Guest Post: Rocket Science

I started shooting trap with my grandfather when I was 15. After six pulls with no luck, he stopped and had me cycle the last shell. “You know this isn’t g-dd–n rocket science, Vincent.” My grandfather has since passed away, but hitting that seventh clay with him watching sparked a passion I have yet lose.


As Rourke knows, survial depends entirely on preparation. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst is something we should all consider. I’ve found shooting sport, trap, and skeet helps me prepare for the worst case scenario whether in nature or at home.


Shooting ranges offer a safe and efficient platform to learn the mechanics of your firearm. While I stick with a Springfield 12 gauge, ranges cater to a broad spectrum of firearms (rifles, handguns, antiques, etc.) Find a range that allows you to explore the capabilities of your weapon and you’ll be a step ahead of your next threat.


Practice makes perfect, and the perfect survive.


Vincent Bradley is a graduate of University of Michigan and shooting enthusiast. He now works for FindTheBest in Santa Barbara, which recently released a shootingrange and gunspecificationscomparison

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