Guest Post: Language As A Tool For Change

Language As A Tool For Change

By: Granite Prepper


     Let me introduce myself….my callsign is Granite Prepper and I live in the beautiful state of New Hampshire!!  Not born and bred in the state, but rather landed here after many years spent serving in the United States military.  I am currently serving in the capacity of a federal investigator… other words I’m an average guy….sadly on the north side of forty…..who has watched my country being taken/turned from the founders constitutional republic into a fascist/communist/socialist utopia.  As a result of the encroaching communalism/communitarianism, I decided it was time for me to step off the sidelines and get into the game… active patriot if you will rather than a fair-weather friend of our founding principles.  Now, I also want to be clear that my intention isn’t to launch into rudderless rants on the day’s events….I do that with my wife who has grown tired of it so I imagine the blogosphere would be even less tolerant!!  My goal is to provide information from experience and research that ties into current events and possibly helps to facilitate a means……at the grass-roots level….to start correcting the course of our great nation.


I would like to begin our journey by confessing that while I’m married to a college professor….talk about two people trapped behind enemy lines…..I am by no means an intellectual.  However, as Glenn Beck often says “I’m a thinker” and I have access to the internet, libraries and years of common sense that can be used for positive change.  However, all of these resources are subject to the written word…..used to be English in these United States….that frame the means to convey information.  Language is loosely the method of human communication, either written or spoken consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.  This can also be expanded to include signs and symbols; I’ve had intimate exposure to the deaf community and learned first-hand how different not only the method of communication is but also the delivery of the message….recently, a deaf man in North Carolina who was communicating to a friend via sign language, was stabbed multiple times after he was mistaken for flashing gang signs…..frame of reference and environment example number one.  Regardless of the medium, language is really boiled down to two people communicating and the environment in which it is done.  Another example can be found during feudal times when knights would raise their visors(on helmets) with one hand while extending the other empty hand to signify they weren’t holding any weapons and therefore not a threat……the King Arthur beginning to the modern-day handshake; the handshake that has born the progeny the knuckle bump, the chest bump, the handshake with partial hug, the Sammy Sosa two-chest thump combined with the Mark Maguire forearm shiver and so on.  All have progressed as society has progressed.  Consider though the contrarian view at schools that while we have extreme examples of intimate behavior shown on television shows, video games and music videos our kids are forbidden from touching in almost any way…essentially isolating them in a cone of safety.  Frame of reference and environment example number two.


Let’s consider the word “gay.”  When my parents were growing up, gay simply meant having fun or being happy; you can read book after book that portray youth “gaily” strolling, arm-in-arm, through a wheat field with no shoes and a stalk of wheat clinched between their teeth.  That same word today brings to mind a New York City parade where homosexual men display motorcycle hats, spiked collars and leather chaps…with very little else and certainly no wheat stalks between their teeth!  President Teddy Roosevelt, a supposed republican, coined the term “progressive” when he founded the progressive party at the turn of the century and felt strongly any man was justified in his wages/earnings as long as those same wages were spent to benefit the collective.  Fast forward to the 1920s, 1930s and the 1940s when the word progressive was so maligned by the practices of Woodrow Wilson and FDR that the word progressive was dropped/buried and progressives instead opted for the word “liberal.”  This is, of course, quite the misnomer or an oxymoron because true liberalism is based on the founding fathers and their principles of limited central government.  Regardless, liberal became the new en vogue word and carried from that time through the days of free love in the 60s and 70s all the way through to the late 1990s and early 2000s; this included LBJ’s Great Society and Bill Clinton’s war on everything.  However, as is the character of true progressives, they sullied the word liberal to the point that they discarded it, much like a well-worn piece of clothing, and instead  “new age progressives” Hillary Clinton, George Soros and Barack Obama dug up the old stand by word “progressive”, shook the dirt off, stuck it in the washer and then after it was dry re-wrapped themselves in the old battleflag.  After all, who isn’t for progress??  We are all looking to improve ourselves and to do that, progressives say that we have to evolve or move forward to accomplish that goal…..or should that be LEAN FORWARD??  In the end, these people knew that the people of today’s culture and time were again ready for what the word represented.  LBJ, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter so muddied the term “liberal” that the word was no longer useful….I imagine talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mike Church and Glenn Beck helped to educate people and bring that word to an impromptu exit.  Make no mistake though, democrats aren’t the only progressives…..John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Mitch McConnell are just as progressive but they happen to have an “R” after their name; their goals and methods are just as progressive and just as insidious and their ultimate goal is still the same and that is the perpetuation of their power; this is frame of reference and environment number three.  Today, however, the progressives(democrats and republicans who are just two sides of the same coin) have dusted off the age-old playbook of language manipulation just like Bill Clinton did when he parsed the word “is” in his testimony before congress….they’re attempting to sterilize the meaning of words and the language as a whole.  Global ice age begot global warming that then produced global climate change…..a classic example as the first use wasn’t inclusive enough, the second was still too focused but the final one was broad enough and hard enough to quantify to prove useful.  Brings to mind the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears….one bed too hard, one too soft and the last one just right!!  According to progressives, the language of the second amendment only means the use of guns for hunting or at most should mean nothing more than a musket for use in home defense…..though the document clearly states the parameters for keeping a tyrannical government in check.  This is another manipulation of language by constantly recounting a false perception enough times to change not only the reality but also change the argument.


