Give Me a Hand Someone

Give Me a Hand Someone

by Bret Gould

We talked about layering our weapons.  We talked about the rifle, pistol, tomahawk and knife.  What is the foundation for all of the skills?  Where do we go from here.  We go to hand to hand.

Consider some great warriors from the past.  The samurai, the spartan, the ninja, the Burmese Bando fighter, the great Kungfu warrior.  What did they all have in common?  A method and the combat mindset.Coming from a law enforcement background, I have had plenty of opportunities to see in real life and what works and what does not.  So let’s lay out a few facts. Size is not everything as evidenced by the old Jack Dempsey/ Jess Willard fight. Arguably one of the worst beating every seen on tape.  A true size miss match.  but, a few martial arts lessons will not turn the 100 pound female into a killing machine.  My favorite saying is that you can’t take a chihuahua to a pit bull school as they just don’t have the dna.   We also need to get something clear. Some people are just gifted athletes and are better at some things.  Yes sometimes the tae kwon do guys will beat the mma guys or the wrestlers. It does happen. so now we have to find a method and think of why we are doing this.

If you are reading this blog you probably have a suspicion that things in our country are not right and that bad things are coming.  Bearing that fact in m ind you want to find a hand to hand combat method.  You want to find a method you can live with, that will impart skills and fighting spirit.  Let me tell you what you don’t want. You don’t want to take tae kwon do.  You don’t need to learn to do jumps spin kicks that are impractical in the real world, on uneven surfaces, with stree clothes on. You don’t want an art that you have to spend more time stretching than anything else. You don’t want to take american karate, where you do katas and don’t know the application, spar like a kick boxer and do a 3rd set of techniques for self defense that do not even resemble the katas.  You do not want to get involved in only one art that does not include use of modern weapons.  I include the statement, modern weapons, to direct you away from nunchaku, tonfa, sai or sickles or any other traditional weapons that are impractical.  Or mma where people in bare feet, fight on a clean floor, with gloves, and a referee and a fight dr.  Watch any mma and the first groin kick or eye gouge and the fight stops for the victim to rest.  Try this in real life.

So where does that leave us. It leave us with combat arts like krav maga, bando,  kali, silat, wing chun kungu, Jeet Kune do..  There are more reality based arts than this but these are ones I’m familiar with and they work very well.  Why do they work?  they emphasize real fighting situation.  Silat is a complete art as is Kali and Bando.  that means that they cover all ranges, weapons and empty hands , stand up or grappling.  The silat fighter trains with the mindset, in several styles, that he is fighting 3 people. so every technique is done with that tactcal scenario in mind.  

The neophyte asks why is mma not so great here?  Yes the mma guys are in great shape, do great things in the nice clean ring.  Ask yourself and then watch mma to check it out, could you eye gouge the guy, bite him or grab the family jewels , so to speak, in some of those hold?  the answer is yes.  And what would they do if the opponent pulls out a concealed blade? Die 

People we are training to survive. We need to train hard, get fit and prepare for reality,  Reality is weapons, multiple opponents and people who ambush , back stab and cheat.  this is another factor. Reality is not two guys agreeing to fight.  A silat master recently wrote and article on the fallacy of mma due to the fact that at any time in the mma fight, the opponent can pull a blade and it is over.  We need to have training in a system that prepares us for this. A system that prepares us to fight back off of the ground and not lay on the ground like a Gracie doing the dieing cockroach.  Also folks, we need to take some gunfighting courses. Pick who you like but Larry Vickers Travis Haley, Vata School, Gabriel Suarez , to name a few, teach the real deal.  Hand and weapons are only recently taught separately. In the past they were taught together . As Bruce Lee once said, the only thing that changes in combat is the distance. Learn from fingertips to 500 yards and you will prevail.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more Bret! Plan for the worst…hope for the best! Be prepared! Adapt/overcome/improvise etc etc There are hundreds of sayings and proverbs that in one way or another convey what you propoe. Trouble is most people have to have “prepared” defined for them. Good article..tks.

  2. Thanks for the praise. I’ve always tried to do things reality based. I am not trained to be a sportsman. I am a native cajun and we fight dirty, we fight to win. I also let my talk match my walk. I assess my capabilities honestly and train accordingly. I hope others do the same. We have big problems coming and only those prepared will survive.

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