Guest Post: ….On Ethics (and fair play)

From Rourke: Please check out my response following this article………


….On Ethics (and fair play)

            Recently one of my posts was the recipient of a comment that appeared to recruit me to guest post or write for another blog. Something that I am entirely free to do. I am not an employee or under contract to MSO in any way. I write here because I choose to, but could just as easily go elsewhere. It aroused my curiosity and I looked into the poster from afar. He did not appear to be as advertised and I called him on it. Very shortly after this, his post disappeared from MSO without comment.

I am having a problem resolving this action.

I have worked a few years in intelligence as a surveillance/ counter-  surveillance professional. Although I have always made a particular point to keep MY life, and THAT life separate (mixing them tends to make you a raving paranoid), I do occasionally have a “ping” go off in my head telling me something is not quite right.

It appears that this commenter did not exist. No information that he supplied went anywhere that even remotely resembled his comments. This leads me to believe:

  1. He was posting something that he would like to do, but was in no position to do.
  2. He was trying in some way to “out” me.
  3. He was in some way trying to “hack” me.
  4. He was attempting to sow dissent between MSO and me.
  5. This was some “false flag” operation to gauge the validity of my word and or loyalty, regarding some background plans I am considering as to my writing and its dissemination.

We will not know! My reply, the post (and I assume the poster) was removed, perhaps with the best of intentions, and thus any further interaction or questions on that comment, by you, me or the poster, will not happen. This is censorship.

Yes, this is Roark’s site. He can physically do whatever he wishes with it, but what are the ethical, moral responsibilities of arbitrarily doing so, without a clear and present danger, just cause, abuse of the rules or even an explanation? I saw none of these. The press, in any of its forms, have to be held to a higher standard (Just like the police) by the very nature of their existence.

If it was removed solely because “someone was trying to lure me away from MSO” I find that reasoning small, petty and un-professional. Networks and newspapers regularly accept advertising, political and editorial comments from all comers, with no bias, or should. It is part of what makes a Free Press, free.

Just as we cannot yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, we also cannot block the “Exit” signs, hindering the transfer of important information. What is the answer here?

What are the rules, and are they inviolate?

We are seeing a great deal of this lately in the press and in the government on a much grander scale, but it is always a slippery slope that starts small. I imagine that the constitution and all that it entails is going to get a good wringing out in the next few months for good or bad over the flood of scandals and abuse of power. Hopefully the truth and liberty, as intended, will prevail.

Amazingly enough the mainstream media who have been on the side of the anti-gunner attacks regarding recent assaults on the 2nd amendment, have changed their tune, now that their rights have come under fire. It is an old story “That’s OK, take them away, keep me safe as long as it doesn’t affect me and mine.” This is the attitude that destroys us all, as it did Nazi Germany. True freedom requires that we take the lemon with the honey or none of us will enjoy it.

All said, the comment on my post and the subsequent actions, are a tempest in a teacup that I could care less about, but looking at the larger picture, it is something that we should take note of. After all I did hear that “Ping” and felt driven to comment!

So, John: what is the story? And what are the rules? Inquiring minds want to know;)      Regards and long live the Republic, D.


Rourke’s response:

I have to be honest  – I was taken aback just a bit by D’s article here. Censorship is something that rarely occurs here at ModernSurvivalOnline. That is the way it has always been and I plan no changes. I have published many comments – and even articles that I absolutely disagree with but believe everyone has the right to express their opinion – within reason.

What does “within reason” mean? I will not tolerate disrespect to myself, my contributors, or my readers. No problem if someone disagree’s with me or anyone else – but it must be communicated in a respectful manner. No name calling, and no need to be overly sarcastic. Who decides what is considered “overly” and what is just “OK”? Well – that’s me.

The comment in question which D. is referring to was deleted by me because I determined it was nothing but SPAM. I have hundreds of comments every single day which are policed by special software installed on this website.  It is amazing the technology used to SPAM websites and place unwanted content in front of readers. It’s crazy. The SPAM comments range from porn to politics to selling “widgets” of all kinds.

So – what was the comment that D. was referring to that I deleted. Here it is:

From Smoketech: Have you ever thought about publishing an ebook or guest authoring on other
websites? I have a blog based upon on the same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information.
I know my readers would appreciate your work.
If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.


Now, I have just given this guy free publicity. I get this crap all the time. Notice how the commenter does not mention anything specific about the related article? Nope. This is a template that someone goes to websites and copies and pastes into comment boxes with their link in it to try to get ore traffic to their sites. Copy the comment above and paste it into a search engine and you will see this very same  comment on numerous other sites.

So – to answer your question D. – “just be nice.”


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  1. Rourke, Just do your thing. Agreed, Family’s first. Despite posts that might suggest the contrary, you provide a great & valuable service which is why I’m back to MSO frequently.

  2. Rourke,

    This is not “press” this is your property, blog, website…and anyone that suggests that you shouldn’t have the full priviledge of removing anything that you feel like removing anytime you feel like removing it, should add their credit card number to pay your expenses.

    Great site, great job and thanks for all that you do to provide such great information

  3. Rourke,

    I also love what comes up when you hold your curser over his link.—. Sounds like a scam to me. Keep up the great work.

  4. yep, nothing but SPAM…..i guess something in Rourke’s head pinged too….lol. Great work/site, Thanks for all the great info.

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