Having a balanced supply of food………

Having a balanced supply of food is critical to survival:

My first and very important point is : NO  matter how much food is stored … it is not a supply  if it isn’t complete and nutritionally balanced,   Let me explain.

There are three types of thinking, where food storage is concerned :

Those who like to have the basic food storage, rotate and use the food everyday in their regular recipes. These foods include items such as dehydrated fruits and vegetables; beans and other legumes; wheat and other grains; powdered milk and other dried dairy products; pre-made mixes; baking items such as salt, sweeteners and oil; etc. They know how to mix up what they need and have usually already incorporated many items into their everyday cooking. They may have larger families and enjoy the cost cutting effect from using the larger sized foods to save money and know if they open a #10 can they will use it before it expires.

The second kind are those who want the ‘just add water’  food that’s great tasting, balanced and completely nutritional!! ( that’s me) Ease and convenience is #1, grab & go, put it up and forget it !! This does describe me but I also have a ton of wheat, beans, legumes etc. but my choice for today’s world is grab & go, put it up and forget it, and believe me if it wasn’t economical I would not be purchasing as much as I do. When you can prepare a meal for four adults for under $1 per serving and have great food – well I’m in !! For so many, the KISS (keep it simple stupid ) principle is what’s important.

The third kind are people who aren’t familiar with “prepping” or food storgage and all it entails. They want to be prepared but become overwhelmed at all they read and watch on TV, so overwhelmed they do nothing! They just give up because it all seems to be toooo much to deal with. Above all else, we want to tell these people WE HAVE THE ANSWER……..


Most of us will lean more to one type of this thinking, but we all need to incorporate both types of food in our storage – with so much going on in our lives the KISS ( keep it simple stupid ) method is more important than ever. So we’ve re-defined a simple and easy to do system that we call the Anchor System ™  which will easily allow anyone to store a nutritionally balanced food reserve for their families or themselves.

#1 – Plan your food reserves around the easy foods that require only water and heat. Order the soups or entrées from what ever company you prefer, there are several well known companies (our favorite and highly recommended is GoFoods, get a free sample to see if you agree) Order what you know you or your family will eat and order enough to provide 2 servings per day per person. Make sure you compare , which is the hardest part of the plan.

What equals one serving ?? believe me it’s not always easy to find out. You want a company that has a full one cup serving per serving !! We have a wholesale agreement with all the companies out there, have tried them, served them, sampled them to thousands of people at fairs and events, (which is why we prefer Gofoods). You do you own research, order the samples and decide for yourself. If you would like to look at our comparisons pleas click here. When you decide then order at least a three month supply of entree’s and soups etc that you know your family will like.

Then take a look at each product and add on dried amounts of food that will extend and expand your choices, this will create a third serving per day per person. Not to mention give you more varieties.

Tortilla Soup – add black beans,( it’s nice to have the bouillons on hand too, makes it all better)

Thai Coconut Noodles – add peppers and pineapple ( dehydrated )

Cheddar Broccoli Soup – the grand kids love this over rice!

So you can see adding some rice, beans etc is easy to do and will extend your ‘easy foods’ many times over. But you can just purchase the just add water foods and be just fine, the decision is yours.

Store what you eat and eat what you store.

Using this method will surprise you how easily & quickly you can plan out your food reserves with nutritionally superior foods, lightweight, and you only need water and fuel to cook them up.

It takes the worry and work out of being prepared food wise. BUT WATER is #1, if you don’t have enough water you don’t need to worry about anything else ( you can survive weeks without food, only days without water)

Go buy $50 worth of water gallons today and hide them around your house, under your bed, behind your sofa etc etc. Then purchase a couple 55 gal food grade drums, and add a couple water barrels outside. At a minimum you need one gal. per person per day, minimum.

If you have a gas stove that’s great but you need a back up to boil the water,, IE ..propane, camp stove, a favorite of ours is a Kelly’s Kettle. Whatever you choose you need to have that back up both one for in-home shelter and one to take along.