Our history books are replete with examples of the founding fathers being adulterers, slave owners and many other truths, half-truths and outright falsehoods without benefit of supporting/contradictory information about the good they did and the benefit brought to the country as a whole.  Christopher Columbus is now viewed as a bigoted, white European man who hated Indians/indigenous people whom he had never met prior to landing who then metasticized into a murderer that simply chopped these self-same natives down for nothing more than evil glee……there is unsubstantiated rumor that he had inappropriate relations with a chicken that will probably be substantiated in the near future as a means to remove the holiday all-together from our calendar!!  I’m also not sure yet the rationale for turning Martin Luther King Jr. from a staunch supporter of individual rights and the content of a man’s character to a backer of collective bargaining, collective salvation and a proponent of socialism…..I’m still learning more about the good doctor, so I’m sure that dichotomy will flesh itself out.  Regardless of the inconsistencies, the point or universal truth is that the writers of the works control the language, convey the message(as they see it) and set the parameters of the conversation; keep in mind these are the same people that have coined or opted for the hyphenated blitz we see today….N-word, C-word, African-American, Chinese-American, lesbian-American, etc.  What happened to our giant melting pot??  I thought we were the land where others who were yearning to be free came??  The language has controlled that through cultural diversity, multi-culturalism and pluralism where individual groups are now encouraged to remain separate from the rest of society so that we have become a country of constituency groups with diverse goals normally working at cross-purposes to the betterment of society as a whole….I think JFK stated “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country!!”  Frame of reference and environment example number four.


Republicans and democrats have really run to the same end of the political spectrum or scale that uses the above arguments and language to trap the people into narratives that do nothing to address real problems/ideas; after all how can we the people be expected to believe that the same people who birthed most if not all of the problems to begin with are now armed and capable of providing solutions??  As an example, and a perfect use of the language, let’s look at political words/phrases of today…..The Fiscal Cliff, The Gang of Eight, The War on Terror, The War on Drugs, UN Agenda 21, Gun Control, etc.  They all presuppose , through manipulation of language, that for every problem or issue(real or contrived) there is a government-only solution or that ONLY government has the ability and resources to solve or address it!  Through the manipulation of the language personal responsibility or God-given individual rights have no place in today’s world and may even be illegal….if the assault on the 2nd Ammendment is any gauge.  Through the control of our discourse and through telling or informing us what words are considered acceptable and which aren’t….as discussed above….the people who are working against the principles of the founding fathers aren’t just telling us what we should think and why!  Oh no, they’re far more insidious than that….they are telling us we can’t even voice our concerns or disagreements because they have control of the language and have set the parameters of the debate; in the military we call that preparing the battlefield but you can simply view that with the analogy of going to Las Vegas and thinking you stand better than an even shot of coming home anything other than broke!  By preparing the battlefield, our opponents can decry our views on illegal immigrants as not an issue of following standing law but rather a hatred or intolerance of those not like us.  If we stand up for a balanced budget, or less military intervention around the world or for our freedom of religion we are demonized as racist because the president is black….though he is technically only half black but somehow that pesky white part never seems to play any role….or we’re chided for being Ron Paul-bots because of his dazzling mind control powers; we are also labeled as simple back-woods hillbillies who cling to our gods and guns.  The central theme is controlling the language and their preparation of the battlefield is not debating the points but rather vilifying the opponent through personal castigations.  Finally, we can simply be marginalized for every single view we have by the use of language and because we the people of these United States, have allowed other people to tell us what is acceptable, how it is acceptable in use and how to synthesize all debate based on preparation of the battlefield.


