I’ve Nearly Lost Faith in Us (America), How About You?

 by DB


To be honest, I’m a pessimist at heart; always have been. Thank goodness for my wife, though, or else I might have been found face down in a ditch a long time ago due to my pessimistic attitude. (She’s the optimist in our relationship if there’s any doubt.)


My lost faith, however, has to do with our country; you know… land of the free, home of the brave stuff. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling the vibes from either one of those principles these days.


On the one hand, I routinely pass by Salvation Army donation cans these days and I think, “It’s good to see people still trying to do good deeds for those less fortunate”. The thing is it only seems to be during the holiday season when the masses (me included) feel obligated to donate.


On the other hand, there are so many examples of the opposing sentiment, including the “What have you done for me lately?” crowd (such as the Occupy Wall Street protesters) or the “I must have more, more and MORE money and power” crowd (such as Wall Street itself). We’ve become a ME,ME,ME society. There is no more US.


In essence, I think we’ve lost our values. We’ve lost our moral compass. We don’t—as Americans, that is—understand family values, time spent with friends, taking it easy, learning to do things for ourselves… or nearly anything that could be considered an better  way of life or, more specifically, a preparedness lifestyle. We like to say we do but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out our actions don’t match our words. One look at Black Friday crowds should prove my point.


Of course, we’ve done it to ourselves. Our success in building up society has been our slippery slope to failure and will eventually lead to our downfall. Certainly it will only take one major hit to our way of life (you fill in the blank: pandemic,EMP, WW3, etc) and we’re screwed. I know I’m preaching to the converted here but I feel we’re such a minority that it doesn’t matter what we, as preppers, do. The train wreck that is America will steamroll right over us to take everything we’ve worked so hard to procure.


The sad reality is that it wouldn’t take much for the general population to get even remotely prepared. And then we could work together to build a better tomorrow for us and our for children. Instead we’ll be fighting to the death in the streets for my last bucket of rice.


Sometimes I ask myself why I bother trying to prep. After all, we have one income these days (my wife’s) and barely keep our heads above water yet I still feel the need to try to prep more and more. It must be simple human nature to survive. Of course, I have kids to protect and care for. I guess I’ll choose to do that until I pass on.


But what about our country? Part of me wants everything to fail so we can start over and try again. The thing is we’ll never get it right. I would venture to say that we were as close as one nation could come to perfection when we were founded and we’ve managed to completely screw that up for the Almighty dollar.


The strange thing is that I still have such a deep sense of pride in what America stands for. I could watch a History channel documentary on WW2 and be on the verge of prideful tears on how our ancestors sacrificed to give us a better tomorrow.


So, here’s my question to you: Why should I bother to care about Us? Why should I have hope for Us?


Or more directly, What gives you hope? What’s your better future for our country? Why do you still care for America?


Give me some hope in Us… I need to know others still care.

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  1. Hi DB,

    I can relate to how you feel, it doesn’t take long to realize that this nation is on the verge of a meltdown. The problem in a “free” society like ours is that everyone is free to think and believe what they want. Just look no further than the cast of “Jersey Shore” and you can understand how messed up this country has become. However, just because people like you and me want things to be a certain way doesn’t mean that other people will follow suit. I’m not sure if there could ever be a true utopian society so the best we can do is try to find happiness and make our lives meaningful.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with prepping even if the finances are limited. I do believe the most beneficial way to approach survival preparedness is to learn to be self sustainable because no matter what your supply level is it will eventually run out. Having a good chunk of land with a fresh water supply that you can defend is ultimately the ideal situation. Just look at the Amish…..

  2. It’s part of our DNA. It’s who we are as Americans – that’s why. My theory is that there are 50 million crazies driving the rest of insane. One day, there will be a test. Survival of the fittest. Make sure you there – for your family and for us. The good guys will need all the help they (we) can take. Prepping is like insurance….our children will not starve. We will not surrender. This we will defend. All I got for Christmas is ammo, mylar bags, buckets of beans and rice. Brace for impact – prepare to defend yourselves fellas….we’re going to be ok.

  3. The writer of this article is WAY off, and is completely missing it. Prepping is an american value? The idea that prepping somehow makes you a true American and gives you justification to judge others just might be the most ludicrous thing I’ve heard. Wishing for it all to fail so we can rebuild? This person is exactly why preppers are thought to be kooks by the general masses. Let me tell you, the writer, I’ve been in a country that has “failed,” and it isn’t pretty. It’s ugly, and it’s called anarchy. Your kids? Yeah, well they wouldn’t live through it. Or if they did manage to survive, it would be parentless, raped, and so mentally damaged they would never survive in a society that we have now. THAT is what happens during anarchy. All the adults kill each other, they rape children, they rape elderly, they rape women, children go hungry, and basically society downgrades to a point to as where people right on walls using handfuls of feces. The value of human life DOES NOT exist in a place where you must fight not for the meal you missed today, but the ones you’ve missed for the last several years. Are you so naive as to want this? If you do, you’ve been reading the blogs of too many nut jobs. (Note: I don’t feel that this blog is like that, and have gotten a lot of useful information from this blog).

