Guest Post: Gratitude and Preparedness Today


By  Jason Ashlaw


                It’s interesting in this world and the times we have around us, how much information about prepping and practical self-sufficiency one can find if they look.  Internet sites abound,  books are everywhere, blogs,  magazines, television, and certainly, people. So many subjects go along with all these informative places, one can be uncertain where to start, or sometimes be just plain old giddy about how sweet it is to have access to knowledge about “our” favorite subject.  Presently, I am 38 years old,  why is this relevant?  It puts me in a unique position of neither being “young” or “old”.  I find myself often recognizing the energy of the younger crowd and the wisdom of the older crowd.  Truly, there is something to be learned from everyone, and the sooner a person realizes this fact is when they open their mind to the endless wealth and variety of information, methods, and experiences of others.

                This leads me to the survival topic that most people fail to address.   Surely, food storage, water, security, firearms, medicine, and all the other important topics are very vital to our complete survival and preparedness toolbox,  but where would we be if all the people who had all this valuable knowledge simply kept it to themselves.  Many individuals would flounder like a beached fish without the sacrifices and hard work of the men and women who through long periods of time and great trial and error developed this information and practices.  It certainly is not by sheer chance that all of this comes about.  It is with great strength and determination that people continually attempt to improve and modify their lifestyles, and enhance the future of themselves and their families.  These people have recognized that no one or no government is going to “take care of everything” for us and they have decided with sometimes no support of others, to take the steps that hopefully insure a better outcome for the future of their loved ones.  I personally own dozens of books addressing survival and preparedness.  I have five magazine subscriptions on similar subject matter.  I am avidly involved in modernsurvivalonline.  I am also constantly surfing, “between spending time with my kids and the love of my life” online for the latest ideas, tools, weapons, techniques, and debates.

                Where am I going with all this?  The subject of the day.  GRATITUDE. You may never find a more grateful person than me.  I appreciate so much how engaged all forms of people have become in self sufficiency.  Not too many things make me happier than the constant flow of information that so many people so graciously broadcast about how to be self reliant.  I love it when someone says “my grandmother always used to….”  Or “back in the old days we…” or “our ancestors did…”.   Why is this so exciting?  Because, times have changed so much, with our reliance on bleeping cell phones, “you’ve got mail” computer voices, and the constant expectation that the lights will be on, the grocery store is full,  gas is always available, and I can take three showers a day if I want to.  “Back in the old days”, none of this was available or for certain, yet our elders did just fine, if not better than us.  So this leads me to more reasons why I am grateful.  Perhaps someday, through no fault of our own, we will be knocked back into “the old days”,  and I can guarantee when that comes I won’t be the only the grateful person running around with my books and magazines saying “man I’m glad somebody wrote this”. So, the next time, you “expect” something, or having a burning desire to discount someone’s beliefs or ideas, or decide to be judgemental or insulting to an individual who is attempting to contribute to the “lifestyle” we love so much, STOP.   Recognize that just because you may not agree or have a better idea,  the whole point of you even being able to criticize, is pre-empted by the fact that there are people out there who care enough about the rest of us that they are willing to share what is in their toolbox.  No one is “telling” you anything, they are offering up solutions and ideas to various issues we all face.  Agree or disagree, maybe you should just try and be grateful.


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  1. Great post! I am grateful to everyone who posts online, writes books and speaks out about the subject of self-reliance. It’s strange how the history of it is there yet no one around me wants to hear about it and thinks it will never be something we have to worry about. It is comforting to know I am not alone in my preparedness mind-set. Everyday I learn something new because someone cared enough to share their knowledge. Much thanks to them. Blessings, ~Jen

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