Guest Post: It’s All In The Timing.


Miyamoto Musashi, thegreatest swordsman in Japanese history, once said, “you win battles by knowing the enemy’s timing, and using a timing which the enemy does not expect.”

Most of us love these United States and long for a restoration of their goodness and prudent governance, both of which as of late have been lacking. Morally we desire to honor the allegiance made by our forefathers to the compact between the citizens and the governments of these United States and yet we are confronted again and again by some new betrayal or usurpation of power, a breach of contract and covenant on the part of the government not the governed.

Whether it’s federal health care or environmental medaling, state gun laws that ignore the God given right to self-defense, or local laws that stifle the very spirit of liberty in our hometowns by attempting to control everything from the ways you trim your trees to a 10 year olds lemonade stand, power has corrupted, as Lord Acton predicted it would, and if things continue as they have to this point then at some point in the not too distant future we will be faced with a question of timing.

Timing as both a moral question and a strategic question is one that preppers really must take seriously. You see many of us are “prepared” for a sudden collapse of the entire system, a true WROL situation, and that might be the case, however whether there is a rapid collapse or a slow process through which the system comes to a grinding halt (or even a short term disaster) one thing is clear: when the SHTF there will be a lot of people in state and local governments who see interfering and doing something as their purpose in life.

More cynically put, they will do everything they can to remain relevant and in power—and that has very real ramifications for your preparedness. In a WROL situation “the law” may become a weapon to be used against you rather than the tool of equal protection limited by our constitution that it is suppose to be, and so we must ask ourselves when is enough enough? When do we like our forefathers divine that the covenant with “our betters” under which we agreed to be governed is now irreparably broken?

It’s all in the timing, too early or too late and you will fail, but if you fight back at the right time in the right way you might in the end win the day. This is a question that occasionally keeps me up at night. I mean when do I decide that a warrantless, and baseless, search is the last straw or that now is the time to use that firearm, not surrender it? The other day I walked the North Bridge in Concord on my way home from a second amendment rally in New Hampshire and I wondered if I, and all of you out there reading this, had the courage of our forefathers to make that decision: that I as a man can no longer abide with the tyrannical actions of my government?

To say, ‘I no longer consent to be governed by those who ignore the terms of our social contract!’  Have we forgotten that the shot heard round the world was a result of a police action to search for and seize a “terrorist” weapons cache? Think about it, how many of us would shake our heads but ultimately ignore this headline if we heard it on CNN or Fox? It’s really amazing to me how far we have come that most Americans no longer think of our polity in terms of a contract based on the consent of the governed and enforced by our ability to legally take up arms against our government. We must remember—Qui tacet consentit—that he who is silent consents.  No matter how repressive our government is, we are always free to speak the truth, even if it costs us dearly. We are a part of the problem if we choose not to be part of the solution; to remain silent in the face of evil! And at some point, if things continue as they are, the timing may be right for objections to come from the working end of a gun, that is if we hold on to our rights long enough to actually put them to use.  It’s all about timing!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting revolution or civil war, or the use of force against misguided federal, state, and local police thugs.  We are thankfully not there yet.  Although it gets more difficult each day to assert your rights, if we are courageous, we still do have some recourse to the courts of law, to put the fear of judicial oversight and public scrutiny into our peace officers and public SERVANTS—to remind them of their place.  The day may come, however, when that is not the case.  One way or the other public servants MUST FEAR those they serve.  They must fear recall by the vote, judicial sanction, and even the use of legal self-defense if they overstep their power to such a degree that the situation warrants it. In fact, I might suggest that we had a preview of a situation that warranted armed resistance, and in which we were found wanting, woefully unprepared to defend our most basic rights.  It is easy to be an armchair quarterback, not having been in the situation myself, but I hope that had I been confronted with firearm confiscation after hurricane Katrina I would have given the soldiers and peace officers cause to fear enforcing this illegal and immoral order.