    And if prepping makes you somehow better than the rest of the Americans that you disassociate with, then you (a prepper) need to examine your selfish self, whom you even say doesn’t feel obligated to help others except during the holidays. So you’re no better. I don’t know you, but I’ve found many people that complain about the flaws of the “rest” of society, are often prone to those same flaws.

    Finally, if you want to look at what is wrong with our country, you can look no further than your local church. We have lost our way, and we no longer live how God wants us to live. And I’m not a crazed Christian who is going to say we’re all going to hell. That’s not what I mean. I follow God and try to do my best to help others, and put others before myself when there is a call to do that. I personally believe that our loss of God in our society is the reason for a lot of this mess (and how God has almost disappeared from Christmas is a great example of this), HOWEVER, I also believe that even if someone is agnostic or atheist, if they act in a manor consistent with what the bible preaches (serve a higher purpose than yourself, etc) our society would be a better place.

  4. i’m with you on hopelessness, almost. NDAA drilled a huge hole in my plans to survive. i feel i will be among those hauled off to the camps. no way to fight the military. the “almost” comes in when i see rand paul blast NDAA on youtube, and Va congressman blasting congress for telling him he couldn’t say”merry christmas”. the “almost” comes in when sheriff joe arpaio tells the feds “see you in court”, when new mexico residents tell BLM to take a hike, and the local police back them up. “almost” when giles county va. people insist on the ten commandment remain posted in the school, despite attempts by the ACLU to have them removed. slowly, too slowly i’m afraid, people are waking up. with NDAA, it may be too late. NDAA declares america a war zone. i’m beginning to think they are right, for different reasons. i think its time to put my uniform back on and uphold my oath. keep the faith, db. you are not alone, not by a longshot.

  5. i gotta agree but i dont have much hope left in HUMANITY anymore theres too many that want what the other guy has the major religions of the world are at each others throats weather is all screwed up the government is more divided than ever and i feel like theres nothing i can do about it all i can i TRY to cover my butt

  6. I don’t have a lot of hope for the near future. Obama and his party have intentionally, I believe, moved us towards a Marxist Socialist country. For many this was all about ideology but for many it was money as in getting some of the governments money or using the governments money to buy favors and votes. But regardless, even those on the left who don’t want to become a MArxist nation have embraced the effort as a way to get what they wanted. Argueably Bush and the Republicans in congress did little or nothing to restore our constitutional republic to it’s original intent. Many see this as a total failure of both the left and the right and they argue “what’s the use in even voting anymore”. The problem is the “right” is not one single minded group of people who march in lockstep and many on the right are RINOs who put their politics ahead of principle. And that brings me to why I am not hopeful for the near future; our current crop of Republican presidential candidates are all RINOs. If the Republicans win perhaps it will be Newt or Romney but the result will be very similar. That is not a reversal of Obamacare or decrease in the size and spending of government and of course most certainly higher taxes. We may or may not pull out of this recerssion/depression but my guess is that no matter what the official report is or how good the stock market is the good times are over for most of the middle class and poor in this country. The problem is simply that for whatever reason “good” people do not enter politics or if they do they don’t succeed in reaching high office. By the time a politicians gets to Washington they have already decided to work for special interests and avoid any major efforts to reform or restore our country simply because the safest way to get reelected is to do little or nothing while in office. At best a Romney president will simply slow our descent into destruction and not reverse it. If Romney is elected with a Republican house and senate then the only result will be more spending but the moeny will be spent as the Republicans want not as the Democrats want. The difference to the taxpayer will be zero.

  7. I have a lot of pride in the USA – who we are, where we’ve been, what we’ve done. My family and I have given a lot to support and defend it. Even under the current circumstances I sincerely believe it is the brightest and best hope for the world.

    Money and power will always be a corrupting influence. Sadly, human nature tends to want to create a disparity in our hierarchy. Most pack animals have a rank or order of individuals even to the point of allowing only one breeding pair at a time to ensure the entire group concentrates on securing a future for the strongest set of DNA available. People become so focused on the ME that they lose sight of the WE. If your neighbor is smarter, stronger, faster, better looking, and endowed with a better singing voice do you forsake your family to assist him with raising his more perfect kids? Maybe if you are a wolf. I don’t know any people who would do so. I wouldn’t (though, I might welcome my neighbor’s admission of my inate superiority). It’s who we are and there is little likelihood it will change even after a major societal upheaval. If you put two people together eventually one of them is going to assume a leadership position and expect to be “compensated” for their additional efforts.

