Protecting Your Rural Home

Your home is more than the house you live in, it’s an investment. Not only should you be concerned with keeping your family safe, but you should also be concerned with keeping your possessions safe.

When you live in the country, you may not be able to rely on nearby neighbors to alert you to nefarious activity. Here are five ways that you can keep your rural home more secure.

security camera mounted on exterior house wall
security camera mounted on exterior house wall

1.Driveway Monitors

It’s not unusual for rural homes to have driveways that are 100-feet in length or longer. These long driveways can make it difficult to hear when someone is walking or pulling up to your home.

Driveway monitors can alert you to any movement in your drive, ensuring that no criminal is able to meander up to your home in the middle of the night. Look for a driveway monitor that offers an audible tone when a certain line is crossed.

2.Security Light

While you may be able to light up your home as brightly as an airport, it can be difficult to light your yard. If you live on several acres of property, a security light can help to ensure that criminals aren’t able to hide on your property undetected.

Look for a security light that is mounted on a pole, similar in height to a telephone pole. These lights, when properly maintained, can light up a significant portion of your yard. Depending on your acreage, you may need more than one light post.


As with any home, you should make sure that your landscape is kept neat and tidy. Avoid planting large trees, shrubs and bushes next to your home. While these plants will look beautiful, they will also provide ample hiding spots for robbers and other criminals.

Keep at least five feet of cleared space between any landscaping that you install and the sides of your house. When planting greenery close to your home, be sure that it won’t block any doors or windows when it matures.

4.Alarm System

No matter where you live, your home should have an alarm system installed. Whether you choose to install the system yourself or have it done by a professional, you should conduct a fair amount of research into the type of system that you need.

At a minimum, you should have alarms on all of the windows and doors on the first level of your home, and any basement windows at ground level should be protected with alarms as well. You may want to include motion detectors, video cameras and other types of monitoring at the suggestion of a security professional.

5.Panic Room

The ultimate in personal protection, a panic room can provide your family a secure area should someone break into your home. These rooms are built in such a manner that once you are locked in, no criminal can open the door.

Your panic room, should you choose to include one in your home, should be equipped with a telephone line and security monitors. You should also stock your room with at least three days’ worth of food and water.

Rural homes offer a way of life that is more relaxed than can be found in the city. With these homes come special concerns when it comes to protection. Be sure to follow the five tips above in order to protect your family and possessions to the best of your ability.

Claire Taylor writes articles for several blogs dealing with security and self- protection. One way to help keep your home or business secure is to install a driveway monitor or alarm. This will alert you to a car driving in, someone walking up or even an animal in your driveway.

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2 thoughts on “Protecting Your Rural Home”

  1. I have a fake video camera outside and a sticker in the window stating the premises are alarmed. That’s my passive measures. I have a game camera in a tree that can see the front stairs and the driveway. It takes good pictures night and day. I have motion sensitve lights that go on if you drive in or walk in and my game camera has provide proof that these lights deter strangers and make then decide to look for a better target. I have had video cameras in the past but it can be a lot of work to keep the video copying and then to review it. Basically you don’t review it unless you have a lot of free time and are bored. But on those rare occasions when something does happen the video tape can be useful butlike most systems it is after the fact and not preventative.

  2. I grew up “in the sticks” as it were, and security is different than in the city. First and foremost, 911 gives you more time on your own. For us it was 20 minutes before we would see the first sheriffs deputy. With that in mind, you have to be prepared to be your own 911. Secondly, motion detector lights are a must. Third, get a dog that stays outside and doesnt like strangers. Fourth, invest in Solid wood doors, and minimize those pretty glass entry doors. Dead bolt every time. Never open the door for a stranger.


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