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Community is something we hear about in prepping circles but it is usually spoken of in very vague terms and with little explanation.  A community is necessary because in a SHTF or WROL situation you are not going to make very long on your own.  It’s common sense.  However in today’s world, where trust is an outdated, empty word for most people, I understand the dilemma.  We’re talking about very serious things; your family’s safety and security and liberty.

I live in a very nice, some would claim, upscale neighborhood, but there is very little, “Community” however.   People may give a quick wave, but soon disappear into their big houses and hide in front of the flat-screen, or computer.  Their idea of community is “Facebook”.   Gone are the days of sitting on the front porch talking face to face.  People are too busy, self-centered and unwilling to open themselves up to the idea of community.  In a way, I can hardly blame them.  Who can you trust?  The world is a vastly different place than most of us were born into or raised up in.  You reach out and you may get burned.

I am “stuck” in the suburbs.  The housing market crash, stole our future plans of a small home in the country with enough land for a garden and maybe a few animals.  Our equity is gone; stolen.  I use the word, stolen, deliberately.  Politicians forcing banks to loan money to people who had no means or potential means to repay the loans was one of the greatest thefts of wealth by our Federal Government.   Who can you trust?

Here’s the truth, I don’t know.  My family has no other family members living in our state.  We’re alone.  We have friends, but few who are of like mind.  What do you do?  Here is what I decided, start a community.  Take a risk and put out a word and see what happens.  I started a group.  In less than two weeks I have over 20 people interested in attending.  More are signing on each day.  I hit a nerve.  Now what?  Well, that remains to be seen.  Here is what I plan on telling them in our first “public” meeting:

First, I plan on congratulating them on taking a risk and being bold enough and responsible enough to realize they too need a “community”.  Secondly, I have decided to speak to them on three principles that I am seeking in a “Prepper” community.  The first thing that I am looking for is a place to learn, a place to share skills and information pertaining to prepping and the fellowship of others.  Secondly, I am looking for potential individuals and families that I personally would consider inviting into my inner circle.  These are the relationships that will require time and nurturing to develop the trust and strong ties that will be needed in a WROL situation.  Third, I will be encouraging other individuals and families to do the same.  It is my hope that several small tightly knit groups would then be able to form a network and thus a regional community.

We will see where this leads..


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  1. Rent your home and move. Depending on where you live this can be a practical alternative to selling. There are some distinct tax advantages to being a landlord that may help you afford to buy elsewhere. Get a property management company to find renters and collect the rent etc. it’s worth the 10% fee they charge.

  2. Awesome post SheepDog! We are traveling a similar path. I started a group this past December. We had 14 people at the first meeting. We are now averaging 35 people a meeting, with around 70 on our contact list. We have recently split into more community based groups. I am attaching our website address. If I can be of any assistance, send me an email through the website. Good luck! I think you may be amazed at what you started.

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