15 Alternative Uses for Hand Sanitizer

by P.T.

I keep one of the small bottles of hand sanitizer in each of my family’s bug out bags – the possibilities are endless for the uses of this stuff. Some I found purely by accident, some I found on line, so here are some possible alternate uses for Gel Alcohol based hand sanitizer.

  1. Sanitizing hands (of course).
  2. Use with paper towel to sanitize surfaces such as counter tops etc.
  3. Use to clean grease / blood from hands.  Add some salt to a small bottle (thicker the better, salt or any other gritty substance that will not dissolve in alcohol) give the sanitizer a gritty scrub action. Just shake and use. You can use this to scrub pots and pans in the field as well.
  4. Pine pitch from hands removes completely (this is what prompted me to write this) Great for around the Holidays, Christmas tree pitch problems solved.
  5. Tar / asphalt, with some work it comes off, better than soap and water. (use the salt mixture mentioned above)
  6. Cleaning glass / glasses / apply with paper towel, (as long as it doesn’t have hand softener or salt in it)
  7. Cleaning wounds / minor cuts.
  8. Drying hands…if you find yourself in a situation in a public restroom with no paper towels and or hand dryer, use some hand sanitizer and it will dissipate the water and your hands will be dry once the alcohol evaporates.
  9. Starting fires since alcohol is flammable. Add to cotton balls or dryer lint, works like sterno.
  10. Removes sticker glue, and crayons, rub with paper towel saturated with Hand sanitizer.
  11. Use it to treat food grease stains on clothing prior to washing ( i.e while out to dinner you get grease on your shirt, blot with hand sanitizer and allow to air dry or use the bathroom hand dryer).
    1. Clean your computer screen / car windshield etc.
    2. High-alcohol-content sanitizers can also help to break down pesky paint stains. They can work on just about any surface or fabric, even on paint brushes.
    3. Gun cleaning, removes gun-powder residue from gun parts, easy to use won’t harm finishes, and since the parts need to be lubed anyways, the hand sanitizer works well since it breaks down the old oils.
    4. Cleaning your face to clear up acne.
    5. Permanent marker from dry erase boards / walls etc.

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8 thoughts on “15 Alternative Uses for Hand Sanitizer”

  1. I’m a teacher and I use it all the time to clean my white boards. Works great – better than the stuff they sell for that purpose and a lot cheaper. I cringe at the thought of using it in an open wound though but I guess if it needs it…

  2. Don’t use hand sanitizer to clean a computer monitor. You should NEVER use anything that contains acetone, ethyl alcohol, toluene, ethyl acid, ammonia, or methyl chloride on a computer monitor or television.

  3. I use hand sanitizer to make fire starter. Most sanitizer is over 60% alcohol add a pump to dryer lint in a T.P. tube watch it go. In a pinch an ounce in a potted meat can will boil water its not much differant than sterno/canned heat.For 7$ a gallon at SAMs club its well worth a gallon laid back.


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