Guest Post Contest II Upcoming…….

Hello all –

I wanted to announce to everyone that the 2nd Survival & Preparedness Guest Post Contest will start towards the end of July.

The last contest went great and had some fantastic writings from many readers on a variety of subjects. So – lets do it again!!

I already have the Grand Prize set up – and it is really awesome! I will be lining up some additional prizes and will make an announcement in a couple of weeks.

So – just like the last contest – multiple entries are welcome – so start writing!!

Take care all –


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  1. Rourke,

    I thought you would like to know that I received the first place prize late yesterday evening: Wise Company’s 120 servings of mylar-sealed meals. It has been a busy day for me, so I haven’t had any time to try any of the meals out; but rest assured that I will just as soon as possible. I’m thinking along the lines of trying one of the cheesy macaroni meals as a review. The rest will be stored away for a time when they are actually needed.

    The gift also came with a Sport Berkey water bottle with a portable water purifier. My oldest son hovered around it so much that I opted to simply let him have it. I’m sure he’ll be letting me know how well it works and tastes in the days to come.

    Anyway, thanks for selecting my entry as the big winner. There were so many fantastic entries that I don’t envy you having to make such difficult decisions. I look forward to the next contest, as well. Take care, brother.


  2. Rourke,

    I just tried the Wise cheesy lasgana dinner, and I have to say it was DELICIOUS!!! For a freeze-dried and dehydrated meal it was, quite simply, the best I’ve ever had! And I’ve eaten a lot.

    Offering their food storage 120-serving meal container as a prize is an excellent marketing ploy, and I can now endorse them 100%, and plan on actually buying a couple of additional 120-serving containers. Please let all of your subscribers, casual readers, friends and family, and anyone else you can think of know, Wise Company is the best going!

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