Guest Post: Is the Newtown shooting Americas’ Reichstag fire?

Is the Newtown shooting Americas’ Reichstag fire?*



I am going to try to teach a little history in this article as well as try to educate the citizens of this country to the truth. Many Americans have somehow lost their way in the last decade or so with a great deal of help from an ignorant, miss-informed, and money driven media that ignores the truth in exchange for controversy and hyperbole. We must find our way back and soon or we will perish as a country, a culture, and a people.

The Reichstag fire was the beginning of Nazi Germany. It was a false flag attack on the ruling government designed to inflame the passions of the German populace and hoodwink them into accepting the Nazi party as the only savior of the country. A side note: the majority of those who helped put the Nazi party in power were immediately put to death by the party during “The night of the long knives”** something the anti-gun left should keep in mind. The megalomaniac do not care to share power.

A very small group of agent provocateurs managed to orchestrate a web of lies, murder and propaganda to their own benefit, and eventually, with the acquiescence of its population, led an entire country into committing the biggest collection of atrocities ever committed in the modern world. They stole the resources and treasure of countless conquered countries, systematically set out to demonize, dis-arm, inter and exterminate every race and belief that did not fit into their mold.

It’s said that if you tell a large enough lie long enough, eventually it will be believed. We are being told a lie. It is a small lie, but that is how it starts. It is that road to hell that is about to be paved with good intentions.

The legislation of technology will give us a safer country. It will protect the children. It will let us feel safe in our lives. We just have to agree to give up a small part of our God given right to self-defense, affirmed by our founding fathers in the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Register our fire arms.

Question everything you hear or read. Evil does exist in men. The Sandy Hook shooting has gone away way too fast. Answer the questions; investigate it as if the alleged killer had survived. The fact that he is dead does not answer anything. I have yet to hear what really happened. Who were the other men captured and detained? Where are they? What IS the coroner’s report? Has it been duplicated? Where was the Bushmaster, with the alleged shooter, in his car trunk, in the trunk of another car in the lot? What and where is the forensics evidence? In this day of rampant secret and special government operations it would be far too easy to fabricate this crime. Everything about this is so totally bizarre, it makes me question every other mass shooting since Waco Texas, a classic example of Government run amok. I want to know! Where the news coverage and what are the answers to these questions? Every time this happens the anti-gun lobby is on the White House steps within hours, why is that?

I have been reading posts that describe the Framers of the Constitution as doddering old men with no vision to the future. It’s been said that these old men could not foresee the world we live in today and the technology that surrounds us. Not so, these were very intelligent men, the smartest of their day. Men of letters in the past were much more learned and worldly than any today. Theirs was a simpler planet, but still wrought with dangers at every turn. We forget who these men were: warriors, statesmen, ambassadors, scientists, the best thinkers of their time. The things they had to accomplish to birth this nation would stagger any given group of politicians today.

They didn’t write the Bill of Rights in an afternoon. They thought long and hard and argued and re-argued every word. They knew these words would be the law of the land from that moment forward and what that kind of responsibility entailed. They knew abuses of the past. They knew history. Not like the pols of today that can’t tell you how many states there are.

….secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, to ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Read this document…you would swear that they are watching our world today through a portal. Its detail and simplicity in constructing the mechanics of government is almost artistic in its protection and welfare for all. The plan for a nation in eighteen pages, and you say that they did not see the future. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are the work of genius. I wish we had just one such man in office now.

Many of the rights contained came after the Constitution, but the first ten were required by many of the signatories that refused to sign without their inclusion. That is how important and necessary these men felt them to be. Without the first ten rights there should be no country.

The first and obviously most important of these rights to be put to paper was: freedom of religion, speech, press, to assemble and petition for a redress of grievances. All of the reasons the colonists had left England.

The second and equally important: a well regulated militia, (the militia at the time and also affirmed by the modern Supreme court is defined as every able bodied man, or the people, as in We the people…) being necessary (not a good idea, but necessary) to a the security of a free state, the right of The People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.(as in, not whittled away by just a little guncontrol) Gun control today is not about the guns, as those who would take ours, want to keep theirs. It is about CONTROL.

