Investing in Preps that aren’t usually considered

When it comes to survival there is a common denominator with nearly any type of scenario that can be imagined: Murphy’s Law will apply! scenariohat means is that things will never go as planned. Have you ever been 25, 30 or even 60 mile from home visiting family or friends? I’m not about to talk about equipment like a Get Home Bag with water filters, food, tools, etc.


by anonymous prepper

I’m not going to discuss the needs or problems faced along the way home, it’s the journey itself I want to talk about; the distances that need to be traveled and the time it will take to do so.


Have you ever wondered how long it would take you to walk that many miles? Whether you’re 19 or 55 we’re talking literally days of walking. Whether the problem was a massive earthquake that renders roads impassible, or an EMP/CME that puts the soles of your feet on the road, travel over long distances needs to be considered. Think about it, what are the chances Murphy’s Law is going to come into play just when you’re away from home? If you’re as lucky as I am, then that’s exactly when calamity will strike.


There is a solution that could cut the travel time in such an eventuality by 1/3, and would leave you in much better shape to meet the challenges along the way; not to mention the challenges you’ll face when you get there. The adult scooter; no not your kids scooter. Something like a Zootr, or Go-Ped / Know-Ped.


Do a little on-line research on what these muscle powered things can do. You’ll read or hear comments regarding the Zootr like: “with even a slight down slope this thing will glide forever.” Watch some clips and reviews on Youtube. The ask yourself if this “kids toy” might come in handy should the SHTF.


That is exactly the benefit to it over extremely long distances. Would you want to “foot it” or glide along? I’m not suggesting racing along or doing tricks like your kids. (Owners of the Zootr will tell you it can be about 70% as fast as a bike.) I’m suggesting it be used to travel faster and therefore further than you can walk, while expending less energy to do so; even while keeping the speed down to reasonably safe limits. Another advantage is you will also avoid the inevitable blisters a lengthy walk will bring.


As an example, the next time you are driving on a highway and you crest the top of a long hill, look at the road ahead. Even though it may be downhill for a significant stretch – possibly a mile or more – would you want to walk it or just glide down it? Would it be better to travel it at 4 mph or 12 mph? Even if just carried up each hill and used to glide down the opposite side a scooter would be significantly faster then walking.


Obviously a bike would be a better means of travel, but a bike can’t fold up into as little trunk space a Zootr can; even a folding bike. An added advantage of the folding feature of the scooter is it can easily be carried over obstacles or across country. And while not cheap, their not too overly expensive. I imagine they’d be worth their weight in gold if TEOTWAWKI occurs when you’re a significant distance from home.


For you parents of kids that already own some type of scooter that they never ride anymore, toss it in your trunk. See it didn’t cost you anything to do that, and it just make all the difference in the world. Improvise and adapt; or walk.



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  1. I have 2 of these – one with the birch deck and one with a magnesium deck. The are really well made. We use them around the neighborhood, though the dogs generally provide most of the pulling power.

    I haven’t tried riding one while carrying my ruck and rifle – that may be more of a trick than I can manage.

  2. About 20 years ago when my son was 18 he would have his girlfriend ride on the skateboard. I can still see them in my mind both with backpacks on a simple common everyday skateboard with him kicking them along.

    My preference would be a sturdy bicycle with no-flat inserts in place of tubes. You have probably seen pictures of North Vietnamese pushing heavily loaded bicycles along jungle trails. The bicycle could be ridden when the surface is good or pushed along over rougher terrain.

  3. I recommend everyone take some long-distance walks/hikes every few days. It’s good exercise, and it’s good practice. Lord knows this nation of ours needs to exercise more…

    When I’ve put on my BOB, and gone for walks for practice/exercise, I’ve found that I can cover 1 mile in just under 15 minutes over flat and level ground, which adds up to about 4 miles per hour.

    If one works more than 30 miles from their home, then they’ll be looking at a good solid 8 hours of walking to get back home (Thats: 4 miles for each hour, for 8 hours = about 32 miles — 32 miles/4 mph) That’s the best case scenario that assumes that the route is over flat ground, and you make absolutely no stops for any sort of breaks along the way, and things aren’t going to hell in hand-basket around you along the way that force you to take cover.

    I’ve also found that if one is going up hill your speed will be closer to 2 miles per hour, and if you’re going down hill your speed will be closer to 6 miles per hour.

    If one does walk and you haven’t done any serious exercise recently, you can expect your feet and legs to hurt. A. LOT. That will slow you down considerably. The above situation of a 32 mile-walk can turn into two-three days if you cramp up, or get injured. Get in shape now.

    I tend to be something of an oddball exception as I’m in better shape than your average 20-something guy out there who likes to push himself to the point of exhaustion with running and hiking…

  4. WOW! How funny and obvious a scooter is and yet I never thought of it. I recently started looking at folding bikes and discounted it due to expense. Thanks for the tip! Garage sale scooters – here we come!

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