Survival Fiction Journal Entry 10/21/2014 Part 2

by AniOre

journal-4-23-20120001_thumbJournal Entry 10212014 (10/21/2014)


And with the ‘woken up’ people not backing down to the Government, the Government started losing its control over the people, so the Government looked for other avenues that they had quietly been preparing for ~ food and gas control. First they raised the gas prices to over 10.00 a gallon. This looked to be a ruse, and at first the people dealt with it, waiting for the prices to go down. When this didn’t happen, then the middle class people reacted by forming car pools and bigger business’s purchased buses that would bus their workers to and from a general area. It sadly affected the lower class though the most, and unemployment skyrocketed as people had to quit their jobs, because they couldn’t afford to get to work. It also affected the trucking industry, which was probably part of the plan. As the diesel prices skyrocketed more and more trucking companies couldn’t afford to send their trucks out and some trucking companies folded altogether. Less trucks on the road, meant less goods being transported, equals less food in stores.

Panic hit the nation like overnight once the realization of the effect of the gas prices hit and what’s worse, the food that was being delivered now was priced so high only the elite and still working class could buy it. Food share and churches were overwhelmed with people looking for handouts. With more people not able to afford gas to drive and thus losing their jobs, more and more people were losing their homes or being evicted and becoming homeless. Several roadside campsites popped up. The authorities at first kept up with moving these along, but soon gave up as just as one would be taken care of, another would pop up. There just were too many people now living on the streets, in their cars or RV’s or makeshift tents. It was like a scene out of the depression era, only with newer cars and bigger RV’s.

For my part, my back acre is housing a couple close friends of mine and their RV’s. They now help out with keeping up my mini farm and garden; and also keep watch out for any looters or trespassers.  My job of doing accounting work for a local business is still going but for how much longer I worry.  Then bigger worries came into play.

As the country fell apart and now more and more of the people were asking for handouts, the Government announced it was there to help the people! First they came and offered food trucks to the roadside campsites, then they promised there was shelter and more food but only if the people left behind their makeshift homes and boarded a bus and they would be transported to the FEMA camps; and taken care of there until things were better. It was a blessing!, the news media proclaimed. And the roadside campsites became a ghost land of leftover debris and the people were gone. News media had video of the people looking happy, being fed and taken care of in these camps. The talk was of it all being temporary but so good that the Government had these camps prepared.

I had an older friend that alerted me he was going to go the FEMA camp as he couldn’t live in his car anymore and it was so hard to find work or food. I offered him a room in my house but he was a proud man and didn’t want to be a burden on anyone if he didn’t have to and with the FEMA camps being an option, he said he’d go there til he could get back on his feet.  It sounded ok at the time. The local FEMA camp was really only 3 hours away. He gave me a phone number to call and leave a message for him and he was told they’d give it to him, so he could call back.  After a couple weeks and no contact from him, I tried the number. It did go to a voicemail system and I was asked to leave the first name and spell out the last name of the person I wished to leave a message for. I did and then waited for a call back. None came. I did this several times and each time only reached the same recording and voicemail system. This got me really worried.  Me and the husband of a friend staying on my property decided to drive up to the camp and see him for ourselves.

When we got close enough to see the camp there were armed guards positioned at a barb wired gate that was like 100 feet from the camp itself. They stopped us and asked to see our permission passes. I said I wasn’t coming to the camp to stay but to visit one of the guests. The guard looked perplexed when I said guest. He said only people that have been given permission passes were able to come into the camp; that there were no visitors. He pointed to a phone and said I was welcome to call.

So I did and got the same recording and voicemail.

I pointed this out and the guard just said that is all that is available. He then said, maybe the person inside didn’t want to speak to us, that’s why he hadn’t called me back. Feeling we were getting nowhere and getting madder by the minute, my friend pulled me away and thought it best we drive off before we were taken in against our will (and maybe never heard from again).

I never did hear from my friend again. And reports of other missing people increased, but not that news media reported this side of the FEMA camps.

And now the tale is back to the present and horrifically ~  the power grid has gone down! No electricity! It’s unbelievable! Power gone but not by a solar flare or an EMP attack that was feared; but the Government is saying it was the act of terrorism and may be by anti-government groups in the nation! (Really!?) They say it’s only temporary until they can get it back up, but they don’t know for how long; could be weeks, months but no future date promised of return. And again the Government offers their help and buses and trains are at the ready to take people in need to the FEMA camps.  With the whole nation having no power, no lights, no heat or air conditioning, no access to running water in their homes, no normalcy of prior living; those buses and trains are full of people ready and willing to be taken to the FEMA camps. And before I could get to them, my Parents included!

I had told them I’d come get them and bring them to my place, where we have power by our solar and charged batteries. Where I have fresh water, hand pumped now but still good fresh water. Where there is food and warmth and comfort. But I know them, they are much like my friend, they are proud and hate to burden anyone. If only I could’ve got to them and brought them to my home before the FEMA buses came.

I write this now and can’t believe what it is I am writing and what is really happening and I am so scared that I may never hear from my parents again! And I’m sad and afraid that what was foretold is what is happening now ~ afraid that my Government had this all planned, that it’s all part of an agenda  (i.e. Agenda 21)~ it’s all part of the plan for ‘One World Order’ ;  and thus I can only think the biblical rise of an anti-Christ is next.  I pray for our nation and our people.

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  1. This is fun? Read between the lines, it could be happening sooner than you think. It may be a fictional post, but with what is going on now, it could soon be a reality.

  2. Oh calm down Kjc – all respect but yes – it is a “fun” story – it reads really well and gets readers excited to keep prepping – I think its a great story to give to on the fence preppers which is also “fun”.

  3. Thanks ~ the best comments a writer can get on a story is ~ keep em coming! 🙂 ~ I just may add an addendum or another ‘journal entry like’ add on; maybe more on the day to day life of living off the grid and keeping a low profile, whilst helping others in need. It was fun to write and yes semi scared myself while writing it. One lil’ worry that bothers me, that came out in the tale, is I don’t trust what I’ve read / seen on the FEMA camps (some from revamped prison camps, are these real?) And I have told my Parents for whatever reason, do not go to these if catastrophic happenings require help ~ I will somehow get them and take care of them. And believe me, I hope none of what I wrote comes true (with the only exception, of getting my own lil homestead and becoming self reliant) 🙂 So who wants to know if she’s able to rescue her parents with the help of a small like minded type of group? 😉

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