me. Identifying your resources and skills is a valuable tool within itself that I think is often overlooked by many. Survival is a mindset that can not be purchased from your preferred prepping store.


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