    I have hope that we can live together despite these obvious self destructive tendancies. Within reason I donate time, money, and employment to others who are less fortunate. I concentrate on our immediate community. I freely admit hurricanes, tsunamis, floods and other disasters are major events which severly disrupt lives and communities; it is just that I have always found one more person in my county who has dire needs and who seems more real and immediate than some unknown person 2 or 3 states, countries, or oceans away. Even so, when I don’t have anything to spare without jepordizing my own family’s interests I wish whoever is needy well and let them know I understand their position and sincerly hope it improves as quickly as possible. Although my words are heartfelt, I doubt anyone I have given them to has been overly grateful for them when they know I will not go to bed hungry that night. Give as much as possible is one of my tenets, give until it hurts is not.

    My hope is my kids, my grandkids, my family, and my friends. Better toss in the wife just to cover all the bases. I’ll take the company of my dogs and horses over most politicians I have met (quite a few over the years, some good, most not) and a quiet beer on the back porch over a broadway show (I’m not a big fan of crowds). I believe the American system and dream have a lot of flexibility in them and can weather a lot of discourse and discontent. I believe greed generally leads to self destructive behavior. I believe we need to elect good leaders (great being a near impossibility) who we hold accountable and who we self impose term limits on to ensure they focus on the immediate needs and not their career. I believe I can still consistently hit a 2″ circle at over 1,000 yards (I really love what optic technology has done for my effective range). And, I believe if you have faith in yourself and a desire to persevere you will be the best person you can be.

    I don’t know if this gives you hope or reassures you about our future, but I don’t think you are alone. Do the best you can for your family (that includes you) and others in your community. Give when you can, commiserate when you can’t. Kind words or a prayer probably won’t be as appreciated as a Big Mac, but at least you showed a positive attitude and who knows your good thoughts may inspire others to do what you can’t.

    I’ll leave you with an Irish blessing my grandfather taught me: May your day be touched by a bit of luck, brightened by a song in your heart, and warmed by the smiles of the people you love.

  8. I tend to lean toward my prepping as not just for me or close family, but for others also who for what ever reason chose to keep their eyes closed as to all that is happening today showing very clearly what the future is going to hold.

  9. Hi DB

    I dont see you as a pesimist. I see you as a Realist. Your views of this situations are pretty much and/or a little bit less of whats really going on.

    My company started laying off workers 20 or 30 at the time, couple of the in my department. the first 2 hteir lives turn upside down and end in divorces. The second round, same thing happen. and the third round (wich was the final) the whole place was laid off. Couple of suicides, couple of depresions, several natural causes. I’ll bet more than 100 families destroyed. While the company stills sell their products here in the U.S.A. except they made abroad.

    One thing puzzles me. I seen this scenario before it took place and no one ( my fellow workers) took any measures to prevent something like this. I was always told that I was a pessimist and they continue spending and some purchase new homes. They all lost nearly everything.

    Dont Get me wrong, my wife also told me to take a hike when I was out of work. The only difference was that she also work and I was pretty much in paraty whit her wages. She try to get more than her one half but in the end didn’t work.

    When you are down, even family will kick you (wife included).

    Trust NO ONE, prepare, prepare, prepare.alas GRAY MAN. built your emergency fund without telling your loved ones. If they stick with you then share these funds. If they betraye you, just go your way and let them go theirs.


  10. I am sure we all have been bitten by bug and end up feeling to varying degrees ” Why should I care or try”. We try and we care because we have family and friends. We prep to give them an edge, we learn new skills in order to help them thrive not merely survive. The bottom line is that we care what happens to our America becuase we want our kids to live in the best place on earth. Society shifts back and forth over the decades, we have to do our very best to teach our families the real values we need to hold close- Respect, Work ethic (heck, just ethics!), Sharing with those that need the helping hand not a hand out. Love of family and country are right in there. We each face our demons that rise in the dark and have to muster the light inside us- faith in self and God if you will – to face the demons and force them back into the darkness. We as parents have a reason to see the country do better regardless of politics and society’s slide into anarchy. We will teach our youth the skills they need through what they see us do, we will help our friends and in the end, we will have a nation that has not been lost to the anarchists and welfare empowered. Love your family and friends and prep as much as you can. That is all we can do.

  11. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear”.

    – Marcus Tullius Cicero

  12. I prep because I see a storm on the horizon. And with those preps I hope that my family can weather the storm with a little decency and humanity in tact. Our nation has lost it’s moral compass, her citizens destined to history. A nation once proud.

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