Preparation – Will You Make the Cut?

by Dakota D. Ellis


The world has never been a place of one hundred percent bliss. However, it is apparent that the world is becoming an increasingly difficult place to inhabit peacefully. With such things as the excessive climb in gas prices, the national debt, the tyranny in Libya, and the more current crisis of the collapse of the Euro gracing our news coverage the increased difficulty of living is something that is hard to ignore. The problem is that there are so many potential disasters that will, without a doubt, effect our normal way of life. There are almost an innumerable amount of things out there that can fall into this category.


Three of the most probable events of this caliber are personal disaster, natural disaster, and economic collapse. First of all, a personal disaster is the most probable because there is so much media coverage on everything else that people tend to forget about the small things. Personal disasters could range anywhere from job loss to a sudden disability. In all reality, the possibilities are almost endless. Second, natural disasters are more or less common depending on the area that a person lives in; however, there is really no area that is completely disaster-free. One common problem with the threat of a natural disasters is that most people think that they are not really all that likely to happen to them. Last, but most certainly not least, is economic collapse. Personally, I’d say that this is the one thing that most “preppers” are gearing up for. It is no secret that our country is in quite a heap of trouble in regards to the current economic status. It was demonstrated during the Great Depression that when the economical system fails that the citizens of a country will create civil unrest in order to try to maintain the level of living that they have gotten used to. The first couple of days after an economical collapse the citizens tend to come to a point of discomfort and begin to steal what they need to survive. However, after those days people begin to feel a sense of panic when they realize that no one is going to come and bail them out; therefore, they turn to violence to try and live at the elevated “norm” that they are used to.


There are a few notable arguments against the idea and philosophy that is prepping. One of the most notable, I think, is that people think that our country has too many allies not to be financially assisted by another country. As hopeful of a thought as this is, it is not a very viable one. The reality is simply that all of the countries in the world are relatively in the same situation. Therefore, I think that once one country falls into anarchy then it will only be a short time before others begin to plummet as well. Another argument against the prepping philosophy is the path of ignorance in which case people argue that prepping is a waste of effort and personal funds because the chances of most of the above things happening are slim and even if they did people would have time to prepare after it hits the news. However, true as this may be, natural disasters are very apparent and very possible. If we do not live a life of preparedness then we will surely be conquered by an enemy that is unaddressed because those who fail to plan, plan to fail.


The solution to this potential captor of our normal way of life is simple: prepare. Being prepared at any level is better than not being prepared at all. Whether it is a hobby or a lifestyle preparedness is preparedness. For me personally, it has started out as more of a hobby mostly for the fact that I am in college and attempting to prep on a limited budget. However, I feel as though it will become more than a hobby for me later when I get a job and can get into it one hundred percent. Not only is there a difference in dedication to prepping there are also different levels of prepping. For example a dedicated “prepper” will have a store room at home complete with food and water, a bug out bag (BoB), a get home bag (GHB), and an every day carry (EDC). Each persons’ BoB, GHB, and EDC will be tailored specifically to that person according to their preferences and where they live. In terms of preferences, there are many different things that people prefer to stock up on. Some prefer to stock dehydrated and packaged foods, some prefer to stock plant seeds and raise livestock, and some prefer to stock guns and ammunition.


Personally, I do not think that any of the three are the “correct” answer to preparedness. I believe that in order to be an efficient “prepper”, one must be balanced in all three areas. Most people who are new to prepping undervalue stockpiling things such as plant seeds and food and prefer to stick to the guns and ammo because it is more fun to show them off as opposed to shelves full of food. However, if a person only stocks guns and ammo then, when/if things come to pass, they will be out of luck because they don’t have basic necessities. Given, they could barter for food with the ammo and guns that they have, but if they do too much bartering they will not survive.


In conclusion, the decision of preparedness is up to no one other than yourself and your family. However, the threat of something happening that will effect the way that we conduct our daily lives is almost inevitable. Prepping is not an on and off hobby or lifestyle. It will take a large amount of effort to accumulate the necessary items and the proper quantity of those items. However, will you take your dedication a step further and instill the skill of preparedness in your children? Because if it happens that you get to live out your life without using the things you have stored, your children or your children’s children may not have the same luxury. The ultimate question is when the crap hits the fan and things get hairy in our country and effects our normal way of life, are you willing to protect and provide for yourself and your family? Most people will answer this with an enthusiastic yes. If that is the case, then you must be willing to live unlike others today because not only is preparedness a hobby or lifestyle, it is a challenge. A challenge to live in a way that is contrary to the social “norm” in our country. You can accept and thrive or deny and die.


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2 thoughts on “Preparation – Will You Make the Cut?”

  1. Agreed. Everyone should store something worthwhile, but won’t. I try to talk to people I know and people at church and get ridiculed with haughty derision. I hope nothing ever happens either, but, I live near a major earthquake fault and we are over due. Looking to move, but no where is perfectly safe from a disaster, either natural or man made.


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