Guest Post: Security Tips to Keep Your Home and Guns Safe


Having guns in your home should help to protect it, not to make it more vulnerable. Yet, if not properly stored and cared for, your guns can become a liability. They can even become deadly, if an intruder is able to access and use your guns before you do.

Here are some home security tips that will keep your home, as well as your guns, safe:

  • Install a robust home security system. We won’t get into debating right now whether you should have a monitored home security system, and whether or not you should install it yourself. The point is that, whatever kind of security system you choose, make sure it covers all of the bases. It should take into account every entry point to the home, but it should also consider the layout of your yard, as well as other physical characteristics.
  • Store your guns properly. You may only have guns for hunting, and not intend to use them for home security. That’s perfectly fine. Just make sure you store the guns in a secure location, and that you store your ammo separately. If you do intend to use a gun for home security, store it in a keypad-based gun safe or gun box that can be easily accessed, but only by you. The last thing you want is for it to wind up in the hands of a home invader.
  • Choose the right kind of gun for home security. A gun for home security shouldn’t be so powerful that it goes through your neighbor’s wall. It should also be one that’s comfortable in your hands.
  • Follow basic gun safety procedures. Consider taking a course on gun safety, if you haven’t done so in a few years. Even if you have, review the basics: don’t point at anything you don’t intend to kill, always treat the gun as loaded, etc.
  • Take extra care when there are children in the home. There’s no reason that a home with children can’t also have guns. It just means an extra level of diligence that you might not otherwise have. For example, after returning from the shooting range, triple-check that your gun is stored safely instead of simply checking twice.

Your home security may one day depend on your firearm. Treat it wisely, and with respect, and it will give you the peace of mind you need.

Image Credit: Flickr

This is a guest post by Madison Parker. Madison is an expert writer on subjects related to home security systems. Read more on her blog

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  1. Some states REQUIRE firearms to be stored in a locked safe. It’s always a good idea to stay up to date on your state’s gun (and knife) laws.


  2. My additional suggestions in regards to children: gunproof them… (Se Massad Ayoob’s book “Gunproof your Children”… there’s a lot to it, but check out the K-6 educational Eddie Eagle Program (available through the NRA) as well as your local youth shooting programs for the older children!

  3. Keeping guns store well is really important to Home Security, because burglar could really hurt people when they are in a hurry and see a gun right there.

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