COMMUNITY FILE #5 Training day!

This is another of my “Community files” that I send out to my retreat group. It and the others I have posted here may be of use to you in planning training for your group. D.


Training day!

Although all of the construction that needs done is very important, this is more so.

Most if not all of you have no military experience let alone combat experience. If I do not try to pass at least the basics along to you, you will probably get yourself killed. Some things we need to train in ASAP:

1.       Dry firing; snapping in- sight picture-prone, sitting, kneeling and offhand firing positions.
2.       Trigger squeeze.
3.       Reloading:  magazine change, bolt release, clearing jams, etc. using gross motor skills.
4.       Fire and maneuver.
5.       Dis-engagement.
6.       Cover and concealment.
7.       Patrolling; movement, ambush and counter-ambush, flanking.
8.       Guard and perimeter defense.
9.       Transition from primary to secondary weapons.
10.   Mission load-out.
11.   IFAKs and other gear: optics, knives, NVDs.
12.   Recovery of wounded. 

You will need the following for this training:

1.       Any airsoft weapons you may have with magazines, ammo and any optics, etc. that you plan to use on your real weapons.
2.       Your personal weapons with loaded magazines.(For tear down, maintenance and failure to fire drills only)
3.       Your load carrying / plate carriers, with all the gear you plan to use.
4.       Wear clothes appropriate to patrolling during SHTF.

This won’t be fun, but can be with the right attitude. NONE of this training will be live fire! This will be a COLD, COLD range with simulated weapons. Loaded mags are for weight only!!!!

We will try to do this under the radar but some observation will be inevitable. Cover will be IPSC 3 gun combat training. Remember this. Bring your Range Officer caps.

I will do the long gun training and R. will cover handguns (R. you need to put together a training outline) M. will assist. M. and R. have a great deal of experience in civilian combat shooting in 3 gun matches.

ALL involved in this retreat should make a real attempt to participate in this training together for group dynamics and cohesion. We may not be able to repeat it for those who will not attend.

This is important people!!! It may well save your lives during your bug-out. There is safety in numbers and you need to be able to operate effectively in small fire team groups.    Regards, D.

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3 thoughts on “COMMUNITY FILE #5 Training day!”

  1. Which posts are Community files #2, 3, and 4? I would go one further and encourage the members to go to a Appleseed event where basics of marksmanship is taught. Having members go to IDPA and 3 gun is good stress training also but need to be remembered that many 3 gun and ISPC is more gaming then actual “training” in using cover & tactical shooting like in IDPA.

  2. I don’t mean to be snippy. but I’ve been trying to figure out what part of the above you didn’t read, to form a reply.

    Just about anyone can be taught to shoot. Operating in a combat environment is another thing all together, what the above addresses. There is NO gunfire at all taking place. Most of the info is for pre-shooting (snapping in, which can be done anywhere) and operational movement etc. basic military training. I would venture to say ALL sport shooting and public ranges would frown on your showing up with full gear and trying to do FTF drills and patrol movement and ambushes. I am a cerified RO/ former military as is my core fire team that will do this training as well as any basic marksmanship on private property.

    Yes if you have no one with skills, get your training where ever you can, but without spending the big bucks, it will not be as outlined above. This is an outline for the skilled to bring along the un-skilled. I would rather all my people know how to move and operate safely before busting a single cap. That can all be done in private.
    I understand what you mean by gaming,(seen it, done it)but it does not apply here.

    As to files #2,3 and 4, vet into my group and I’ll send you the emails. Only what is broadly applicable of our private files, makes it here. Regards, D.

    This training day has been completed.
    I was able to turn out half of our people.
    It looked like the set of “Wild Geese III”
    It was an eye opener for both the skilled and novice, as most have only had their full gear on once, let alone had to run, fire and maneuver in it. Stock lengths were effected by plate carriers, site picture by goggles and gas masks, slings hanging up on poorly positioned gear. Novices discovering that TV tactics can get you shot in the back by your own guys. Some showed up without all their gear. “You are dead!” was heard a few times.

    I used Southernprepper1 and Maineprepper You-tube vids, a white board to teach/illustrate and then took it outside to do “Hands On” with a collection of airsoft M4s and hand guns. (We also did this again at night with NVDs mounted.) R. also got a chance to run drills on our very effective dis-arming program. We discovered that Zena, his 85lb Shepard would lick attack him if he went down. (attack training for Zena in the offing)

    Young and old bitched in pain as I insisted on them getting into propper shooting positions so that they could follow up at home. I had them do team coaching, which worked really well by allowing the proper positions to be seen from both inside and outside. Ths resulted in a few Eureka moments. All agreed that we need another cold range training day as well as a live fire one in the near future.

    Set up a training day, it will be a rewarding experience for all.
    Regards, D.


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