I want to stress this is a MORAL position, not a boyish fancy to relive Rambo First Blood. We have a moral duty to protect our families, how do you do that in this modern world, without at least a rifle? Katrina was just a temporary emergency, but at the time there was nothing to guarantee that the situation would not result in long term anarchy, if it did how would I exercise my right and corresponding duty to defend those under my care?    The reason the question of timing keeps me up at night is because I realize that if I am one of the first ones to stand up and say NO, this is not what America is about, I may very well end up dead, mowed down by a wall of bullets that will be undeterred no matter how many AKs or ARs I have in my “cold dead hands.” What’s more surely I will end up defamed in the media as a loon, mad-man, a criminal, or a terrorist.  This being said, if you want freedom, for yourself and for your children, if you want to be worthy of it, you must be willing to stand up, and fight, and perhaps died for it.  We who have received that gift from our fathers have a duty to hand the spirit of freedom down to our children and posterity. We have a duty to make those who would deprive our children of freedom pay for their tyranny, and in fact treason, dearly.  Like our fathers at Bunker (Breed’s) hill standing up to tyranny means risking everything with the odds stacked against us; but like that famous battle we can make it a fight that the enemies of freedom cannot afford too often to win because victory comes at so dear a cost to them.

I reiterate, while too often we see instances of the corrupting effect of power, many of our peace officers are just that, dedicated to protecting the peace not trampling it with jack boots. Visiting the website of the promise keepers today I am heartened to see that so many of our police and soldiers take their oaths seriously, as I did. We the people must help them keep their oaths, by giving those who would hide behind the failed excuse, “just following orders,” pause, making it too dangerous for them not to keep their promise to protect and defend the Constitution.  Today that means asserting our rights vocally even when we are afraid and fighting for them: in court and in the media, and in the court of public opinion—to keep law enforcement honest.  Who knows what tomorrow might hold, like battle being prepared is all about timing.

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  1. Great column! I completely agree and those honorable and decent LEO’s/soldiers will always defend that oath’ “to support and defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic”!
    There are two groups and websites that come to mind. “Oath Keepers” & “The Heritage Foundation”.
    The Heritage foundation used to send one free pocket Constitution and Declaration of Independence book, however, it seems they are even suffering from our current economic problems.
    Thunder 7

  2. Good post. I might write more when get a few free minutes.

    When you say “promise keepers,” I assume you mean the Oath Keepers. Right?

  3. A very great and timely article Padre. Thanks to Rourke for posting it! We are caught between a rock and a hard place. No one I know wants violence. However, while we can participate in “democratic” practice of voting and using the First Amendment, those elections come at two, four, or six year intervals. How much damage can elected officials do to our rights and freedoms, the economy, etc in the course of those election terms? Is it possible to ease, much less reverse, that damage? Examine how few government programs are ever repealed. There are still many lesser-known New Deal era programs from the 1930s in existence today!

    Secondly, those elected officials are at the same time “shoring up” reinforcing, or strengthening their position so they may be re-elected. Examine how difficult it is for new candidates to defeat incumbents.

    Thirdly, the bureaucracy, the unelected but permanently employed, (“civil service”) who work in different agencies can make meaningful and WITH THE RULE OF LAW, change difficult as well. Career government employees can make it very difficult for any elected official, elected by voters specifically to reduce the size and number of government agencies, programs, and/or policies. After all, it is exceedingly difficult to fire them and all they have to do is to “wait out” the elected official’s term.

    I wish I had the answer. I will say I believe our “leaders” have abandoned the rule of law and the social contract to which they swear an oath to uphold and defend. Particularly at the federal level. I am losing faith in the system that we have.

    Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “…all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

  4. Very nice. I think everyone who feels this same way all need to get together in some form or another and stand up for ourselves as a whole. We outnumber them by far, I just wish some wouldn’t be so scared. It’s our right to be governed by those we chose, right? So then how come everyone who is in office has been put there by others in the government and not the citizens of these United States. I am an American thru and thru, and will NOT stand for all their bullshit they are pulling. I do not believe in our current government anymore or what they stand for. Theft, geonocide, coverups, and filling their prockets for gain while the rest of the country goes into poverty is not acceptible and is not how this country was started. The government should be tried and held accountable for their actions and not just swept under the rug and made to go away.

  5. As long as we are quoting…

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
    -Sir Edmund Burke

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