The Importance of Having Enough Ammo

by The Survivor


In this article I would like to talk about why you should have enough ammunition available to you.  I am a firm believer that you are better off with two firearms and 1000+ rounds of ammo for each, that 20 firearms and only 100 round of ammo for each.

If you have ever been in a firefight that last 15 minutes or more that you know how quickly you will go through the ammo that you have. If you plan on defending you home then you better prepare for long firefights because bad guys won’t be in a hurry to kill you and leave, since there won’t be any police to come and help you out.

Untrained and inexperienced person will go through the ammunition even faster because when you are in fear for your life, you don’t even realize how fast you are sending those rounds down the range.

I currently know several people who own more than one firearm but only have enough ammunition to load up couple of magazines. Their belief is that if they need more, they will just head to the local gun shop or Wal-Mart and buy more.

Well, from my experience I can tell you that if the society collapses you will have a better chance getting the food or any other necessary item than the ammunition and if you find any ammunition to buy, you will be paying 20 times more for it that if you purchased it during the normal times.

Readers in the USA should feel lucky that they can currently purchase as much ammo as they can afford and fairly reasonable price. Anywhere else in the free world is not like that. In the most of the European countries you need a permit to even purchase the ammo and you are limited to the number of rounds that you can posses.

Currently in Bosnia you can legally purchase only 50 rounds of ammo for your pistol per year and you will pay about $42 for the box of 7.62×25 Tokarev ammo. If you buy it through the black market, you will pay even more. That same box of ammo in the USA costs about $15.

That’s why you should take advantage of this and stock up while you can. You never know when times could change and you start facing inflated prices just like Europe does.

When you stock up on ammo, make sure that you don’t keep it all at the same location. If you have 20000 rounds of ammo and you have to bug out, you won’t be able to carry it all.

Also if you don’t bug out, someone might find out that you have all that ammo, which could be worth its weight in gold in certain situations, and then you might became a potential target. Make sure that you spread out your supply of ammo, and even firearms, and keep it in different locations. Keep some at your buddies house, your relatives, or burry it in several locations.

For under $50 you can get different sizes of various ammo cans that you can load up with ammo and burry it. And don’t keep it all close to your house because you never know where you might end up. If I could relive the war in former Yugoslavia, I would have the ammo buried all over the place.

During the war, if you had ammo, especially in the early stages, you could get anything. You could trade it or sell it for German Marks, which was the main currency during the war, and then get whatever you needed.

There were guys that were heading out to the front lines with only 5 rounds of ammo and their families would give you anything that they had for additional ammo that their father, husband, son, brother  could have.

The gold and silver are good to have, but there was a limited market for it. Most of the trades done would be for something that people could use on daily basis (food, cigarettes, alcohol, ammo, medicine, etc).

Also when gold and silver were traded, hardly ever were they traded for their thru value. You can have 100 1 oz gold coins but no food for your family and if your family is starving you would give up all that gold for a loaf of bread.

It was just limited market for the gold and silver since it was hard to find people that would take it. On the other hand, if you had ammo or food it was a lot of easier to trade it.

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9 thoughts on “The Importance of Having Enough Ammo”

  1. Great post. I agree wholeheartedly. I think the main issues is that it is “sexier” to have a bunch of different guns so when you are out at the range or showing friends at the house, they can “ooooh” and “Aaahhh” over your arsenal of weapons. However if you have just 1 gun and 12 ammo boxes of ammo, its not as cool.

    Same thing probably as cars. Imagine seeing someone with 5 cars, but only a gallon of gas for each. Would be pretty useless.

  2. I used to feel this kind of story was redundent… preaching to the choir. That was many.. many election cycles ago and before the Patriot Act and the subject of the post above this one. Now…….. we ‘collect’ ammo like we collect spare change in the desk top mason jar. We bring a lil bit home each time we go to the store. We find it prudent… not paranoia.

  3. I agree with the sentiments of the post, but not so much the storage advice. I have lots of ammo cans, some of which even have ammo in them. However, if you live in a wetter climate a buried ammo can may not provide complete protection for your goodies.

    Acquire (legally purchasing is my preferred method) PVC pipe in whatever diameter is necessary to fit around your stash – I generally use 6-inch, but 4-inch or even 2-inch will work as well. Cut it into short sections (no more than 4-feet in length unless you have a wheelbarrow to lug it around – a 4-foot length of 6-inch PVC filled with water weighs about 50 pounds). Prime the pipe on both ends, apply glue to a properly sized cap (no, a cheaper 4-inch cap won’t fit onto a 6-inch piece of pipe), and cap one end. Fill the tube with your stuff (food, ammo, medicine, toilet paper, etc) and then glue another cap on the open end. You now have a water proof stash. Find a place you will remember and bury it for future needs. A 12-inch long section of 2-inch PVC will hold 100 rounds of .22, some water purification tablets, some matches, a couple of fish hooks and some monofilament, and a folding knife with a little room to spare.

    I have a number of these caches filled with rifle and pistol ammo (as well as other items I consider useful) in a wide variety of places – near and far (even a couple in neighboring states in case I have to haul a** that far). I always double up a cache by placing a second identical cache close to (usually within 50-meters) my initial cache site. Might save me the embarrassment of discovering some lucky so and so has found my stash of stuff and removed it for their own use.

    If you weight the pipe with enough scap steel (rebar works great) it will not float. Paint it black (white pipe shows up really well even in deep water) and toss it into the nearest pond. You never know when a little fishing may be just the thing to resupply your survival gear.

    If you stash food, keep track of the “use by” dates so you can replace as necessary.

    Also, keep a hacksaw in your BOB – beats the snot out of wacking a tree or rock with your pipe of stuff to break into it. When you cut the end off of one of your stash pipes (pun intended) and empty out your goodies you can use the remaining part to hold water, berries, etc.

  4. Lots of ammo is very important both for it’s intended use and as a medium of exchange in troubled times. Having arms in several different calibers is a very good idea though. The person(s) you are trying to trade with may not need the ammo for that one pistol you have, maybe they need some .380, diversity is good. If you need to get ammo, you never know what will be available. During the great ammo drought of 2008, common calibers weren’t to be found, but the less commonly used stuff was everywhere. Stuff like .45GAP, 9×18, 7.62x54R, and others could be found if you had a firearm that would take them.
    As an aside, .22lr is cheap and plentiful now, 10000 rounds or so would make a great compact stash.

  5. Rourke-

    I just heard a rumor that the feds are going to start requiring ammo manufacturers to produce their rounds with primers that expire in 2 years (i.e., After that time, the ammo you store will be inert)!

    Have you heard this one?

    • sspxer –

      I have not heard that – though I have heard similar things in the past. I can’t imagine how they would do that – I mean in what way they would pass it through Congress.

      Hell – I don’t know how they do half of what they do. If I hear anything I will post it.

      Take care – Rourke

  6. sspxer-

    That rumor has been floating around since Clinton was in office. There is a fairly good discussion about it on the S&W Forum.

    I’m not a PHD chemist, but I do know a little about explosives. Most primers are mercury fulminate, diazodinitrophenol, or some similar impact sensitive detonator. It would be not be possible to develop a chemical compound which would create a time delayed reduction in primer effectiveness without creating a high potential for misfires. Any ammo manufacturer who tried to implement this would open themselves up to ruinous lawsuits. Not that the liberals wouldn’t really like the ammo producers to be sued out of business. I just don’t see them willingly going down that road.


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