Make no mistake, this is an all-out assault on the foundations of our society and culture….and through the most basic and benign-seeming weapon, our language.  That one thing that is at the heart of our very existence and interaction with everyone else around us.  If we fail to wake up to this reality the country as we knew it will cease to exist…and it may already be too late!  Ladies and gentlemen, we must wrest back control of our language….I’m not sure who the thought/language police are nor who appointed them final arbiter over my voice, but I’d like to make their acquaintance and say “Hell NO, not on my watch!!”  I will not go quietly into that good night and I won’t stand silently by as my freedoms are peeled away like an onion.  I will not allow, while I draw breath, my children to have a future that is any less bright than my parents provided for me and their parents before them.  I will promise before God that these truths that seemed self-evident aren’t in today’s pluralist world…..but that’s about to change!!  I will reach out my empty hand while raising my visor but rather than show myself unarmed I will use the weapons of truth and knowledge coupled with determination to grab onto and hold our language….to take it back from the brink so we can again have measured discourse and that debate is neither silenced nor squashed.  WE can no longer be sunshine patriots….these are the times that try men’s/women’s souls and we each must decide how best to serve.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Post: Language As A Tool For Change”

  1. What an exceptional narrative. I for one grew up in the upper peninsula of Mich. Starting out on the early morning hours of a month and day in 1952. In the course of my 60 plus years in this great country, I often lookback and think how lucky I was to have been born in this country. Ever wonder how your life would have been in Russia? Germany,I would probably be dead by now. England, dead by now,Cambodia or Viet Nam most definately dead!. Not to ramble on but it seems we all had the good fortune to be born here, at least us gun toting patriots. Remember back when you were a kid, at school we were taught to hide under the desk, and don’t look at the bright flash, during the cuban miss;e crisis. Those days seem to be coming around full circle. How many countries there are out there with the bomb, or enough materials to make a dirty bomb. I served a year in Viet-Nam came home to work in the iron mine and start a family. I for one do not want my children and grandchildren growing up under a regime such as we have now, Granite Prepper is so right, the closet communists in Wash.D.C. will have their way if we let them. I have gone on many websites and voiced my opinion, my wife calls me crazy, don’t believe anything you see on the internet she says, well pardon me but I just hope The ones who speak their minds are not rounded up in their so called relocation camps, do you remember hearind the names of some of them. Auschwitz,Sobibor,Dachau,Treblinka, My grand fathers name was Isidor and his fathers was Absalom, Hebrew in my background, well maybe but I am still an American and I love this country as much if not more than any one, we all have to speak our minds,take back our heritage, wrestle it from the neerdo wells who have infected it with their twisted ideas and agendas!

  2. What a well reasoned and informative post….

    As a practical addition.. a place to start might I suggest we use the terms “Peace Officer” and Patrolmen when speaking of or speaking to your local Policemen.

    Help remind them and the general public of their true mission..

    Keeping the Peace…

    Peace Officers have considerable discresion in arresting or simply resolving problems and mainting the Peace.

    While arresting, ticketing and fining people for what in no small number of cases are mere technical violations of the law…may be in the State or Municipalities best interest in order to generate revenue.. and they may immorally tie the raising of revenue to Peace Officers pay and benifits..

