1. Very good article. And don’t forget if you are a business owner to back up important business papers onto a USB drive and keep it in your bugout bag as well.

  2. Exc. post Gary H. I vote it as one of the best!!!!I will get myself organized with your suggestions as I am only partially there -yet I AM prepared in so many other ways- so thanks !!!We helped many Hurricane Irene flood victims in our area and many folks didnt bring what they needed from their homes in time.. Arlene
    Two items I wish to add -animals medical/vet records and medical human records -prescriptions etc.

  3. Good article. I have a drive I EDC inside a jumbo aluminium pill carrier. The drive fits in it very well and I hope it adds to the EMP protection. I don’t have all those files, but I will work on getting them done. A friend of mine went through an ugly divorce in which his ex stole his kids. After that he set up a drive with info to start a missing child amber alert faster. Pictures, personal information, descriptions, etc. On my USB drive I keep a file with the information & serial numbers of all my guns. You could even do one of those insurance video walk throughs of your home and store it on you EDC/Bug Out drive.

  4. I have a flash drive on my key ring. I got it for free from Wounded Warrior Project. They’re always giving me stuff. Anyway, I did download copies of our birth certificates, Social Security cards, my marriage certificate and homeowners insurance. I may have scanned my driver’s license and Concealed Carry Permit as well. You bring up some very good points! I should print this article and use it as a checklist. Besides, I keep printed copies in a TEOTWAWKI binder, along with some local maps, our weapons/ammo/food/water/medical/manual inventories and several survival books. I do plan on taking this binder with us, if we have to leave our home for an emergency. If for nothing else, it would make a great bullet stop.

  5. Short comment. Make TWO of everything, and I WOULD store them in an EMP proof container. In the event that we get cooked, I also keep a cheap netbook in that container (a fire proof lock box will do) so that I am CERTAIN that I can access that information. I also keep a ton of prepper files on things that I don’t know or don’t know enough of in labeled folders on my drives. Good list, nice article. Regards, D.

  6. I enjoyed the article and had a couple of ideas. Id your moving out predators may want to steal your data. You might want to look at using an Iron Key USB drive for secure portable storage. Not Iron Key USB have a self destruct after 10 incorrect logins, TruCrypt is another option without the self destruct option but is completely free.

    Good Luck,

  7. This is a good Idea ………but always have more than one with exactly the same information on it . I have had flash drives fail , its rare , but it does happen , and at present , there is no software available to retrieve information on a malfunctioning flash drive . I was told that IT guy , that the easiest way to avoid data loss on a flash drive is to make a very small partition in it ………….something very small will do , what that does is create a back door to retrieve data . Just a warning from a bad experience . They are also easy to loose in a chaotic situation because of their small size , have a duplicate just in case .

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