Changing the Gun Control Landscape

By Kevin Zent

This subject is near and dear to me and I’ll bet also to you. Gun control proponents are everywhere.

A person does not have to look very hard to find anti-gun sentiment on the internet, on network television or cable news networks. The coverage is always very one sided.

We can hardly blame those who are against the average citizen having a gun, no matter what the reason; heaven forbid you are a Christian too; Homeland Security calls you a “terrorist” if you meet those criteria.

In Chicago, those of us that own weapons, either for sport or self protection are much maligned by the media as crazy gun toting killers. Think about it, try and name a time you have seen anything pro gun on any news channel. 

Oh sure, there  have been standard news reports about Supreme Court 2nd amendment rulings, but those are hardly pro gun, but instead used as material for the anti-gun crowd to tell us how much more unsafe we are because of those rulings.

Somewhere online recently the following was suggested.   When someone asks if you are pro guns answer that you are “pro rights”.  I myself am pro rights no matter what the right is.

The next time you are having a conversation with someone who asks if you are pro-guns tell them you are not sure what they mean but you are pro rights.

Being pro rights is normal.  This will cause any anti gun lefty (anti-rights lefty) to stop and think a moment.  The last thing any card carrying liberal/progressive wants to be seen as is anti rights.

Another suggestion is regarding “assault weapons”. Seriously, how many of you pro rights law abiding brethren reading this post purchased their M4 carbine, mini-14, etc. to assault anything or anyone. We purchase then to hunt and protect ourselves.

The very purpose the 2nd amendment exists.  Ask them what they mean by “assault weapon” and tell them you have weapons commonly found in an American home.

They won’t have a definition of “assault weapon” because they never really thought about it; the person you are talking to assault weapon is just a talking point.

How about terms like “high capacity magazine”?   Magazines are magazines.  Some hold more cartridges and some hold less.

Calling them high capacity plays into the anti-gun lobby’s hands. After all what is high capacity to me, might be very different from your definition.

But, one cannot argue that larger capacity magazines allow us to better protect ourselves. More ammo=more protection.

We have to stop writing laws to try to stop criminals and crazies; laws don’t deter them. The only thing gun laws stop is law abiding citizens from exercising their God given rights.

Some of you who are pro rights will argue some small gun control concession/ laws are ok, in the name of reason of course.  But don’t make that mistake.

The anti gun lobby is using your reason, and has been chipping away a little bit at a time for most of the last century trying to take your 2nd amendment rights away.

We must fight every attack on our rights from gun control to burning the flag.  Yeah I said it; in this country we have the right of freedom of speech.  As painful as burning our glorious flag is to me after 14 years of military service, it is a right.

I fought for that one and all of our other rights. Don’t let them go easily with being reasonable as the cause. Let’s turn around these attacks on our rights.

Pro-gun is meant to make us look like crazies.  The left is masterful at using words to press their agenda.  Let’s use that tactic on them; fight for all rights because they are precious and have been paid for over and over again with the blood of our military.

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  1. Well stated and completely correct! Thank you for sharing this and I thank Kevin for his service as well. I am a retired Army soldier, I served my country for 22 years and it was the greatest privilege and honor to swear to an oath that was and is to defend the Constitution! The very document that guarantees’ our rights and also our Declaration of Independence! Those who hate or want to restrict firearms are the same people who are ignorant of our sacred documents as well as the meaning, history and intent of them. There is no doubt that we are a very fortunate people, it is truly my belief that “divine providence” had a hand in the formation of this country, our founding fathers, the soldiers who fought for Independence. However, over the last 100 years, after the rise of the progressive movement, a small and very organized and powerful percentage of elected leaders in this country lost their moral compass. Just to name some of the most famous; Presidents, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Carter, Clinton (however, not as extreme, still a progressive all the same) and the most extreme…Barack Obama.
    Recently I have been following Glenn Beck and his message. Every time he brings up these progressive agenda’s particularly of the past, I DO research them and over 90 percent of the time he is correct. Yet, our media continues to attack him and those who believe in historical facts that have been altered over time.
    I am a Tea Party member and supporter because this grassroots movement objectively, for the most part (you will have fanatical extremes in every cause), because these are mainstream Americans who believe in the context and spirit of our Constitution. I want NO rights infringed; no matter how extreme or vile the content is as long as it’s lawful. I have fought for this, I’ve seen men die and get maimed defending this and I will NOT change in this belief! I swore an oath, just like those who were elect, the difference is I live by this oath regardless of any political turmoil. All rights, from our God given to our Constitution should be respected NO matter what the agenda is.
    Thunder 7

  2. I’m of the opinion that the words “Shall not be infringed” mean exactly what they mean. Period.

    I personally think that pretty much every single gun-control measure are anti-constitution, and anti-humanity for that matter. Someone who is trying to disarm me should not be considered my friend or ally.

    Just for the record, I try follow all of my local laws and the like WRT guns and such because I’m a “law-abiding” gun owner and don’t want to give gun owners a bad name.

    Reframing the issue to one of rights is a good idea. I have just as much right to own a gun as African-Americans have the right not to be forced to use different bathrooms and drinking fountains.

  3. First, I’ll add to your list…

    “Junk gun” – This phrase is frequently used along with “Saturday Night Special”, or other pejorative terminology to somehow freak people out about a gun that is more dangerous to the shooter than the criminal. The cold hard fact of the matter is that if Grandma, on Social Security, has realized that the neighborhood is no longer safe for her to be unarmed, and can’t move… well, she may not be able to acquire anything more than that $200 gun. It may take her a year to save up for it, and she may not get a whole lot of practice with it… but to Grandma, it’s not junk. Look up the “Liberator” pistol from WWII, and note that today’ junk guns are far better made than the Liberator. To many, it may be junk… but to Grandma, who just turned that would be repeat offender into a dead offender (thank you Ted Nugent!)… to her, it’s a treasure.

    Additionally, I’ll note that I personally take part in two things, that I’d strongly encourage everyone to do. First, go to your church, and get your pastors permission to start a “gun club” or “men’s ministry shooting event” or similar. If they don’t give permission to reach out to people… well, I leave it in your hands to figure out the next option. I will note that I can definitively point to 3 people who came to my church, and eventually to the Lord, and they approached first through my shooting ministry. (PS, don’t let the Men’s Ministry thing fool ya… I get about 50% women showing up to each event!)

    Secondly, start a local youth program… four position rifle program through the NRA… and train the next generation how to shoot. Half the kids that come to my program, bring parents who don’t shoot either… and I get two educated that way. Stick to the facts, leave out the politics, and plant the seeds of knowledge now.

  4. One of the best treatises I have seen on this subject comes from “Boston’s Gun Bible” by Boston T. Party. He denotes one whole chapter to this subject.

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