On Being Overwhelmed……

On being overwhelmed….


If you have been a Prepper, Survivalist, whatever you wish to call yourself, for any length of time, you may have become overwhelmed with it all. That it’s just too much to do….and time is running out. If you feel a deep responsibility to your family and friends and haven’t been there yet, you will be at some time in the future. Ours is not a happy future we contemplate.

There are a few different types of preppers. Some are visitors and become involved, sometimes deeply, until their attention wanders and they are off on a new crusade. Some take it to heart and absorb the lifestyle, of these I believe many become overwhelmed by the enormous scope of the undertaking and sometimes give up feeling helpless.

I got involved in this community back in the 70’s I was a serious student of international terrorist groups (and there were a lot of them) and dreading the day it came to our shores (I was one of the few not surprised by 9/11, I had expected a nuke). During those times there were no: EMP, looming economic collapse, Islamic Jihad, or government and banking powers run amok. But there were a lot of dangerous bad actors out there.

I grew up with the cold war and recall seeing Nike-Zeus missiles on the beaches of South Florida and military convoys on I-95 during the Cuban missile crises.  Kruchev blinked so we are all still here. My planning in the 70s and 80s revolved around falling back to the Everglades and laying low on the (new) mountain house freeze dried foods for two or three weeks hoping things would blow over. All my gear would go on a 10’ whaler hull I had out-fitted for the purpose. After that I would have to raid and continue to lay low. It was a plan that fit my resources. I was recently out of the Marine Corps and was certain that I could do this as I already had in Vietnam.

In later years, I worked at some rather strange jobs and was connected to some very wired in people both in and out of the country. A rumored incident (that turned out had been true, but failed to come off) that I picked up on the grapevine regarding a nuke plant put all of my preparations in high gear during the lead up to the first Gulf War. I got with my friends (the core group fire-team I have today) and made detailed arrangements to get all of our dependents on the road and out of Florida with armed security. There has never been a plan to defend Florida in the event of hostilities, it is to be abandoned. The coast line is too long and porous. The tensions passed, but the scare and stress put me into an extreme state of vigilance and I eventually overwhelmed myself.

I was trying to prepare for EVERYTHING. My obsession with detail uncovered demons under every stone and I felt that I had to deal with all of them. I didn’t. I backed off of prepping for a few years and cleared my vision. This is what I learned from all of those years.

You cannot prepare for everything.

You will never have enough food.

You will never have enough gear.

You will never have enough medical supplies.

You will never have enough ammunition.

You cannot take all of these worldly problems on your shoulders.

And….you cannot do this alone!


There are so many horrors in our world today; if you try to deal with all of them I guarantee that you will go crazy. Pick your battles. Pick the ones that you can win.

Asteroid strikes, polar shifts, caldera explosions, the aftermath of world wide nuclear war, all of these are beyond us. We will all perish in these catastrophic events. So don’t concern yourself with them, it does no good. Save your mind and your effort.

The battles that I have picked to fight are hyper-inflation and economic collapse coupled with a rogue government out of control. My secondary battle is EMP. It can come from a coronel mass ejection (as has happened before) or a terrorist, US false flag, or nation-state sponsored strike. I prepare for this because during the rebuild I would like to live a little bit in this century and I want use of the combat multipliers, technology provides. These battles can be won and if you win, you can flourish on the other side, smarter and stronger than in your past.

You have picked a lifestyle, like it or not. Develop the habits of that lifestyle and much of your prepping will be painless, effortless and will come natural. In doing so you will always be much better prepared for ANY eventuality than the majority of the population. You will win.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Look beyond the gloom and don’t give up. Survival is 99% not quitting when you feel all hope is lost. Hang in there; we’re all in this together.


Regards, D.


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  1. This may seem like an idiotic question, but…You mention the Everglades as a viable destination to lay low. I’ve been forced to look at rivers here in NM as places to go–but I’m not sure what to do about the risk of mosquitoes. If you’re not near water, you’re out in the open where human predators are sure to find you as you sleep, and near the only water and trees, you run the serious risk of contracting West Nile virus or Equine Encephalitis. Since mosquitoes are a common occurrence where you live, how do YOU deal with this problem.

  2. It helps me to remember that I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor shall I ever be – IN CONTROL. Holy G-d is on control. He is still on His throne; He has never abdicated His sovereignty to anyone or anything else, nor shall He ever do so, and I don’t need to have all the answers. All I need to do is what He has shown me to do in the natural, what He has enabled me to do in the natural, and when I have done all that I know and am able, surrender to Him for the supernatural. All knowledge is a gift of G-d; when I have exercised that “knowledge”, the gifts He has provided to me, now, I am ready to stand back and watch Him just simply BE Holy G-d. I, too, must “step away from the distractions” at times, and remember that He is G-d; after which, my batteries are recharged and I’m ready to “have at it” again! Which is kind of what I’ve been doing lately, as I spend more time hangin’ with my well-grounded Brothers and Sisters in Christ, read more of His Word, spend more time contemplating and meditating on His Word, praying for His timing and direction. I think we all need to just get alone with Holy G-d sometimes. Our Lord and Savior, Y’eshua/Jesus Christ did it often; this is the example He set for us. While I do not advocate going on “feelings” (a very dangerous thing to do) , I find myself “feeling” closest to Him when I’m on my mountain. Do what it takes to recharge your batteries, then pick up the standard, and keep moving forward!

