Prepare for the Unexpected at Home

by L.B.

Prepare for the Unexpected at Home

As with any other lifestyle, the survivalist lifestyle sometimes goes to extremes. However, look at all of the disasters, both man made and natural, that have happened in the last 10 years alone. It makes all kinds of sense to consider stocking up on a little “survival gear” in the name of preparedness.

Foodstuffs and Water

A basic limitation of human physiology is the absolute need for food and water. Survival gear outlets sell devices that turn urine into potable drinking water, but it is not necessary to go quite that far. Everyday preparedness is achievable with bottled water. Store a large enough supply to last the whole family a week or two in a cool and dark place. That will keep the water from going stale in the bottle.

Food is a little easier to stock up on, and that can help with economic lean times too. Dehydrated vegetables, legumes and meats are usable in many of the same recipes that call for fresh ingredients. To compensate for a lack of a reliable heat source, ready to eat canned foods are available at grocery stores everywhere.

If you want assurance that your family will have hot meals to eat, consider buying a few military-style “meal ready to eat” (MRE) packages. MREs are nutritionally sound, cook in the package and last for up to 60 months when stored at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Destination Safety

Many times, simply getting away from an area is what is most important in an emergency. With cases like fires, floods, power outages, or riots, leaving your home to a safer area is necessary to survive a disaster unscathed. However, in a moment of panic or confusion, there might be separation from the family or friends, and you’re going to need a plan to reconnect with them. But if there is no power, no cell phone access, or if you are in a place of danger where you need to move immediately, what can you do?

They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Make a plan to meet somewhere – a parking lot, a school, an old hangout place – if someone is separated or lost. That way, no matter what happens or what separations may occur, there is a far better chance everyone can regroup, find one another, and avoid the dangers of braving a disaster alone, with limited supplies and without contact with anyone else. 

Emergency Bags and Shelter

To have reasonable preparedness, make an emergency bag for each family member, and store tents with at least one or two of the bags. Use waterproof bags that are light enough so that all family members can carry their own bags. 

Each emergency bag should contain food and water rations for one week, and enough underwear and socks for one week and two changes of clothing. BE sure to include emergency cash, batteries, one flashlight, and matches or a lighter. A cold weather sleeping bag is a must, too. Store the emergency bags and shelter where they should not suffer the effects of any disasters. While it may seem like a good idea to store them in bedrooms, disasters are not always considerate enough to happen during the night when everyone is asleep. Keep them closer to a main exit of the home or in an outside location safe from flooding and fire.

When Bad Comes to Worse

A large portion of natural disasters, power outages, and evacuations unfortunately are paired with crime, burglaries, and looting. Having an emergency pack is an absolute must, but so is preparation for criminal activity in the process, activity that could put you and your family in danger. It is not your job to be a vigilante in these times of chaos, but brandishing a weapon like a firearm or a defensive tool like mace or a taser are very advisable. 

If the power goes out, and there are riots or crowds in another part of the area, the law enforcement will be understandably strapped for resources, as these events require law enforcement action. If you are faced with a problem of a frenzied group of individuals in a panic or who are simply looking to take advantage of the unprepared, you won’t be sorry if you have a weapon or a means to defend yourself with, in that moment. 

Taking such precautions ensures that, if nothing else, your family will sleep and eat relatively well during a disaster. Many people also find that preparing some survival gear gives a peace of mind they did not know they were missing.

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