When we go to the range the topics of conversation we have are predictable – Weapons – Ammo – Targets – Range Fees (always a winner) – Women – Harleys – And last but not least – Gun Safes.


Most of us have our own. A few use the extra space in a friends to store their weapons (never really understood that thinking myself but it is better then trying to explain to the police and your insurance company why your weapons weren’t secured in the first place). Then there are the guy’s who won’t store their weapons out of their homes and their sight and can’t afford a secure safe.


The cost of a secure gun safe can run in excess of a couple of thousand dollars. Not to many people I know can afford that these days and if they could under the current political environment they would most likely spend it on another weapon. Then it happened. Out of the blue one of the guys says that he uses a Delta Jobox for his safe. It cost him less then five hundred dollars.


I am in construction. I can tell you truthfully that these things are as impenetrable as most gun safes . I have had them on job sites  chained to a post and have returned after a weekend off to find that someone tried to break into it without any success. I have discovered pry bar attemps on them . I have found them hammered with whatever was available (and trust me a job site has plenty available just lying there to do some serious damage with like rebar, concrete block, steel posts just to name a few). All failed.


They are available in quite a few sizes. The ones we use are the 48″X24″X27″‘s. If you needed to you could place a long gun in it diagonally up to 54″s.  The interior space on this chest is 15.4 Cubic Feet. They can be bolted to the floor through the feet at all four corners
I would suggest that you stick to the chest type Jobox with the Site-Vault Security System . I cannot personally attest the the security of any of their other products.


I hope this gives you an option to think about.



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  1. Though not much fire protection for contents, this is a fantastic idea for security. One of those “why didn’t I think of that before” things.

  2. Please realize the padlocks that fit construction tool boxes typically have 4 pins and are not secure from an attack by anyone with a lock pick set and some practice on these locks. What is yours becomes theirs in a minute or two without so much as a scratch on the tool box.

  3. Then again – If we are going to what if’s – I can break into most gun safes with a mallet and a 1/2 inch punch almost as fast as you can spin a 4 number combination – I think we are all pretty much in agreement that locks only keep honest people honest – And at best slow down an intruder – Nothing is impenetrable

  4. What appeals to me about this idea is it’s something we can carry in and install without bringing in outsiders to deal with the excessive weight.

  5. Something like this would, I think, do well for geo-caching part of your preps. Might be useful if the zombies burn your house down, false walls included. Put some dcon in for the critters.

    Be well

  6. $500!!! And that is the cheap alternative.

    Buy a cheap gunsafe and bolt it to the garage wall. Install one or two extra heavy duty hasps on the outside and put the biggest padlocks on it you can find. Inside the safe put in a switch that is closed when the safe is opened. Put nothing of value in the safe. Connect the switch to the loudest alarm money can buy. Someone breaks in your house, sees the safe and knows it must have something valubale in it. They spend their time opening it instead of searching your house and when it opens the alarm drives them away without any of your valuables. If you want to make it even better buy one of the game trail cameras and position it so it takes pistures of anyone near the safe. Then after the thiefs have run away you dopwnload the pictures and provide the police with the evidence.

    I think that a safe of anykind is an incentive to break into your home

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