Guest Post Contest…….and the winners are…..

Judging for the first ModernSurvivalOnline Guest Post Contest was incredibly difficult. I did the best I could.

I primarily based my judging by giving merit to those posts that provided benefit to all of you… readers… some way. I also provided extra merit to those posts, well…….I just liked the most.

Man – this has not been easy.

Alright – here are the winners:


– Honorable Mentions

I have selected 2 Honorable Mentions.

A. The first – Steve in AZ for sending multiple guest posts – HERE & HERE

B. The second  – p.a. turner for a very useful post – read it HERE.

Both Steve and p.a. turner have won a copy of the book Getting Out Alive: 13 Deadly Scenarios and How Others Survived by Scott B. Williams


5th Place

Suzannah Byerly, who hosts her own preparedness blog – won 5th place with her post The Skinny on Preparedness.

Value: $6.99


Gift Pack from – A cool pack of survival supplies such as para-cord, a LED flashlight, a very nice folding knife, etc.


4th Place

Ken, who wrote a detailed post called OPSEC Before and After a Major Emergency, won 4th Place.


Value: $65

Paladin Go Bag


3rd Place

Jon in Colorado Springs wrote an excellent piece called A Basic Bug-In Plan – for 3rd Place.

Donated by

Value: $78.90

Magpul CTR AR-15 Stock


2nd Place

Jennifer S. in Reno won 2nd Place with a post many of us can identify with – To the Wives, Girlfriends and Other Happy Ladies. This post deals with have a spouse that just doesn’t see the light….. excellent.

Donated by Shelf Reliance

Value: $169

Basic 3 Month Freeze Dried Fruit Supply



………and finally


1st Place

RobNPhx wrote a great post called A Survivalist Mindset Amongst Apathy. I choose this post to win 1st Place as it was just so well written and should hit home with many preppers in a world surrounded by non-preppers. The post really hit home with me.

RobNPhx has won the following –

Donated by

Value: $229

WISE Company Food Storage – 120 Servings


Thank you to all of those that participated. I wish I had more prizes as there were so many great posts.

I also want to thank the following sponsors that helped make this contest possible:

Shelf Reliance

Food Security Knowledge Pack

EDC Depot

I hope to have another contest in a couple of months.

Take care all and congrats to all the winners.



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  1. Congrats to all of you that won. I read every one of them and I would not have wanted to judge this contest. It would have been close to impossible to choose a winner. Great job everyone and I hope you put those cool prizes to good use.

  2. Rourke,

    First of all, let me just say thanks! With all of the great postings I saw on a near daily basis, no way did I imagine my post would even get so much as a mention, much less the 1st prize! Wow! I am so completely blown away and honored by this. Keep up the good work getting the word out on prepping and good bush-crafting skills. Your site and daily postings are an inspiration to me, and others like me, to continue, even when I sometimes feel like I might be wasting my time.

    Thanks again so very much.


  3. Hey there Rorke.

    I wanted to say Thanks Again and give a shout out to Shelf Reliance! I got my prize two days ago and I am very impressed with the size of the cans, the outside quality and the packing!

    Please tell them Thank you for me!


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