Is Your Oil Lamp Filled?

Being the newbie kid on the block here, my skills aren’t fine tuned in the physical aspects of survival prep.  BUT, I am learning and surround myself with like minded people are awake, smell this coffee that’s perking in this country now, right under our noses.  Anyway, my spiritual sense is intact.  It is what the good Lord has blessed me with among other skills and talents along with my ability to seek knowledge and good godly wisdom.  As to not sound preachy or wear my spiritual beliefs on my sleeve, I remember watching one of the survival videos on YouTube, and the good book was one in this person’s arsenal of preparedness literature.  Doesn’t hurt and its good food for ones faith.  I like to share this analogy with you as you prepare for what we all know will happen soon.  First let me say it’s okay to believe and have great faith, but let us not be so caught up spiritual that we forget to be earth bound in preparing.  That being said, I ask is your oil lamp filled.


As I walk this journey, I am reminded of the times at hand.  Recently, the biblical parable on the ten virgins and the oil lamps has been my constant reminder to prepare.  Not just from a spiritual mind set but physical aspect a well.  Bottom line, we are still earth bound and must be able to sustain ourselves inclusive for our wives, husbands, children, loves ones.  For you see that filled oil lamp represents power; power to continue to survive for whatever is needed: Food, water, shelter—we still have to sustain ourselves especially with economic collapse on the horizon.  So the meat of that parable (Matthews 25: 1-13) was that five virgins were wise and ready, and five foolish and scramble when the bottom dropped out…


Let me break it down, I am sure we have all read that joke about the man who cried out for God to rescue him, and he snubbed every physical means sent his way.  Well, we all know what happened to him.  The bottom line, it’s ok to be godly wise in preparedness, but don’t be so dare spiritual ground that you fry your brain beyond earthly good and miss the meal placed before you.  So, I ask again is your oil lamp filled?


Linda (MamaLinda55)



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  1. Great post. It is a wonderful parable, and one that I will now use to remind myself to keep working for the future. I am not an overly spiritual man but I am becoming more so the more I see how fast we are coming to a collapse. I am not much of a church goer. It is inside of us that counts and the works we do for each other and our families.

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