Survival Fiction Journal Entry 10/21/2014 Part 1

by AniOre

Journal Entry 10212014 (10/21/2014)


I have to say there were warning signs and people who foretold  what it’d be like and I semi believed but with only half conviction; but my half conviction in light of the current situation is full preparedness compared to those of my friends, family and other people not ready.  Oh my god ~ what is happening is just unbelievable!

But let me back up a bit to when things were just starting…Back when prior to the Mayan calendar ending  and people predicting the year ending in Dec 2012 (that didn’t happen), I had been listening to the news, and the doomsday people who had their projections, beliefs and theories. Then what made me really become awake was watching how a simple storm in the East, became the storm of the century and left millions homeless without source of water and power for weeks, even months; this all prompted me to start reviewing what it meant to be really prepared, though I was relatively safe living on the west side of the nation.

First my preps were focused on the ‘just in case of emergency’, like the flood and snow storms of the East coast, more importantly in my area, for earthquakes or out of control forest fires; which I needed to be prepared for at least a few month’s rations and what to do if possibly being prepared for no water or electricity. I talked with my family about doing the same and some of my friends came on board but my family were more obstinate, saying the ‘Lord’ will be there in the time of need. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the power of prayer and my god, but I also believe we need to be prepared while we wait for our Lord to come. So they tolerated my discussing my preps, but they also attuned it being that I was jumping on the band wagon of such TV shows as ‘Dooms Day Preppers’.  I laughed along with them, so that they wouldn’t commit me to the Looney house but I also tried to convince them to watch the show, I said, to get some laughs, but my secret mission was for some of the informative info to subconsciously sink in; but really there was no getting them to prepare.

So I was on my own basically, I had a few friends interested for a short period of time but only one group of people really serious like I was.  As I started to become more awake to the events around the world, things that our Government  was trying to pass or had passed into law and what our current President’s agenda was doing also concerned me and also the high cost of goods and yet the decline of jobs and shops closing down around me had me really worried. I felt out of control; except for my votes and speaking up against the tyranny but that only helped so far, I knew I had to prepare to take care of myself and my family if things would happen to get worse. …And worse they did.

I started with moving out of my rental house and bought a short sale property on the outskirts of the city. A small plot of land with some acreage that had a little farm house on it and was located across from the main river that flowed thru the valley; and a small creek also flowed thru my property to the river, though this was an extra cost monthly in flood insurance, it was worth the access to fresh water.

The place was semi off grid as it has its own well and septic. And to my delight the garage had a pantry already built with shelves and insulation in for food storage, and next to the dining room was a broken down atrium/greenhouse; which was easy to fix and get up and running again. Also the backyard had formed raised garden beds and established fruit trees. Having land, I quickly set up a chicken coop and chickens and took advantage of the small barn structure for some pigs and goats. I worked from home, so the being out of the city wasn’t a drain on a commute, but did have some adjustments on the weekend of choosing if I’d like to go into the city to visit friends or a night out on the town. The exchange of city life to country life was well worth the fulfillment I felt making my little homestead. It’s what brought me some peace of mind, the learning how to become self-reliant.

Later I added as I could afford some solar panels and installed a 500 gallon propane tank. Gas was hooked up thru the utilities, but I felt reassured to have back up stored as most of the house ran off the propane. I was still running things thru the grid, mainly electric but with the solar panels added, the bills were less and less; eventually I had the hook up reworked so that if the power went out, a switch could be thrown to ‘house’ the solar power into a bank of batteries. My next project was a wind mill or turbine tower. Sadly that didn’t come to pass soon enough.

It was about a year into living and working my little homestead when things foretold started to come to true light. Life around on the surface seemed to be same as normal, well as normal as they were a year earlier.  News of the war over seas and our troops still there still the norm’, and news of some new “Executive Order” being passed by our President that seemed for the people but was really all for the agenda of the President’s plan of ‘One World Order’ and the people eating it up, or should I say ‘sheeple’, was still the ‘norm’. And the ‘sheeple’ going about on their business as usual, the wool pulled over their eyes, was the ‘norm’ …. and still I quietly prepared; gathering and storing food, extra water storage and off-grid equipment.

One of those new laws that had gone into effect in that prior year was for all gun owners to register their guns or turn them in if they chose not to register. I know many people, in fact some law enforcement that did not ~ didn’t register or turn them in. It was plainly obvious that if one did, then that person now is easily on a list for the Government to now come and take said guns ~ well obvious to all except the ‘sheeple’.  Sadly that is what just came to pass. Soon after the registration process had died down, a new Executive Order was announced that all private citizens were no longer allowed to own guns, and sure enough a door to door of the people on the registration list were the first to be asked to turn in their guns. Not all took this lying down and many civilians were injured or killed in the line of standing up for their constitutional rights. The major cities had riots and martial law was proclaimed in those areas. Didn’t really effect the rural areas at that time, but that was just the beginning.

During that year, a mini revolution had been started and what affected the big cities now trickled down to the smaller cities. Slowly people (the previous sheeple) became awake. They were shocked and stunned that our nation could become so divided and so quick and bewildered why the ‘Power that be’ didn’t see this coming and avoid it. But in reality the ‘Powers that be’ did in fact foresee this coming; and probably in fact, planned it. Of course the ‘sheeple’ did not truly see the tyranny that was being released around them, they blamed the increasing violence and upheaval on the people and not the government. They’d say, the one’s fighting back must be with the terrorist or anti-government groups or something; and if not for their actions, this type of upheaval wouldn’t be happening.

Yah right, I thought to myself, keep that wool pulled over your eyes, them thinking if they just not get involved or stand up themselves that it will all just go away. But it didn’t.

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  1. Sadly, this says it all. I’m as heartbroken reading this as I was when The Potentate stole the election through fraud, again.

  2. This is probably very prophetic. The coming times could get very ugly! AniOre, keep writing, will make a good longer story!

  3. I’m not sure why but this blog is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

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