    Thank you for sharing the knowledge gifts which He has bestowed on your, Rourke. You are a blessing to us all.

  3. A very good post, by a man who knows what he is talking about. We can’t be prepared for everything but there are a lot of things we can be ready for. It seems that people are asleep or not paying attention to wha t is going on in our country these days. All the politicians have fallen over the cliff. You who voted for Obama should be asking yourselves WHY. We need to stand as one against tyranny, we must hang on to the Constitution. I am not a conspirator but it seems like things are happening at very interesting times. All these useless killings happening, at a time, where we should be looking at other important issues facing our nation. Massive droughts are knocking out our food supply, out money is almost useless, we have a Gov. spending problem. All these combined are going to wipe out a lot more people than a crazy man with a weapon. I don’t believe in global warming, if you go to the library you can look up and see that we are going through normal climate changes. Do the best you can do and get together with like mind people and prepare with them. Strength in numbers…. God Bless all and pray for the greatest country on Earth. The United States of America……

  4. Thanks for this article. It was what I needed to hear today. We’re relatively new to the lifestyle and I already have a name for my husband, “the passive prepper”, because basically, I tell him what I’d like to accomplish for the week and he says, “sure, dear, whatever you want.” He’s former military too, and I think he thinks that in the event of a catastrophic event, he’ll be like Macgyver with 550 cord, a match, and a multi-tool, ready to save the world. I admire that confidence, but then there’s me who thinks, “but what about the two little old ladies who live next door to us, and what if something horrible happens at the school down the street, and…”, well, you get the idea. Sometimes it’s nice to be brought back to Earth and be reminded that you’re not prepping the whole country for a disaster. That was SUPPOSED to be the government’s job. :-/ I will continue to do what is necessary for my family and remind myself to change the things I can, accept the things I can’t, and have the wisdom to know the difference.

  5. I agree, well articulated. my preps are similar regard threat options, mine are a)hyperinflation/economic collapse, b)Natural/Man made disaster. c)Rogue Gov’t. d)C.M.E.

  6. Your post couldn’t have come at a better time. I live in NY state and our Governor is said to be proposing gun confiscation. That is happening amid what Obama is doing to the economy, medicine, you name it, plus guns. Anyway I feel like I have seen the tippping point and I saw it all end. I feel like we are going into the Dark Ages, I feel like the Poles when they were invaded by Germany, just powerless with no help on the horizon. So your suggestion to fall back and look for an area I can make a difference gave me hope. Thanks, Ed

  7. D-thanks. Yes .Mother theresa sais we all cannot do great things but we can do small things with great love.In our cases with great preparedness.
    So much inf..can be overwhelming. Today I did all my farm tasks and then I watched some news and checked the e mail-in that order and that helps me keep my Blood pressure in check- !!!!Please keep contributing D. Arlene

    Ed= We live in NYS also. If youd like to e mail directly I know Rourke will give you my e mail.Arlene
    Servant Heart-your faith is real and intense and you inspire me also !!!
    Yes Our beloved Creator is in charge- sometimes I wish I had a direct memo though- smile !!! God bless. Arelene
    Rourke and all- please check out the AVOW ( the Mormon site- they just did a great job of comparing guns.) 22 LR ammo in a small store here is $30. for 500 rounds.
    NYSGod said he doesnt want to confiscate guns just to ban assault weapons and magazines that have 10 shots- well thats already banned in NYS now.

  8. Another poignant article well written. Must agree, not enough time, money, or help to try to prepare for everything. I prepare for a volcanic eruption here in Texas! Just like the folks in Ontario are preparing for a Hurricane. I may not make it to the 22nd century, but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy getting there? Thanks Rourke.

  9. Thanks. Allows me to focus better.

    You mention your “core group fire team” which brings up a question that’s
    been bothering me. In that Post SHTF scenerio how does your fire team
    communicate with someone else’s good guy’s fire team that may be out scouting with no inter-team communications or way to differenciate between the good guys and the bad guys?

  10. Wow, talk about being overwhelmed. I had to go out of town for a couple days and just came online to see 16 comments!

    Thanks all for the Kudos.

    Lenard:Skeeters? At the time I had a LOT of neting and GI bug juice. The old punk spirals that you smolder can’t be beat also.

    MorrisB: If we bump into someone, we are going to ground and watching. If they bump into us, I hope they make the right choice. Also I have a a background in Electronic surveilance and will be heavily “listening” at the retreat.

    Greg: let me figure out a secure channel…or you can.

    All my Marines on here: “Keep the oath” and Semper Fi.

    Many more posts are planned for MSO some already scheduled. Thanks again for the praise, makes it worthwhile. Regards, D.

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