How important is a balanced supply ???

Let’s talk about the weekly buying of a supply – putting in a little at a time starting with a few basic grains and building up gradually. Ten years ago that was an option, not now. Whatever is missing in that supply needs to be filled in immediately.

For example, let’s look at two families.

One family has a 1-year supply of all the “basic” grains. The other family has a 3-month supply of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, proteins, grains and cereals. In short a complete and balanced supply.

How long will each family survive?

ñ   The family with the grains will make it a few days before the beginning of dysentery, and scurvy – the illnesses the pioneers experienced on the same diet.

ñ   The other family with the balanced supply will be fine for at least 3 months. Their only problem is poor judgment in the quantity of supply.

The conclusion, if a supply is not balanced and complete, it is virtually no supply at all. The council to store what we eat is absolute. How much is enough? That’s up to every family.

Is it better to have what you don’t need or to need what you don’t have?


Brenda Nicholson “The Preparedness Guru” ( one of the Two Sisters )


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4 thoughts on “Having a balanced supply of food………”

  1. The problem I’ve found with those simple, “add water” meals is that usually they have some unhealthy crap in them such as dyes, MSG, maltodextrin, modified something or another, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, way too much sugar or salt. I could go on but you get the idea.

  2. There is another group of people – those who only eat fresh food, made from scratch. For health reasons I can’t eat grains, sugar, legumes or milk at the moment. I don’t eat anything that has anything artificial in it and I never eat anything from a can – well, perhaps once a year.

    So store what you eat: 3 months meat supply in the freezer with a back up generator and gas. Vegetables in the garden and fruit on the tree.

    Basic grains spike my blood sugar and set off eye disease which leaves me sick and blind. Milk spikes the blood sugars also.

    Of all the disasters I’ve observed and read about total collapse is rare and is not one I’m preparing for food wise (skills wise, yes). I’m preparing for the most likely problems first and reversing poor health is top of my list with food being the biggest cause of ill health and healer of it when I get it right.

  3. Harriet, We do not need “total collapse” to create a food shortage.Local
    disasters,interruption of power and services due to weather,(earthquake,ice storms,drought,flood,etc.) strikes by employees,a flu pandemic, can raise havoc. Being prepared is essential and yes eating as healthfully as possible is ideal. You can stock up on organic products. Skills are essential but w/o food and water you will be too weak to utilize those skils. Arlene

  4. Heya Peeps,

    The food supplies I sell on my website are nutritionally balanced and don’t contain artificial ingredients, but they are not just add water foods. That type of food requires better meal planning and more cooking time. The problem with eating healthy is it is not cheap, and unfortunately until I get enough orders to justify hiring my own kitchen I cannot sell it at as low a price as the typical, non-nutritious, and inadequate calorie containing emergency food supplies on the market currently.

    Just look at Wise, their “month supply” 56 meal bucket of food is at 600 calories a day, which is grossly insufficient. Adults need 1200 a day just to keep their organs functioning, and 2500 or so a day is considered normal. These companies all scrimp on the calories and nutrition and produce factory food that is unhealthy and will not sustain you long term. Everyone goes out and buys it and thinks they are prepared…unfortunately they are in for a rude awakening…the aforementioned Wise 56 meal bucket has enough calories for maybe a week, and minimal nutrition. Scurvy, rickets, and other issues from malnutrition are your future if you eat this food exclusively.

    Lots of people think they will hunt game and supplement, but how many squirrels are there in your neighborhood…how many neighbors…do the math…still think that’s a good idea? Eating healthy and well are an absolute requirement if things are downhill enough you won’t have access to advanced medical care. Small problems are all made worse by poor nutrition and health. I hope people will check out my site and buy food that is actually life sustaining, instead of a placebo like most of the food on the market currently. There is a lot of information there, as well as some products I have personally tested and consider the best of what is available.




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