Guest Post: Government Handouts?

By Courtney D.


It’s getting harder to be self-sufficient. The government seems hell-bent on preventing it. From “nuisance abatement teams” forcing off-griders to hook back in to cities creating ordinances so that they can destroy our backyard gardens, taking care of our own families is certainly being undermined by politicians intent to control us. Certainly, self-sufficiency is necessary to our survival- the economy is failing faster each day. It won’t be long now before the Greater Depression sweeps over the entire world. And then there will be no government handouts to take care of anyone, no Big Brother to keep saying that the economy is fine.

I think, perhaps, we have been looking at this all from the wrong perspective, and I know many of you will completely disagree with me, but that’s ok. Part of our self-sufficient planning should include a couple of government handouts- if we meet the requirements to receive them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning sitting on our bums collecting rocking chair money and getting fat. I do, however, think there may be something to the idea of actually accepting a government handout here and there. Whether it’s unemployment, social security, food stamps, WIC (if you’re a woman), medicaid, or any of their other “handouts,” if you meet the requirement for one of them, TAKE IT! Not because we need them, let’s face it, as preppers even if we were out of work long-term we’ve all taken precautions so that our family would be clothed, fed, and have a roof over their heads, so we certainly don’t need the handout, but accept them because of two very important things.

1. You can use it to supplement your preps! Qualify for Medicaid? Go get a physical! You can only care for your family as long as you’re actually healthy enough to do it. Qualify for food stamps? Increase your food storage- just don’t fall into the trap of thinking “ok, I’ve got xx amount in food stamps, so I can buy food with it and spend my money on everything else,” KEEP YOUR FOOD BUDGET!!! Qualify for social security? Go do a happy dance, well, if there’s any money left in the social security funds…

 Use those handouts to help you get more prepared!

2. This, I think is the real reason that we, as preppers, should accept handouts on occasion. It makes you look like one of the sheeple! It takes eyes off of you. If you look like you need them, they’ll think they have you, that you’re not a threat. When really, that makes us the biggest threat of all- we can hide right under their noses and be there with our pitchforks and torches when they decide martial law is the way to go.

Ok, really, I’m not a conspirator, I just think it’s time we start fighting back! There was a time when being self-sufficient was enough. A time when just finding ways not to rely on the government showed them that we won’t give in so easily, that there are still Americans who believe in the Constitution. But that time has passed. They’re playing dirty, so it’s time we all jump in and start doing a little mud wrestling!

I know most of you don’t agree with me, but the way I see it is this:

They’re using us against each other (a la Doomsday Preppers and other “commercial prepper” stuff that makes us all look like crackjobs), so why shouldn’t we use their programs against them? The time to turn the other cheek is past. If we don’t change our tactics, there will be more Andrew Wordes out there.

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9 thoughts on “Guest Post: Government Handouts?”

  1. I milk the Agriculture subsidies for all their worth. I’ve also used the Soil Conservation Service to fund some of my land improvements – Agriculture Management Assistance, mostly. If you can produce at least $1,000 worth of marketable farm goods you can qualify for up to $50,000 in assistance! Sell tomatoes and cucumbers to your friends, neighbors, and relatives. Plant fruit trees and sell the results.

  2. SS is not a handout. I am 63 and I have worked since I was 17. I paid it in and I do not consider it a handout.

  3. An don’t forget that for 50 plus year the feds tookmoney out of the SS and gave us paper promises. They now owe the SS $4trillion. It is our money, they owe it to us and they have a legal enforcable obligation to repay us. It is not a handout.

  4. I couldn’t do it and still sleep at night.

    @MaryA, it’s not a handout per se – but the gov’t and the Fed have destroyed the value of your contributions over the years, look at your SS yearly statement for your lifetime contributions, then figure how much you’ll take out of it if you live to the average age of 84 or so. Isn’t your fault directly, only that your contributions were destroyed by inflation (literally, printing money), plus your contributions were less because there were more current workers per SS recipient as that ratio was much higher during your working years than it is now. Had SS been capped that no one was ever allowed to draw out more than they put in, then maybe the boomers would have been more careful to elect anti-inflationist/hard-money candidates in the past. Had you and your peers forced the gov’t to actually save the current contriubtions, instead of spending the excess money they took in, that would have stretched how long it could be funded without deficit spending too. Unfortunately, everybody was just happy to pass the bill to the next generation (mine too, the Gen-X’ers). Now there’s no good options, either the young support the old in the manner they’ve become were accustomed while trying to make their own ends meet in a bad economy, or let Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa starve (or move in with them I guess). Good description here:

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever read a post that has got me more frustrated with people! It’s not really the original post, more on the likes of folks like the commentor Harry. While I work for the government, I’m somebody who serves a purpose other than someone passing out money (think sheriff, firefighter, teacher, etc.). The Department I work for includes many of these cost share programs. I highly dislike those! First people scream that they don’t want to pay higher taxes then they turn around and take money for doing nothing. I’m sorry but having the feds pay up to 90% of you putting in drip irrigation or planting trees (which you had intended to do anyway) is stealing from the taxpayers! Instead of taking this money why don’t you ask your congressperson to get rid of those handout programs? This is one of the reasons the country is in the toilet. Participating when you don’t need to means you are part of the problem.

  6. mary, to you it is not a handout. to others like me who wont qualify for ss benifits till after it is broke, its theft. taking the fruit of someones labor to give to another is theft… and no im not saying that your a thief.. the whole system is a pyramid scheme, originally it was set up so that the retirement age was 7 years beyond the average life expectancy… it was never meant to be paid back to the people that paid into it. now we have a couple generations that never prepared for retirement scraping by on SS.

  7. I’ve seen this covered in a number of different stories that serve as fiction, but could easily be used as alternate comments on our future predicaments. Each time, they point out what you have… it’s better to be stealth, than to be obvious.

    My own approach is that I will take the handouts like a lemming, and that those handouts will go into “overstock”, the houeshold term we use for “saving for a rainy day”. Under the communist dream of some, they like the idea of negative population growth to “save the planet”. Negative population growth can come in less aggressive forms like the China One Child Per concept (yes, less aggressive), or more aggressive, like pandemics, and more.

    Whether you are on the side of accidental or intentional, the stories go that smallpox was brought to the America’s on blankets that were given for free to the natives. Those that took them, were infected… those that did not… well, they live on nice little reservations in the middle of nowhere.

  8. thank you SS and Medicare. l’m using the extra money to prep for my kids and g-kids. they won’t get any handouts when TSHTF!


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