    You can turn that around both politically by being active especially in local politics and by being supportive of “Peace Officers” and making sure when they do a good job of Keeping the Peace it does not go unheralded…Also insisting that Officers in your department not be young 20 year olds fresh from some academy.. They are cheap to hire and easy to manipulate..

    Ask near anyone who has served and they will affirm the best Miliitary Commissioned Officers have always been former enlisted.. Having been there and done that.. with few exceptions they are acutely aware of the reality of Service vs the theoretical..

    For a person to really be the best Peace Officer they need to be seasoned as humans first.. To be hired then fired unjustly.. to have been dumped or worse by someone they loved, To have worked for a year or more in a minimum wage low level job.. To have gone without..a meal or two a new IPAD.. To have cared for and relied upon a 20 year old car (that was not a classic but the best they could afford). These are the sorts of things that make a whole human being (and much more of course).. And they are essential in order for someone to comprehend and appreciate the torments, troubles and foibles of others.. in this case those they serve..

    Peace Officers mature, sober, humble and uncorrupt are a blessing to their communities and country..

    We all must do what we can to encourage and defend them.. Not just from the bad guys … but from their Bosses who may not value the above traits.



  3. Language is important and I love your exposition on the topic. I first became aware of the emotional impact of language in the 1970s when it was pointed out that of the descriptors for women two thirds had negative connotations and only one third were positive whereas for men two thirds of the descriptors were positive. Now I don’t intend to get into an feminist argument, and I certainly don’t think one sex is better than the other. It was just that I became aware of how communication was manipulated by emotional laden words. Along with the words we also need to become aware of the metaphors we use and any visual images that are associated with them. Going back in time Hitler used images of dirty rats when he was talking about the Jews. We do need to recognise what the various communicating formats (TV and other media) are doing when they are pushing their messages.

    Thanks for bringing this back to mind.

  4. Thank you everyone for your kind comments….much appreciated. To HappyClinger…I don’t have a blog..yet….but one will hopefully be coming at some point. I will, however, be writing articles for Rourke on a semi-regular basis, so please enjoy them as they come out.

  5. Excellent post GP! Your closing remarks show a determination to change things and I hope others share it and that you are successful. As someone who has fought the good fight for more years than I care to remember, I have to admit that it has worn me raw. I find myself here, typing this, a veteran of decades of battles, and I look around- Conservatism is now “extremism”, any talk of a balanced budget is “heresy”. It seems I’m on the side that’s losing…. and that’s not a good feeling, not at all. There is a saying “we can only save the savable” and that’s where I funnel my efforts. The Progressives care little for facts, for congressional testimony. PEW researched study’s- blah, blah, blah. FBI statistical analysis… oh please…. just more right wing massaging of statistics. You can throw it all at them…. ask them to suspend disbelief and LOOK for themselves…. just do a bit of do diligence is all, 1 hour at your computer should do and they look at you like they’ve been gut shot…… A day or week later… nothings changed, they still spout the ~overview~ and the same tired old soundbites. I have come to the realization that from here on, my concern for the stupid will start at my fence line, and end at the tip of my spear……..

  6. Granite Prepper, very well put! I have told my children, and now my grandchildren, that the words they hear and use are of the utmost importance, and they need to read (in the dictionary!) the meanings of these words. It is so hard to fight the media’s manipulation of language, and I see it having a very detrimental effect on their education. Please keep on trying to educate the uninformed. I will be printing your article for them to read. Thank you.

  7. Catherine I’m glad to hear others share this view and that this information will be used to help educate today’s youth…..I’m fighting that battle with my children as well. John Gault…..I hear and agree. I can’t say that I’ve fought this battle for nearly as long as you…..I’m newer to the fight and still fired by my indignation. However, I ask that you continue to press ahead even though it has worn you out…..we need the experienced warriors to lead the way and to guide those of us who have recently entered the fray. Please don’t lose hope because it is with the firm belief that we win in the end that gives us the strength to continue the struggle today!! Regardless, thank you for being that beacon of light when so few were awake…..YOU are the reason the rest of us are on here today. I for one, would love to shake your hand.


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