Guest Post: Legitimate Self Sufficiency

Legitimate Self Sufficiency

Let’s face it, if we were forced to fend for ourselves today, without any help from the government, our friends, family, few of us would be truly prepared. Sure, you may have a stack of MRE’s in your closet, a few cases of bottled water and a first aid kit. Great, you’ll survive for the first few weeks, provided nobody robs you for what now will be extremely valuable commodities. Some of you are undoubtedly prepared for this, better than I could hope to be. Unfortunately I can’t say with confidence that this is the case for everyone and I’d like to help remedy this.


We’ll start with what may be the most important survival essential. You guessed it, water. Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days without eating; while one is generally believed to be able survive a measly three days without water. Now, when I lived in Hawaii, every house on my block ran purely on rainwater, using a water catchment system and water tanks. Unfortunately, we don’t all live in the rainforest. So what options do you have for procuring water? A few, but for the purposes of this article we’ll stick to the dew trap. To start, You’re going to want to dig a hole roughly 2 feet deep. At the bottom of the hole, place a cup, or receptacle of some sort.  Now ideally a plastic sheet would be used for the next step, but with some effort and creativity you can accomplish the same thing with branches and leaves. Lay the plastic over the hole you’ve dug, and cut a small hole over your receptacle.  Pile dirt or place rocks around the edges of the plastic, the more airtight the better, the key here is to keep humidity inside the hole high.  Leave a little slack in the plastic, you’re going to want the dew collected to funnel down through the hole, into the receptacle.


As far as food goes, depending on where you’re located you may have to get creative.  Most items with a long a shelf life still only last a few years maximum.  In addition, it’s best that any foods you have managed to gather and hoard be saved for a rainy day.  If you live in an urban environment you may want to consider some unorthodox food sources. Pigeons, flying rodents, whatever you want to call them are one source meat that will be worth considering as a sustainable source of food. They can be captured fairly easily using simple traps, and ten breeding pairs can produce eight squabs (baby pigeons) a month. They also mature in 2 months, giving you a quick yield. They also serve the purpose of fertilizer producers. Pigeon droppings were once coveted as fertilizer, and will do your crops well.

As far as health goes, you may or may not have to deal with a plethora of diseases and conditions. Should you be afflicted with a UTI (Urinary tract infection), here’s a recipe that’ll help things simmer down.

1. Mix a quarter teaspoon of baking soda with about 8 ounces of water.
2. Stir thoroughly and try to enjoy.
3. Repeat once a day.


This solution makes it harder for bacteria to multiply in your bladder, which means that it hurts less when you pee. Continue this until you can get antibiotics, if at all possible. Be sure to get vitamin C in your system to help pass the infection. Cranberry juice is proven to be quite effective.

I hope that this information has proven informative and adds your arsenal of techniques and methods for survival. Key to survival is a mindset of perseverance, remember that.


Always got your back,

Qwame Brown


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  1. Pigeons are a species of Dove, and taste just like them. They’re harvested as squabs because they don’t yet fly and as such don’t have the tough breast muscles that come with flying. Adults can be eaten, but they need to be smoked, baked or slow-cooked in a stew to tenderize them.

  2. You can increase the take of your water still by adding green water laden plant and or succulent to the bottom of the hole, add sun/heat and the water will leach out.drink repeat.

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