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Everywhere you look there are references to bartering, and how it will be an asset when shtf.

But why not use bartering now before the shtf to help enable you to get prepared?

Bartering is, by definition a system of exchanging goods and services without the use of currency.

Let’s face it, when the shtf there won’t be many people with any money to get what they need.

In today’s economy, there are far more financially challenged people trying to prepare for the shtf scenario than ones that do have money. The products that are out there are just out of some people’s price range. But, there is no reason you can’t get them!

By bartering now, you can build your reserves and knowledge, not to mention finding other like-minded souls that could benefit from you!



Take stock of what your strengths and skills are!

What do you work at every day to earn money? Do you hunt or fish? Are you a mechanic? If so, put the word out that you might trade some repair work for canned food or other items that you may need in your preps. Major repairs in exchange for major items, such as guns or perhaps a welder of generator!

Example: There are many women out there that know how to preserve food, sew or craft items, but have no idea on how to change the oil in their car. You, as the mechanic trade an oil change for so much preserved food or a homemade blanket or something that the woman makes that could be used in your preps.

Are you a hairdresser? Trade your services and knowledge for items that you need. Example an oil change or ask someone to teach you how to do an oil change or some skill that would benefit you when the shtf. Knowledge is a wonderful tool to have, no matter what it is you learn!

Do you garden? Many people live on small lots in towns and have no idea how to plant the first thing in a garden. Teach them in exchange for something that they have or know how to do. Even if it’s just baby sitting your children while you and your husband go out foreging/shopping for supplies.

If you know someone that does preserve food by canning or dehydrating, ask them if you provided the food if they would preserve it in exchange for so much of the finished product! This not only saves you time and trouble but also the expense of purchasing a dehydrator or pressure canner!

You could also ask them to teach you how to preserve food in exchange for finished product.

Don’t forget to tap into a much ignored resource, the elderly generation and retired folks.

A lot of these people have a wealth of know- how and would be willing to share their knowledge with you just to have someone to talk to! You could offer to do their yard work or shopping or perhaps make them a dinner in exchange for information.


Find a bartering network! Check out local websites like They have a section just for bartering items.

Many local areas now have bartering sites on the web for their communities. Ask around, You might be surprised at what you find.

Post advertisements in local businesses for your services or items. Don’t forget word of mouth. People you know, know other’s. You could possibly start your own bartering network.


Don’t limit yourself! No matter what your level of skills are, there is someone out there that would benefit from your knowledge.


Don’t sell yourself short! Make sure you put a fair price on your services and don’t take advantage of another person! They are just like you, trying to survive. Remember that bartering is a trade. Make sure you get something equal to what you are giving.


These are only a few examples for bartering. If you think, I am sure you can come up with an idea that is perfect for your situation.

Your only limit to bartering is the limits that you put on yourself!

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5 thoughts on “DON’T WAIT TO BARTER!”

  1. Pointing out that when TSHTF, it’s not so much that people won’t have money; it’s that the money they do have won’t be worth anything – you can’t eat it or wear it, and it’s not a good fuel source. It’ll be worthless.

    My suggestion – convert your cash to tangibles, and prep while you still can use your money for those things. If nothing happens, you can start saving again, AND you’ll be ready for just about anything.

  2. Clinger:
    I don’t know, I always though it would be good as recyclable T.P. after all it has high rag content and is made to last. You may even get a coke rush from all of the contanminents that are said to be present on our Green T.P.

    Good article, I just may post a sign out on the front gate. “Will trade for???” Barter is also a high demand skill that needs to be learned and practiced, the sooner the better.
    Regards, D.

  3. Rourke-yes a bartering area would be great. Of course it may have to be done by e mail or phone.
    We have 40 years of organic farming (raising livestock,gardening, heating with wood, bee keeping,etc
    I am trained as a therapist in counseling.
    Once I made pear preserves and grape jelly for a man who had the grapes and pears .We divided the batches in half.
    Happy Memorial day to all and thanks to all our veterans.
    Last night we had frost (had to cover or bring in all the veggie plants etc.)north of us there was 3 feet of snow (NYS) Arlene


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