I have heard the many arguments regarding ”they were talking about muskets” Do you honestly believe that these men could not see a future of the expanding science and technology that at that very time was beginning. Ben Franklin alone must surely have. They spoke of “Arms” arms throughout history began as sticks and stones and forever improved. They had the hindsight of history and a view to the future or they never would have picked up the pen. These men were far brighter and visionary than any we have governing today, who are swayed by lies, distortion, money, power and provocateurs.

A people who fears their government are “subjects” as they were in colonial America. A Government that fears its citizens is free. The Founding fathers were not stupid and neither are we. There has been entirely too much meddling in the affairs of citizens by proven incompetents in government. It has cost us dearly and will continue to unless we put a stop to it. Our government is no longer: for the people and by the people. It has been usurped by those who care only for their own aggrandizement and greed. We are mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore! We want our country back!


Some facts: The Armalite automatic rifle is by all accounts an antique. It was designed and released to the public in the early-sixties. A civilian sport rifle of high technology. It was a semi-automatic, box magazine fed, gas operated rifle made from Aluminum castings and plastics. As a 15 year old I had the opportunity to fire one from my friend’s father’s gun store. I thought it was pretty cool, it was the future. It was a surprise to see the gun in modified form three years later in Vietnam as the M-16 (a select fire rifle: single shot or fully automatic fire: (continuous discharge of ammunition as long as the trigger was held back). NOTE: semi-automatic denotes one round fired for each pull of the trigger. This is not new technology the M-1 Garand of WWII was semi-automatic. This IS NOT a machine gun. The Thompson sub- machine gun is. Prior to the National Fire arms act of 1934, (When fully automatic weapons became controlled) many farmers used the Thompson for pest control. What helped to bring about this act was the rise in organized crime due exclusively to PROHIBITION. Another Government control that worked so well.

My point here is: this is not new technology. You do not drive a car from the sixties, wear clothes from the sixties, and listen to record players or much else from the sixties. Yet in all these years the AR15 has passed a test of time as a sport rifle so successful it was adopted and modified by the military to the M16 platform still used today. A success story of American design and ingenuity, whose quantity and worldwide use is surpassed only by the Kalashnikov model 47, which was designed ONLY as a select-fire military rifle and later modified into a sport rifle.

Before I have to read one more fear and media driven, uninformed internet post regarding banning of fire arms technology based on erroneous information, I would like to see all of these posters read this and become perhaps just a little enlightened. Please pass it on to them.

The middle ages had this kind of mentality. They didn’t ban technology; the Guilds just controlled it, to their benefit. Sound familiar?

*Please, it is important that you Wikipedia: Reichstag fire and Night of the long knives and carefully read about these two events if you are not familiar with them. History does repeat itself.


A concerned American







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  1. “I have heard the many arguments regarding ”they were talking about muskets” So then the 1st amendment must refer only to quill pens and parchment. Fedgov has whittled away at our liberties for many years. -How do you boil a frog? Very slowly-.

  2. Well said!!! I have often made the argument that “We the People” are the benefactors of a perfect storm of brilliance and vision. Our Founders bestowed upon us a document so perfect that we have the ability to change it as needed. Of course, it was intentionally written as to be difficult to alter so that it would not be done in the heat of the moment, such as now. Amendments to our Constitution were meant to be as well thought out and as eztensively argued as the original founding document. Rightfully so!!! As for the second of these Amendments, our forebears wanted the people to be as well armed as the government that they knew would eventually become oppressive. ARMS, not muskets or hunting rifles. We have been warned,………give up our right to bear arms and we will, sooner than later, perish.

  3. If it is, it’s our second Reichstag fire. 9/11 would be our first, after which we invaded two countries, and got the PATRIOT act introduced, which is basically what happened after the Reichstag fire.

  4. The writers of the constitution were not just setting limits on our future leaders.They put in writing a warnning to the people of what human nature would do to people in power if not held in check by the citizens and provide for the means for the people to force the issue.

  5. If they can convince the populace that the Founding Fathers were doddering old men then they can convince that same populace that the Constitution is a living document, John.

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